I Like to Pretend

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jeff robertson
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I Like to Pretend

Post by jeff robertson » Thu Feb 16, 2006 7:43 pm

( see http://users.livejournal.com/constantine_/252509.html )

I like to pretend that I know I'll die
exactly a thousand days from now
only a thousand days to do
all of the things I ever wanted to

what could you do if you were freed
of all of your planning for your future needs
No more working for the weekend of life
knowing that there's never enough time

Treasure every single moment,
even when it hurts.

I like to pretend, but I know it's a fact
that I could really have much less than that.
I like to pretend that I know when I'll die
cause I know that there's never enough time.

You feel like your life hasn't started yet.
But this all you're ever gonna get.
And in real life there is no rewind.
And there is never enough time.

Treasure every single moment,
Even when it hurts.
In less than three years I'll be lying,
six feet in the dirt.
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Post by TruthAndRegret » Sun Feb 19, 2006 3:03 pm

I Like to Pretend
by Truth and Regret

I tell myself the same lie
day after day
over and over again
until I forget my pain
and I'm beginning to believe myself
and believe my own lies
and see the world through darkened eyes

I like to pretend that I am wanted
imagine the sunshine in the rain
I like to pretend that I am happy
I like to pretend I feel no pain

Denial doesn't fix the problem
doesn't make it go away
but still I lie
Presented with a choice of reality or bliss
I hate my pain
I choose the blue pill




I choose the blue pill
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A New Player
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Post by RodneythePenguin » Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:53 pm

The Sub-Atomic Particles

I stare at the clouds and wonder, "What if I was a bird or a plane or somehting insane, like a rocketship shooting to the stars?"

But I'm not.
But I like to pretend.

I stare at the ground and wonder, "What if I was a bug or a tree or something amazing, like the wind blowing the leaves?"

But I'm not.
But I like to pretend.
apple loops? what!?!?
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Rone Rivendale
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Post by Rone Rivendale » Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:05 pm

I like to pretend - Rone Rivendale style(or is it?)

I like to pretend
I have wicked beats
I'm a rap star
Walkin' these streets
I like to pretend
My voice is pure
Next year a Grammy
Oh yes for sure.

I like to pretend
I got a hundred votes
Everyone wants to hear
My peace and love quotes
I like to pretend
The chicks adore me
And when I perform
They faint in front of me

I like to pretend
I'm living large
Movin' to a mansion
And buying several cars
I like to pretend
I'm shootin' my vids
Being a role model
for all of the kids

I like to pretend
I retire at 35
And live off my fame
For the rest of my life
I like to pretend
All these sweet hopes
So I don't have to remember
I'm just some dope

I like to pretend that I'm not 25 years old and still living with my parents and I haven't had a decent job in 5 years. I like to pretend that I can get a date that isn't signed onto a chat room on the inter freaking net. I like to pretend that I don't have a huge nose and messed up teeth and look like a barber pole with hair. Oh yes, I LOVE to pretend. Wouldn't you if you were me?! ..... how's that for emotion Songfight.
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Post by tomdg » Mon Feb 20, 2006 7:43 am

I Like To Pretend (tomdg)

I like to pretend
That I’m a superhero
My superpowers are
That I’m argumentative
and more stubborn than you
and in a way it’s true

I like to pretend
That I’m an individual
Unique and free-thinking
Going my own way
Different from the rest
and in a way it’s true

I like to pretend
because it makes my life more interesting
I like to pretend
because I’m not sure who I am
I like to pretend
because my own skin feels uncomfortable
I like to pretend
because I’m me

I like to pretend
I’m a musician
That I write lovely songs
And set people’s hearts on fire
By the way that I perform them
And perhaps that could be true
If I could only believe it myself

Original ending, and some history,
<a href="http://www.fawm.org/songs.php?id=1382">here</a>.
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Your Money Wasted
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Post by Your Money Wasted » Mon Feb 20, 2006 1:32 pm

Your Money Wasted
I Like to Pretend

Fire in the hallway of the second floor
911 and so much more time we spent inside
Well, our solution seems so far away
Could be so much better if you'd just get down and hide

It rears its ugly head just for itself
I like to pretend it's something else
The sun shoots its fire just on itself
I like to pretend it's something else

Where did the blankets in the sky traverse
Truly he was always first, while she carried on
Dig through the rocks and through the bones and skulls
Can't resist the stronger pulls, I won't last very long

Black as the night itself
Blue as the crystal day
In spite of all of this
Here comes the horrid gray
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Post by JeffHenderson » Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:03 pm

I Like to Pretend by Jeff Travis Henderson (featuring Big Crouton)

We hop onto a rocket
Gm C
We fly up to the moon
But we can’t stay there too long
We got to leave by noon

We must get back to the office
Gm C
My imaginary friend and I
My boss doesn’t like it when I bring him there
So I know he’ll have to hide

D F# G
All I need is a friend
To call on
D F# G
And I like to pretend
I have one
D F# G G7 E7
My invisible friend will be with me till the end
G6 D
That’s what I like to pretend

It’s 5 o’clock, I’m gonna rock
With my invisible friend named Jim
We’ll probably play Hide and Seek
But Jim he always wins

Well I don’t drive, though I’m thirty-five,
People say to just grow up - get a life
Get some friends that are real people
I say real people are messed up – not right

All I need is a friend
To call on
And I like to pretend
I have one
My invisible friend will be with me till the end
That’s what I like to pretend

A C#m D G

(kick-butt solo)

(two-finger piano playing)

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jim fallope
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Post by jim fallope » Mon Feb 20, 2006 9:08 pm

i like to pretend i have a toyota
a nineteen-eighty five toyota corolla
i'd drive down the street in it
and drive it right back again
in my toyota
toyota corolla.

i'd pick up my girlfriend
drop of her off at work, turn around, and then
i'd wax my toyota
toyota corolla
i'll be waxing on sunday
my shiny corolla

and when i'd go out
i'd stick my head through the window and shout,
"this is the closest i can get to sin without sinning,
when i sit behind your wheel i'm not losing i'm winning"
and when i despair
my toyota will always be there
my toyota will always be there to take me away.

and when you break down
i'll take you to every garage in town
just to hear mechanics tell me you're not worth fixing
i'd be better off driving a new or used lincoln
and then i would cry,
"toyota please don't you die,
toyota please don't you die 'cause i'm not through living."
hopelessly amateur, yet naive
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Post by tomdg » Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:23 pm

What a lot of entries! I think the first few comments here sound a bit harsh now, sorry if that's you. My opinion isn't worth jack anyway.

Brass Gopher
I like the samples at the beginning and end. As for the rest, at least it’s short! And I bet you get more votes than me anyway :)

Kind of like Weezer meets Kraftwerk. I like the female vocal bit better. Chorus backing is a bit overcomplicated. Nice feel to it and nice lyric though.

Interesting, dark harmonies, but doesn’t really go anywhere

But nice lyric, nice tune. Voice grates a bit for me, and the backing feels a bit over-simplified, although the ending is nice.

Lovely sound, particularly on the guitar. Like this a lot.

Nice lyrics, like the samples, the backing lacks something. Might have been stronger ending to stop after “you were faithfulâ€
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Team Drizzy
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Post by blue » Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:28 pm

excellent noob action there posting your review on the lyric thread, Tom.

welcome to the internets. :)
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Post by Crates » Thu Feb 23, 2006 12:55 pm

I Like to Pretend

I don't wanna live in real life
Reality's a fiction I write
Fantasies have clouded my sight
I like to pretend everything is alright

Well, hi! (Hi!)
My name is Crates.
And I'm an alcoholic, sent here to make
You all inebriated, lyrically,
With beats created from my basement.
Cuz I've been bored and sought a hobby lately!

Findin dates and money makin's not an easy thing...
Bringin home the bacon means
You're holdin down a steady job, and I'm the
King of doin nothin: nada, zip, zilch and naught.
Just sittin around, hopin I don't get caught
With my pants down when the interviewer
At the Ground Round asks me bout my former job.

Cuz, see, the thing of it is, I ain't got one...
Well, I did, but I lost it
When I beat up that kid.

(sounds of a merciless beating)


Every night of the week,
Deacon and me wake up to go to sleep.
Stoned in the crib, with the occasional dream.
And when the sun sets, we're set to hop in his jeep-
Roll steady to the party ready to jump into the scene.

It's a search and destroy mission!
Needle in a haystack,
Siftin through the women grabbin asses and racks. (I never!)
But after scannin every jailbait honey in range,
We regretfully found none neither one of us had banged.

I wish I could say that was how the night ended,
But the rest of the story I'll let Deacon render.


We walked into the party lookin for some tail-
We tried, failed, and then decided to bail.
Drivin down the street, we stopped to get a Dutch
When in walked this girl that made my nut wanna bust!

Came up, grabbed my ass, she said, "Boy, I'm amazed."
Took her back to the crib, and my brain went to haze.
I woke up the next morning, kind of in a daze,
Before I remembered all that chronic we blazed.

(bubbling noise)
Hey, man... you wanna hit this?


I like to pretend everything is alright...
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Post by tomdg » Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:11 pm

Nuts! That's not a noob action, I got it right last week. That's just me being a pillock. Ah well, on the bright side, probably fewer people will read it.
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Re: I Like to Pretend

Post by neutronflow » Fri May 11, 2018 8:09 pm

I Like to Pretend - Tim Hinkle

two tables for one at Dragon Garden
you’ve been seated with your back to me
but in the window your face is reflected
I’m captivated by your beauty
I stare enraptured at you eating
and I slowly sip my oolong tea
I slip out quietly while you’re paying
to ensure that you don’t notice me

and I wish that it would never end
this quiet night out with my best friend
life’s never quite what I intend
so I like to pretend

I see you walk out of the restaurant
and I follow behind you discreetly
your headlights light the way to heaven
a place where you and I at last are free
walk up the stairs to your apartment
you close and lock your door quickly
I’ve had to watch for such a long time
to get this copy of your key

and I know tonight will never end
I’ll be ever at your side my friend
love without limits will ascend
I like to pretend
asleep alone, I slip beside you
tonight I’ll keep you company
you feel my touch against your shoulder
and startle awake groggily
you scream and push out of the covers
from my loving arms you just can’t flee
you smack and bite, it’s so exciting
our love is all I hoped it would be

and I wish tonight would never end
this night of passion with my girlfriend
against this love you can’t defend
I like to pretend
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