From the Depths

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From the Depths

Post by lichenthroat » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:49 pm

From the Depths
by Lichen Throat

Half a mile down and three miles back,
Five tiny lights in a world of black.
Glad I’m not down here all alone,
Nothing but water dripping on limestone.
Cavern after cavern to explore;
No one’s ever been this deep before.
One more climb and we’ll call it a day.
Grabbing the rope; yelling “On belay!”
Carabiner breaks and the rope goes slack--
One quick shout and she’s on her back.
She’s still alive and still plainspoken,
Looks up at us and says, “My leg’s broken.”
Oh Emily, we’re gonna get you out of this cave.
We’ll carry you up from the depths, so be brave, be brave.

Ten minutes later my heart still races.
All of us have tears on our faces.
Five minutes more and we’ve made a plan:
I’ll stay here with you and Suzanne.
Pedro and Laura have gone for help,
But we’ll never leave you by yourself.
Hours tick by, and we fight our fear;
When will anyone reappear?
Oh Emily, we’re gonna get you out of this cave.
We’ll carry you up from the depths, so be brave, be brave.

Just when we’ve decided we’ve been waiting too long,
We see a light; we hear their shouts--feel like bursting into song!
The search and rescue team is here with orange boards and oxygen,
But it’ll still be several days until you finally see the sun.
When they ask if you need anything, you smile and say “a pizza,”
And I know if you get back, the whole town’ll want to treat you.

A step at a time on the long way out,
Inching along this tortuous route.
In an hour, we go just a hundred feet,
It’s so hard not to feel downbeat.
But day after day, every one persists,
Twisting our bodies like contortionists,
Until we emerge in the warm sunlight
After a week of pitch-black night.
Oh Emily, we finally got you out of this cave.
We carried you up from the depths; you were so brave, so brave, so brave!
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Re: From the Depths

Post by The Overambitious » Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:59 pm

A single march, right out to sea
Wait your turn to speak, better yet don’t speak at all
I’ve been listening to the same things my entire life
And something isn’t right

Somethings are not permitted
Everything is not OK
No, not everything is safe
It's a shame we are custom fitted
Cause everything is not OK
No not everything is OK

Some change
From the depths
Would do us some good
Cause I think
We’ve lost
Our way moving forward

Please try and follow me
On this odd dox———?
I’ve got a lot say
But I misconstrue my brain
And I throw up on the page
When only remnants remain
Basically what I’m trying to say
Is I think we’ve lost our way

Praising the things
That we know are not right
Choosing to fight the things
That bring out light
Yeah I know it’s hard in life
To keep a straight walking path
It seems that every bump
Seems to put you back on your past

But the ground pulls at your feet
And your soul fails to find peace
And we all know it's too easy
Reality TV tells us what we wanna see

Somethings are not permitted
Everything is not OK
No, not everything is safe

So difficult
Because this is where I need to be
But that's just so easy

Welcome to the show
Where everything is permitted
You can do whatever you want as long as it is fitted
To you and your truth
Cause that’s all there is

I’m sorry but this is wrong
For everything that we do
There’s consequences for the actions we choose to do
And this reasoning is dangerous
Just ask the kids at Virginia Tech

We’re asking all the wrong questions
Instead of asking “how could this happen?”
We should ask “why not?”
And what took you so long?

Maybe the masses don’t have it right
And maybe there’s beauty in limitation
Please listen to me
As I bleed on the page

Cause this awful and this wrong
And we can all agree that we don’t wanna see
Our kids shot to death
So why do we train them?

The truth hurts I know
It hurt me to write this
But it’s important nonetheless
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Re: From the Depths

Post by martyr » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:52 pm

From the Depths
by Berkeley Social Scene

a: ____7_7_7_8_7___ : ||

Who let the Kraken out?
You don’t vote a monster in

Small intro

You drive a stake in the heart
You draw and quarter the limbs

Small intro

Boiling volcanoes
Spew bitter breath
Anger grows From the Depths


The toothpaste can’t get back into the tube
You handed the keys to a hack and a rube
Now he’s driving donuts all over the grass
We wanted a donkey but ended up with an ass


Boiling volcanoes
Spew bitter breath
Anger grows from the depths


Who let the Kraken out?
Who prolonged the drought?

Small intro
Who wants to do without?
Who coddled the devout?

Small intro

Boiling volcanoes
Spew bitter breath
Anger grows
From the Depths

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