Massive Intelligence Failure

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Massive Intelligence Failure

Post by Caravan Ray » Sun Nov 07, 2004 7:54 pm

Massive Intelligence Failure

I’m a weapon of mass destruction baby
I’m a terrorist of love
It’s happy-hour, let me buy you a drink.
A cocktail Molotov?
I’m in the IRA and the ETA
I’m an axis-of-evil man
I’m Shining Path and I’m Red Brigade
I cause havoc where I can

I’m a weapon of mass destruction baby,
I’m a terrorist of love
I want to be your airport security guard,
let me get my rubber glove
I’m gonna get my rubber glove

You’re a refugee in a leaky boat
But to me you sure look fine
I wanna lock you up in my detention centre
and sew your lips to mine
I’m a high school massacre waiting to happen
I’m just an All-American boy
I love my mail-order Uzi baby
But you’re my favourite toy

I’m a weapon of mass destruction baby,
I got those terrorism blues
I got a dynamite stick hidden in my trousers
Come on baby light my fuse
Yeah, come light up my fuse

Well I showed your photo to my good friend
Let’s call him… “Osama B”
When he caught sight of your pair of grenades he said
“Bring that bombshell to me”
Now the PLO and Israelis
and the Hamas all agree
They want to see you at Yassar Arafat’s funeral
In skin-tight army fatigues

I’m a coalition of the willing baby
And I hope you’re willing too
I’m hiding a big biological stockpile
Come on and search me, see if it’s true
Just like George W

Well I got my invitation to go and join the Taliban
So I went out to the airport with my ticket to Afganistan
I saw you standing there in military regalia
That minute I knew that I wanted to nail ya
Then I had a massive intelligence failure
I caught the wrong plane and ended up in Australia

Now I’m the Outlaw of the South Pacific baby
I’m keeping Johnny Howard real
I got a great bunch of friends down here
Jamal Islamiah
We party at the Bali Sari Club
Man that place is a blast
And now Georgy Bush has been re- elected
Our fun’s gonna last and last

Thank you to the voters of the USA
Al-Qaida gives a big ‘high-five’
We couldn’t have thought a better way to boost
Our Iraqi Recruitment Drive
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Post by PiGPEN » Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:58 am

not sure if we're supposed to be replying to lyrics but...
your lyrics are tiiiiiiiiiiiight
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Post by Southwest_Statistic » Mon Nov 08, 2004 6:16 pm

you called me up late last night on the phone
all upset i knew something wasnt right
it didnt take a rocket scientist to know
that there where tears inside your eyes

he had enough of everything
and didnt know how much it hurt you
you said that your confused and frustrated
and dont know what you should do

couldnt think what to say to you to try to make it better
hurt so bad inside so guess it really didnt matter


he must have been so blind
to go and break your heart

and he couldnt see inside
how beautiful you are

"so what" with what he thought you where
didnt think you where as good as her

its a massive intelegence failure on his part


and there you sit trying to figure out
if everything that your hearing here is real
its like this moments overloading your senses
you miss the existance you used to feel

in your minds eye your looking back at your past
and you asking yourself what could have been
deciding the questions inside that you hide
from yourself pushed aside has warn you thin

couldnt think what to say to you to try to make it better
hurt so bad inside so guess it really didnt matter

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Post by gduncan » Wed Nov 10, 2004 3:25 am

The Likely Lads

Shock, it takes its tole
on the muscles of the heart.
The world you thought you knew,
has slowly cracked apart.

This time, I've got to get it right.
Pick my head up, take the left road not the right.
Cos I been wasting all the time that life gave me.
I been wasting all the time that life gave me.

And I wont fall apart.
And I wont fall apart.

Those who speak the choice,
is there sadness in their hearts.
It was a massive intelligence
failure that drove us apart.


I've been wasting.
I've been wasting,


A New Player
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Post by Tbone » Sat Jan 01, 2005 1:16 am

Massive Intelligence Failure by TBone

Bush is an idiot

(Repeat 32 times)
TBone will kick your ass
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