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Post by josh » Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:58 am

(Verse 1)

I'm not looking you in the eye
but still you don't realize
Your droning on and on
Your like the hook in a shitty pop song


Just shut up... Nobody cares
shut up... Nobody really wants to hear
shut up... You don't know what you're talking about
shut... just shut your mouth

I don't wanna hear about your last vacation
I don't give a shit about vaccination
Nobody understands your bullshit theories
Can't look you in your face cause your nostrils are scary*

(Verse 2)

I wish I had a way to escape
But I'm here alone it's not even eight
No I don't want you to explain
If you tell me more I'll go insane



I unsubscribe to you, my fake friend
I unsubscribe!
I unsubscribe
There's nothing you can do
I'm in control!


(Verse 3)

I'm caressing my butter knife
If this don't stop I might end your life
Cause rotting in prison won't make me blue
So long as my cellmate's not as boring as you


*Meant to say "hairy" but kept saying scary instead. I think "hairy" would have been funnier... Oh well
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Re: Unsubscribe

Post by Chumpy » Fri May 01, 2015 10:47 am

by Jerkatorium

each new year brings a new newsletter from you
stories in review from the year before

how do i get off this
holiday fun-time mailing list
every word just makes me so pissed off

shut you out by design
won’t compare your life to mine
i don’t want to hear you’re doing fine

unsubscribe from your life
unsubscribe no reasons why
unsubscribe for the last time

now you're in a real nice place
rub it right it in my face
gonna have a conniption
unsubscribe this subscription

perfect fold and perfect staple
laser printed address label
so appropriate comic sans

i’ll unsubscribe and after i sign
i’ll leave you some words that i’ve underlined
and in bold type i will write
P.S. doing fine

unsubscribe from your life
unsubscribe no reasons why
unsubscribe for the last time

my heart’s still mending
you found your happy ending
words don’t describe
how i hate you and your your stupid life

unsubscribe unsubscribe
unsubscribe got reasons why
unsubscribe where’s my pride
"How did these fuckin' guys get signed? Bring on the Beach Boys meets Ween." --boltoph
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Re: Unsubscribe

Post by Billy » Sat May 02, 2015 8:58 am

-Sunday Guts + the Mail Chimps

Been a long time since I opened one -
Automated message, cuza' who it came from
Do they Know Me - Is it worth the read

From a band mailing list to a Local Deal
ASCAP for your music career,
A Nissan Sales Event - Marke 'em all as read

Sirius Radio wants feedback,
I don't just share my opinions like that
But I called them up, got another six months

Here's how to boost your curb appeal:
You got this letter cuz your bank notified us that
you closed the deal...

What a way to end the fun
Stay in touch with everyone
Even if their is a doubt
Undo the decision to f-ilter it all out

Friends always sound the worst
Dumb memes and trendy words
"Hey, l@@k at my baby"

Don't take it the wrong way - save certain photographs just for family
You're crowding up my visual field today, and I just can't play along

(twitter, etc)
One-Liner-Wonder, who follows who?
A guy making $ with the hollow news
is it burning a bridge to get rid of him?

Speaking of burning I think I'm burnt
out on comedy and hash tagged words
There's a reason there's a limit, don't abuse it

Constant Contact, gimmie some space
Vertical Response will chart some data from a survey
Several times a day

They scanned my badge at infoCOMM
Oh my 9od, now I gotta go through them all
One by One...

(back to Facebook)
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