turn the power on

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turn the power on

Post by the idiot king » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:27 pm

turn the power on
by the idiot kings

feel free to say what is on your mind
nothing you say can hurt me

call it the end,
you can flip your switch
and turn the power on.

it's clear what your intentions are
but i'm not afraid of you anymore

call it the end,
you can flip your switch
and turn the power on.
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Post by tonetripper » Wed Mar 09, 2005 9:05 pm

Turn The Power On - redcar

The trouble that we're facing
Is there's so much copulation
it's hard to keep from pacing when I think

The growing population
resulting from our fornication
creates consumin' nations (bringing us) to the brink

All this rat racing, and the casing
HeadQuarters that are based in currency
They're really just erasin'
Consuming and replacing
Soon we'll be in space, where the Race should never be

But for now...
c'mon baby, let's head to the sea
blue and green, the king colours for me
elements you'll find all around
wind and rain, and the power of sound

So we've got acceleration
It Creates accumulation.
We need more transportation to the sea.

But we've reached saturation
Activists are on probation.
Gonna be an altercation, might be me

Hey, flick the switch
It's mighty rich of you
To turn it on

Hey, turn the key
From the sea
The sky will light up

Blew a fuse
Popped a breaker
Lost a light
In mid flight
I just might
Wreaking havoc
In this dark groove
Turn the Power On

Turn it on
Cock the gun
Sounding off
Dying sun
My fellow man
And I'll take a stand
Extending my hand
Turn the Power On

Turn the Power On
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Post by Liechty » Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:04 pm

turn the power on
by joseph liechty

i wanna pay you big bucks
im gonna say your wig sucks
peeling it back and exposing the nip tuck
im not impressed with your celebrity status
sitting by the pool chompin celery and carrots
vegetables minerals flora and fauna
if i get stressed out i sit inside the sauna
spitting in spite of naysayers
i display layers of style
lining up you punks in single file to KBTN
in the am or the pm i defeat them
my rhyme book is like a tome of town portal
onett to fourside i see pokey chortle
laughing like a fool who needs his lips slapped off his face
ask him if its cool if i slip sasquatch a plate
of grade a sucka MC tenderloins
i bend your poems so it fits inside the beat
look down at the floor, you'll probably see some tapping feet
a rapping treat for anyone who wants to listen
calculating your defeat with my casio glistnin
you forgot what its about:
organizing sentences
audience attentitive
if somebody has two cents to give
speak up megaphone withdrawn
dont forget to turn the power on

im jumpin up off the couch
i aint no lazy slouch
rhymes so fast and furious they makin you say ouch
at last the words i spit are inducing brain combustion
1920s mobsters inviting me to a gangster luncheon
my slang style's curmudgeons
its a throwback for you carpetbaggin yankees
i got the smarts to brag i thank thee
the lyricals are spherical
mc esher self portait holdin the globe
i bless your health forthwith blowin your nose
'who we be?' to that i promptly say 'who you bu?'
rhymin ass babies cryin at me gaa gaa goo goo
begging me to stay and watch an episode of blues clues
'a clue a clue!'
its true its true
im schooling you
in the art of forming sentences with elmer's hiphop glue
i do flip flops too and even a backflip
the thought of putting words onto a page i find attractive
thats all of that kids

i turn the power on
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