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Postby j$ » Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:10 pm

Fashion by Mr. Johnny Cashpoint (#teamcorbyn)

Sound bites and sidebars
Trending trendy hate Tzars
Building hashtag empires
Hashtag Nicole Arbour ...
Fat Hollande, Kim Davies -
Laziness wears hatred.
Shiny jackboot culture -
Feeding tickbox vultures ...

Is just a fashion
After a fashion, well,
Don’t you look dashing as your soul is crashing down to earth?

Knickerbocker knee-jerk
Welcome to the broad church
Difference can be hard work
Typing shit is far worse


Don’t you look dashing as your soul is crashing down to hell?

(Fashion … x3 Fascist fashion)
Jez we can.


No, you can not look dashing without an ounce of compassion!
Lester Bangs is still dead.

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