Three-Day Waiting Period

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Three-Day Waiting Period

Post by joshw » Mon Sep 27, 2004 8:50 am

J$ has the right idea with one thread per song..

Three-Day Waiting Period by Josh Woodward

On the dark roads of Montana, there's a shadow in the dirt
The whisper of a mountaineer in a ragged flannel shirt

He walks the stony hillsides with his mandolin in hand
But you'll never see his face around this land

Cuz he hides beneath the veil of the night
And the forest keeps him sheltered from the light
And the echoes of the canyons keep his memory in flight

They say he left his cabin in the fall of '63
But he left a fire buring by the dried-out cedar tree

The flames they caught the branches, and it soon engulfed his home
The smell of smoke awoke the town downwind from Calderon

The searchlights carved the hillsides and the dogs were on the chase
The rangers from Missoula searched in every open space
For three days they were waiting but they never found a trace

They never found a body, but he haunts us just the same
He's watching as you dance behind the flame

The sad songs that he's playing on a dusty mandolin
Suspended like a feather in the gentle canyon wind
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sing along with charcoal!

Post by bz£ » Mon Sep 27, 2004 9:36 am

He'd been waiting, he'd been planning, for so long
When events came to a boil at work that day
All the anger, all the years of mockery
The time had come to make them all pay

So he drove to the pawn shop on Washington Street that evening
and he found just the thing that he'd gone there to seek
The salesman interrupted his daydreams:
"Fill out these forms and come back next week."

"You don't understand!" he cried,
"This is much too important to wait
I don't care what everyone else does,
and I don't want to hear about the laws in this state!"

Ten minutes later, he was still ranting
When the police arrived in response to the silent alarm
Now he spends his days locked in a hospital room
Where he can't do his co-workers any more harm

special bonus: strum along with "charcoal:"
verses are B minor 7th, E minor, F# major 7th, C major 7th
bridge is G sus 4, G, G minor
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Post by GlennCase » Mon Sep 27, 2004 12:15 pm

Three Day Waiting Period
By: Explino

Verse 1
Day One, I waited for you
You said you'd call but it wasn't true
Did you get my number right?
I'll be hanging round the phone all night

I don't like feeling sad and desperate
but you're a drug to me
I need another dose

I'm waiting for you (x4)

Verse 2
Day Two, I'm feeling blue
But honestly that's nothing new
Should I waste another night at home
Talking to myself and to a telephone?

I don't like feeling sad and desperate
but you're so hot
and I think you could warm me up



Verse 3
Day Three now I'm so angry
Fell headfirst and had an injury
I won't waste another day
'Cause I won't listen TO A WORD YOU SAY

I don't like feeling sad and desperate
It's time.. I STOP
I think I've waiting long enough


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Post by drë » Mon Sep 27, 2004 2:55 pm

was not thinking of submitting anything for this upcoming week, but this saturday night while trying to forget about hurricane jenne knocking on my front door, i'd started playing around with my guitar and came up with something. also had to finish it, record it, mix it, and send it, and post lyrics all before sunday, just cuz theres a good chance i'll be with out power for a while(HOPEFULLY NOT!) ..

<b>3 Day waiting period</b>
- Andre was here at midnight

We ran across the dusty plains
Waiting for our life’s to come ahead
Waiting for something, waiting for change
Waiting for something,
Waiting for something.
Waiting for something

In a 3 day waiting period
In a 3 day waiting period
In a 3 day waiting period
Am stuck with you,
Am stuck with you,
Am stuck with you

It was awkward at first
When I said my name is John
You knew I was lying
And I knew you were dying
From the inside
From the inside
From the inside
From the inside

In a 3 day waiting period
In a 3 day waiting period
In a 3 day waiting period
Am stuck with you,
Am stuck with you,
Am stuck with you

It’ not so bad, is not so bad
In a 3 day waiting period
I found my wife.
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Post by Denyer » Tue Sep 28, 2004 11:07 pm

Dentron 3199 + Don The Automator

Monday at nine fifty nine am
Pacific Daylight Time is when you gotta get them in
SongFight songs that is, it's when they go up on the site
But I've been waiting for hours, and it's almost Tuesday night
I wanna hear some songs, I wanna get some songs
But it seems these days that I'm waiting too long
Sittin' on Firefox just hittin' reload
Wastin' SongFight's bandwidth and make it explode
And there's still no results for last week's fights
I wanna see if I won but it's taken all night
And the titles for next week aren't up yet either
If they're not up soon I'm gonna have to take a breather
'Cause there's only so many days each week I can go
Because I can't record when other people are home
They make too much noise when I'm tryna record
This wait on the titles is more than I can afford
I need to see them now, Red, Green or Blue
I don't need long I'll get them in before they're due
We're meant to have a week, but it's more like a night
With the three day waiting period at SongFight
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Post by c hack » Tue Sep 28, 2004 11:34 pm

c hack : 3-Day Waiting Period

99 years is a minute
3 days is just a breath
when even 5 minutes in it
you can't think or nothing but death

well you sure added another meaning
to the number 69
when I skipped my tooth cleaning
and came home to find you in bed with 68 other guys

there was the milkman
there was the mailman
the refridgerator delivery man was there
with his bailman

there was my boss
there was our priest
our landlord was flossed
in his speedo

an organist and a plumber
were working on your pipes
while some guy in the corner
was selling baby wipes

I'll never be able
to eat felaffels again
after seeing you on the table
with your friend

a whole bunch of krauts
and the fire department
were putting you out
in our apartment

so I went to the pawn shop
to buy me a nine
they said I'd have to wait 3 days
I said that's fine

If I wait 3 days
If I wait 3 years
I'd hate more ways
I'd make more tears
I could wait forever, what waiting won't do
is soften my offin' of you
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Post by Calfborg » Thu Nov 04, 2004 1:32 am

Three-Day Waiting Period
by Calfborg

You gotta make preparations
Take a course within the last 12 months
State sanctioned for a reason
If you haven't then you aren't getting married

There's a 3 day waiting period
For those who have not taken the course
If you have within the last year
Then you'll have a wedding day

Put in for a waiver
Only good if you can afford it
Sign and send to the office
Clerk of Orphans might let you off or

There's a 3 day waiting period
For those who have not taken the course
If you have within the last year
Then you'll have a wedding day

Gotta take the course
Or you'll wait 3 days
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