NUR EIN XIV - Shock Value - Dynamics

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Re: NUR EIN XIV - Shock Value - Dynamics

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Come home
Come home
you're not fit to do this alone
and I know that you'd be better
among your own

Come home
Come home
the road you've traveled
is long and worn
but what you're searching for
is what we've always known

Relax old man, chill out I got this
You're kinda past your time
I don't need your silly words
I assure myself just fine
I've been away for far too long
I've found a few new friends
and they tell me that I'm special
at least from what I gather in


All right check it dude
you'll never guess what I got in last night
Ha never mind you silly fool
It might just blow your mind
I think it might have gone too far
but that's just how life is
I got your letter and I read it, thanks
but that's just superficial bliss


Well I can't just come home now
The life I live won't let me leave
And lose the part of life that's free
I can't face "I told you so"
And see your look of shame for me
I guess it kinda makes some sense
And I've thought it through a lot
but what I've done
would shock you
I've mocked you
what I've done
would shock you
I've mocked you
and sought to... be free

I'm home
I'm home
no more living on my own
The wisdom of a thousand years has brought me here
I'm home
I'm home
and I love you've always known
that I'd find my way
back home
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