Lazy Boy

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Lazy Boy

Post by GravityJohnson » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:35 am

by Macaque Attack

Chilling doing nothing is joy,
I'm just a lazy boy,
Oi, Oi

Verse 1
Sometimes when I've arose,
I'll slip into some clothes,
And other times I'll stay just as I am

With grace and with repose,
I'll maybe have a doze,
Relax into the day that just began

And when I drag my feet,
Along the city streets,
You'd call it more an amble than a trot

I move to my own beat,
As I drift the warm concrete,
Don't set myself a race against the clock

Chorus 2

Verse 2
I may procrastinate,
Quite possibly I'm late,
To get to anywhere I ought to be

Perhaps I'll take a break,
And consequently flake,
None more easy going than me

I like to close my eyes,
And let life tranquillise,
Forget about the things I need to do

I can certainly advise,
Just staring at blue skies,
Daydreaming about things not to pursue

Chorus 3


Verse 3
My friends all say I'm so laid back,
I'm almost horizontal,
They say I've got ice in my veins,
The Valium is on call,
I may seem inattentive,
But that's just who I am,
Languorous and leisurely,
Without a master plan

Chorus 4
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Re: Lazy Boy

Post by lichenthroat » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:44 pm

Lazy Boy
by Lichen Throat

I didn’t want to learn to tie my shoes
Because my mom could do it better.
When the alarm went off, I’d rather snooze
Than put on my pants and sweater.
I’m a lazy boy. I’m a lazy boy.

Never studied for any test
But I could always pass.
I got A’s without doing my best
In each and every class.
I’m a lazy boy. I’m a lazy boy.

I pay a kid to mow my lawn
And a maid to mop my floor.
Now I feel a need to yawn,
And soon you’ll hear my snore.
I’m a lazy boy. I’m a lazy boy.
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Re: Lazy Boy

Post by Pigfarmer Jr » Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:43 pm

Lazy Boy
By Pigfarmer Jr

Well, he was a lazy boy
He'd lie around all day
And when you'd talk to him, you know he'd try to obey

But he couldn't get around, no
Like he used to
He would tray and try but it was no use

It's been over ten years since he came into our lives
That lazy boy would mean more to us than we would realize
Lazy boy
Lazy boy, I'm missing you

I knew him when he was, oh
He was just a pup
Back when he was young and he could still run and jump

Then there came a day, oh
When we had to put him down
I miss that lazy boy, I wish he was (still) around

It's been over ten years since he came into our lives
That lazy boy would mean more to us than we would realize
Lazy boy
Lazy boy, I'm missing you
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Re: Lazy Boy

Post by Merle Fyshwick » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:03 pm

Lazy Boy
By The Magnetic Letters (melody by Stevie P.)

Label says “All New Materials”, but he is ageless
Through his furry ears and glassy eyes he bears witness
And you have the nerve to call him Lazy Boy

Y’all don’t know me I’m the Polyester G
To the S to the D to the O double G, fool
You sucka puppies, man, y’all is way too plush
I pull the stuffing out yo' ass and send you home in a cardboard box, see
I was hustling the streets of Indonesia
Gamelan style, ‘til I met Stevie P., he
Hooked me up with a brand new crib in Rivervale
Now we’s tight like elastic ‘round yo' mamma’s entrails

You can sleep while he keeps watch at night; he has no eyelids
All your food won’t feed his appetite for justice
And you have the nerve to call him Lazy Boy
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Re: Lazy Boy

Post by AJOwens » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:18 pm

I woke up this morning
And quite without warning
Decided I was going to write a song
Made some coffee in the Corning
Tried to start my song a-borning
And pretty soon my break time came along.

So I rolled me up a doobie
And I fired up YouTubee
And I looked for inspiration using Bing
But I guess I was a newbie
'Cause I ended up on Googlee
And by noon I hadn't wrote a goddam thing.

But that's OK, I had all day,
So I didn't start to worry
I'd start to play, find things to say,
And really, what's the hurry?

I woke up for dinner
Poured a tonic and ginner
And realized I didn't have much done.
Didn't feel like a winner
Felt more like a sinner
But never mind, I'll do the next one.
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Lazy Boy

Post by Geoff WreckdoM » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:36 am

Lazy Boy
by WreckdoM

Birds live in my hair,
Mold in my underwear,
My bathrobe is stiff and smells like ham.
All day I watch TV,
Filling bottles with my pee,
Within my every crevice there is jam.
I should take a bath,
Start working on my abs,
So I look good down at the dancing club.
I ought to buy a shirt,
Start looking for work,
And finally do something about these bugs.

But I'm a lazy boy, a lazy boy.
A lazy boy, a lazy boy.
L-A-Z et cetera.
A Lazy boy, a lazy boy.
Don't task me, I get annoyed.
I'd rather just stare in the void.
Stay out of the hoi polloi.
A lazy boy, a lazy boy.

I don't call or send
To family or friends,
I ain't got no profiles online.
If I breathed my last,
I'd get eaten by these cats,
No one out there would ever realize.
I should try to meet
My community,
Maybe I have worthwhile things to say.
We could play some games,
Have cheese puffs and champagne.
They'd come from all around to my soirees.

But I'm a lazy boy, a lazy boy.
A lazy boy, a lazy boy.
L-A-Z et cetera.
A lazy boy, a lazy boy.
A grown man playing with toys.
No social skills to employ.
My will to live destroyed.
A lazy boy, a lazy boy.
A lazy boy.
"perhaps the most offensive and disturbing image I've ever heard in a song" - Hans Gruber
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Re: Lazy Boy

Post by MessOfFun » Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:38 am

Lazy Boy
by Mess Of Fun

Verse 1:
Did I forget to say "I love you" today?
Well there's just no excuse
Did I somehow make you sad enough to run away
And finally cut me loose?

Pre-chorus 1:
I know we've got our differences
I know we've got our sames
I know you're getting sick of me
And all my stupid games

But I'm just a Lazy Boy (a Lazy Boy he is)
I have no other reason so I guess I'll stick with this
I'm just a Lazy Boy (a Lazy Boy he'll be)
A Lazy Boy, too lazy to just get up and flee

Verse 2:
Did I forget today is something - your birthday?
Well how old are you now?
Did I forget your plane was coming in on that runway
No need to wear a frown!

Pre-chorus 2:
I know we tend to fight a lot
I know you tend to win
I know I've got to straighten up
Before we're in a tailspin


You must admit my laziness has got it's own appeal
I'm rarely stressed 'cause I could care less about the way you feel
I may not be the boyfriend that you wish you would've had
But it's understood that I'm pretty good at making you feel bad...

"Don't put your hand in the cage, or the monkey will hit it with a hammer."

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