I Thought I Loved You

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I Thought I Loved You

Postby Poor June » Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:10 pm

Poor June
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dearest dreams, i hold you close
i wish to never let them go...
cause when i wake it's like it never was
and never will be....

i thought i loved you
and maybe i still do
but when you're around
all the words i want to say
just won't come out

dearest dreams, you keep me warm at night
love in your arms, when you hold me tight
and i do (i miss you always)
and i do (i'll miss you always)

i thought i loved you
and maybe i still do
but when you're around
all the words i want to say
just won't come out
"You haven't been really bad in a long time." - jim of seattle

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Didn't get it recorded but here are the words I wrote

Postby MouthReliant » Tue Oct 19, 2004 1:48 pm

I Thought I Loved You

Love is intangible
It is an emotion
People say that they feel love
Love is something that they say they feel

Here we go

I thought I loved you
It is a thought that I once had
But as I try to feel this love
I’m feeling other things. I’m feeling bad.

I sense fear
I fear love
Love senses trust
Trust conquers fear

If I think that I love you
What am I feeling?
If I feel that I love you,
Am I thinking at all?

Questions need answers
That is what questions need
Answers need questions too
Otherwise nobody knows who they are.

Mechanical decision-making processes
Do very little to help us here
Some elements of this involve sex and passion
Do we have machines for that yet?
Let’s make some rational decisions
Let’s make sound judgements
Let’s make some noise.

Love. Do I need it?
Is love something I need?
Am I pursuing the right kind of love?
What kind of love is the most practical?
Can I afford the expense of love?
Will it pay for itself in time?
What is the opportunity cost?

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