Better Luck Next Year

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Re: Better Luck Next Year

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Better Luck Next Year
by Future Boy

I lost my voice in the mail
And someone stole my sense of self-preservation
Now there's no wind in the sails
Of this ship without a clear destination

I want to sleep all the time
But my dreams are just a state of confusion
And when I open my eyes
My mind explodes with a profusion of thoughts

A litany of oughts and shoulds
Of what-ifs, maybes, and wish-i-coulds
Of I'm not being good enough
When a lungful of smoke is "rough" for me
While folks are beaten and gassed in the streets
When chlorine and prayers are what passes for science
While shares of monopolies double in size

And the wise knod their heads
While covering their mouths
In a silent shout

Last night I woke up with a start
And placed a hand on my racing heart
A smoky figure hovered near (and whispered)
Better luck next year
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