So Much for That lyrics

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So Much for That lyrics

Post by iVeg » Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:31 pm

So Much For Thatinflatable vegetables

Headed to LA to chase my dreams
Fell in the industry’s rip you off quick schemes
They tear you with claws while you’re blinded by sunbeams
Walk with your money and laugh while you’re screaming

So much for that. So much for that
I’m leaving this city and ain’t coming back
The scene’s unforgiving
I can’t make a living
So much – oh – so much for that

Living in LA ain’t sunshine and sand
It’s travel, rehearsals, and nights in the van
The price that you pay when you play in an indie band
Swim in a sea full of sharks with fake tans


Back to the snow and the rust of Detroit
Burned out houses and unemployment
Selling insurance, get 2 weeks vacation
Dreaming of palm trees and corporate exploitation

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Re: So Much for That lyrics

Post by Pigfarmer Jr » Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:08 am

So Much For That - Pigfarmer Jr

You call me a Nazi cuz I don't vote like you
You say you don't wanna be friends
But here I stand just tryin' to lend a helping hand
I guess I'm bucking the trend

I thought we could get along
But you always say I'm wrong

I wanna see you give me a compliment
Tell me what you like about me
I can tell that you are filled with hate
Just because we disagree

I thought we could get along
It's so obvious that I'm wrong about you

IT doesn't matter how you cast your vote
I'll still be friendly to you
But if you persist in spouting all your hate
Then I guess this friendship is through

I thought we could get along
But you always say I'm wrong

So much for that
Why can't you comprehend
That all your attacks
Mean that we are no longer friends?

I thought we could get along
But you always say I'm wrong
You say I'm a Nazi and full of shit
But here's a mirror you hypocrite

So much for that
Why can't you comprehend
That all your attacks
Mean that we are no longer friends?

But that's what you want
You don't give a damn
You'll do exactly the same things
Why can't you understand?
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Re: So Much for That lyrics

Post by lichenthroat » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:48 pm

So Much for That
by Lichen Throat

Saturday morning, folks come ‘round.
Two bucks to park at the state fairgrounds.
Open your wallet, buy a shirt, buy a knife.
Eight dollar yoga pants for your wife.
I’ve always kinda wanted
An Asian farmer’s hat
How much? Twelve bucks!
Well, I don’t want
to pay so much for that.

Counterfeit shoes, off-brand shampoos,
And worn out power tools.
Kids on leashes, organic peaches,
A pit bull that drools.
Sunburnt skin, and bargain bins.
This flea market rules!

It’s getting hot; time for a drink.
Which agua fresca, blue or pink?
Lose my balance, hit my knee, stub my toe
On garden statuary from Mexico.
Got cash, but I don’t flaunt it,
Like an aristocrat.
But still each time,
I nickel and dime,
‘Cause I don’t want
To pay so much for that.
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Re: So Much for That lyrics

Post by martyr » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:04 pm

So Much For That
by Berkeley Social Scene

In 5/4 - 116 BPM
[Intro - Fmaj7 G Dm C]
[Verse - Fmaj7 G Dm C | Dm Em Dm C]
Oh yeah, it's the only way
A plate shatters on the floor
It's a symbol of my life right now
Everything falling apart

[Chorus - F Bb G C | Am Dm G G]
I had such high hopes that things would never change
Or things would change for the better
I was so very sure
So much for that

[Verse - Fmaj7 G Dm C | Dm Em Dm C]
Oh no, there're so many ways
To rewind and still fail
This is really your life right now
Wading into quicksand

[Chorus - F Bb G C | Am Dm G G]
I had such high hopes that things would never change
Or things would change for the better
I was so very sure
So much for that

[Bridge (switch to 4/4) - F Em G C] x8
Suck it up & fix this thing
It starts with picking up the pieces
One at a time, so tedious
But necessary

[Outro - C -- -- - - ---]

:D :) 8-)
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So Much for That

Post by Geoff WreckdoM » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:04 am

So Much for That
by WreckdoM

Hanging out at the temp agency
They said they found another kinda job for me
Hold a giant sign and scream at cars
Get as much attention as possible
So then I tore off all my clothes
I went to the bathroom and I threw it at folks
I knocked down a mailbox and set it aflame
Broke into cars and turned off their brakes
There was anger and confusion and cries for help
and a naked dancing man playing with himself
Here are flashing lights, hear the sirens whine
and when a crowd gathers I hold up my sign
I think it's fair to say that I'm brilliant
And some day I'll be President
That's why these guys want me all to themselves
They drove me away in a pair of cuffs
They want my attention, asking me questions
The celebrity life is one of oppression
And then I remembered that I never got paid
I pulled the pin on a smoke bomb and I ran away
Hopped on a dirt bike and popped a wheelie
And zipped down the street towards the temp agency
Running through lights weaving in and out
Going 125 in a construction zone
Speeding up a ramp, flying in the sky
There's a helicopter and he's waving "Hi!"
Now there's firecrackers, a big parade
People wearing costumes and calling my name
The clouds break apart, the sky turns red
A massive hole opens, a vacuum sucks me in
Then I see our lord and savior holding 2 hot dogs
He said I had real nice hair but I couldn't tag along
He said my hands were filthy, he said my cock was bruised
He said my brain was covered in lesions, black and shriveled like prunes
So we had a brief chat, ended in a hug
Then the Hades Mercedes came and picked me up
I told the driver to stop on the way
To the temp agency, so I could get paid
The driver just laughed and called me fat
He said I could've been a priest or an aristocrat
But some folks is born with too much jazz
And with a little sass he said "So much for that"
"perhaps the most offensive and disturbing image I've ever heard in a song" - Hans Gruber
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