I Don't Like Crowds

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I Don't Like Crowds

Post by AJOwens » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:50 am

It's the holiday season
And I'm out here freezin'
In a parking lot in West End Montreal
But I'm here for a reason
And the reason is pleasin'
Everybody with some presents from the mall.

I don't like crowds but in I go
Trailing in the muddy snow
To join the thronging masses in the hall
Gee the place is really hopping
Everyone on earth is shopping
All the stores are packed from wall to wall

My coat's like an oven
And the people are shovin'
Blocking all the aisles and walking slow
All the lines are endless
Everyone seems friendless
As they get their parcels wrapped up with a bow.
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Re: I Don't Like Crowds

Post by JeffHenderson » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:20 pm

I Don’t Like Crowds Lyrics

No man is an island entire of itself
Just a piece of the continental tectonic shelf
Cm D
Ask not for whom they are ringing the bell
It’s for you

Everything I’ve said is Donne
Just some over-quoted poetry
Am D7
You can’t have everything you want
Cm F
Thankfully, I don’t want nobody

But that double negative and the continental drift
Means there’s tension in the ground and that somethings gotta give.
C Cm
Not my fault if the fault line is ready to shift.
Bb Dm
If a rift in the lithosphere is going to lift me away.
Bb Dm
I might be alone but I think that I like it that way
Eb Bb F
I don’t like crowds, so I’ll just break away

I want to leave but I
Haven’t got the energy too
Tell another lie
In a way they will believe you
Here am I
Am I alright with you?

I want to stay but I
Haven’t got a real emotion
Pulling on the line
Fishing from an empty ocean
Here am I
Am I alright with you?
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Re: I Don't Like Crowds

Post by vowlvom » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:17 am

(Vom Vorton)

if you met an elephant
neither of you would remember it
and when you wear sunglasses indoors
you won’t feel the benefit
in close quarters
I can’t help but criticise
I hope you can’t see the truth
if you happen to meet my eyes

staying hydrated
so underrated
but the bar
is overpopulated
try to keep my head in the clouds
but I don’t like crowds

if I start to speak
I guarantee your interjection
try to stay far away
to minimise the risk of infection
if I close my eyes
maybe I can hide the hate
but can you feel the waves
of discomfort that I radiate?

a world this overloaded
is so outmoded
my mood eroded
my heart exploded
try to keep my head in the clouds
but I don’t like crowds

I’m aggravated
I guess I’m fated
to be overcaffeinated
try to keep my head in the clouds
but I don’t like crowds
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Geoff WreckdoM
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I Don't Like Crowds

Post by Geoff WreckdoM » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:59 am

I Don't Like Crowds
by WreckdoM

Like to do my shopping online
Nobody cramps my style
No salesperson picking my mind
No lugging my purse around
No changing rooms, no screaming kids,
No parking lots, no panic fits
Don't touch me, don't touch me, do not touch me

I listen to tunes inside my home
Skip songs I don't like
Get drunk and high without the drive
Pay a reasonable price
No cigarette burns, no elbowed ribs,
No pockets picked, no panic fits
Don't touch me, don't touch me, do not touch me

Pizza in thirty minutes guarenteed
Ordering pay per view
Nobody is hassling me
Nothings misunderstood
No sunburn, No birdshit
No pipe bombs, no panic fits
Don't touch me, don't touch me, do not touch me
"perhaps the most offensive and disturbing image I've ever heard in a song" - Hans Gruber
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