Gamma-Ray Burst

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Gamma-Ray Burst

Post by vowlvom » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:57 am

(Vom Vorton)

a day like any other
that's the way it seemed
until the earth was caught
directly in a cosmic beam
what was once green and red
soon turned grey, cold and dead
the cause of this sensation?
intense distant radiation

it can't last
this world, you know
what remains in
the afterglow?

nobody saw it coming
no-one was prepared
maybe that was a good thing?
at least nobody was scared
we really thought we mattered
now our molecules are scattered
the earth, the moon, the sun
destroyed by a cosmic ray gun

the deadliest thing
in the universe?
could be the
gamma ray burst
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Re: Gamma-Ray Burst

Post by starfinger » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:09 pm

Gamma-Ray Burst

do you have the waiver form?
it should have been signed and dated

let me assure you that
this equipment has been calibrated

i have a plan
you know what i mean
i'm going to take this
energy beam

at shoot it at your...


bruce banner
may have been the first
saturated by a gamma ray burst, but

i'm gonna go a little bit further
gonna take this a little bit further

i have a plan
you know what i mean
i'm going to take this
energy beam

at shoot it at your...
shoot it at your head
shoot it at your heeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaad

secure the subject
on my mark, we are go for
the gamma ray burst

i hope you're wearing your lead underpants

and.... go

sir the beam is firing at 65 percent power

all systems are operating within expected parameters

oh no, sir we're losing him

hold fast, everything's going as planned

but sir, his vitals are through the roof

that's ok

full power!

oh no, he's dead


ready the next subject
and reset the gamma ray beam

we're going to shoot it at his


oh doctor, i like you when you're angry
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