Leave My Brother Alone

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Leave My Brother Alone

Post by josh » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:30 am

I watchin' you starin' at the clock
Sweatin' and prayin' for it to stop
But 2:30's, still gonna come
Boy you gonna pay for what you done


Now the kids are all gathered around us
And there's a look in my eyes
Like black clouds blockin' out the sunshine
And you're startin' to wonder
if you'll ever get home
Next time I bet you'll leave my brother alone

Ooh, the bell's have been rung
Air escapes, from your lungs
Don't say your sorry
Because it's to late
Nothing's gonna save you from your fate

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Re: Leave My Brother Alone

Post by Chumpy » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:36 am

Leave My Brother Alone
by Jerkatorium

(verse 1)
we're in the basement rockin' out
to our punked up version of Roundabout
we'll play it ’til my mom stomps on the floor
he barely sees above the amp
but he plays that bass like a champ
so pass that joint and we will play it some more


I can't leave my brother alone
he gets into too much trouble on his own
put a bass in his hand, let him play in our band
even though he's just 12 years old

(verse 2)
we’ll play church halls and roller rinks
to make some cash and buy us drinks
i’m disinclined to slow down
on our first gig we only had only three
cuz my little shit brother fell off a tree
he’s down at the hospital now treatment bound

(repeat chorus)

i can't leave my brother alone
he makes too much trouble on his own
we let him play the bass guitar
we're Dogbreath, him, me, and Chris Mars

Tommy it's a shame
and Tommy it's a pity
I was locked up at your age
cuz I was raised in the city
mistakes you won't repeat
my path it ain't for you
gonna keep you off the streets
gonna help you make it through

(repeat verse 1)
(repeat chorus)
(partial bridge repeat & fade)
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Re: Leave My Brother Alone

Post by noma » Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:41 am

Nick Soma - Leave My Brother Alone

Leave my brother alone
Today I caught him cooking up capsules of opium poppy
Leave my brother alone
But hey, at least it's natural, and only just a hobby

Leave my brother alone
He's always prying, always preying, looking for a fix
Leave my brother alone
But he never robbed a drugstore, he don't need such dirty tricks

Leave my brother alone
Last night he brought home a junkie woman from the street
Leave my brother alone
Well, he does get around much, so a lot of folks he'll meet

Don't talk about it, he'll just deny
It's useless, so I won't even try

Leave my brother alone
He needs to stay clean from morphine, so he's always drunk
Leave my brother alone
He needs weed to cure his pain, so he's out with the punks

Leave my brother alone
Sometimes he seems dysarthric, like he just can't do the phrasing
Leave my brother alone
Nor can most guitarists I know, so why are we debating?

Always looking for a way to get by
Always looking for a chance to get high

Last time I saw him, lying motionless without a word
Sure I do remember, though the memory's kinda blurred
His empty eyes were closed then but his lips, they somehow smiled
Same way they always did back when I knew him as a child

You without sin, cast the first stone
Leave my brother alone
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Re: Leave My Brother Alone

Post by Thanks For The Frisbee » Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:58 am

we change like the weather
we fight like a waterfall
trying to get to the muddy floor

when they come to take you away
ill stand beside you
wrestle the tigers
and say leave my brother alone

they will bend but never break you
do you have the faith you
dont have to fight this battle alone

fallen grace
your poem is on your face
you dont have to sorry to me

stop and stay
your stories they have a way

walk down to the river
throw line in the water
see what we get when we wait for it

remember the good old days
caring for nothing
thinking that everything is going to go our way

they can cage but never tame you
i wont be ashamed to
tell them to leave my brother alone.

fallen grace
your poem is on your face
you dont have to sorry to me

stop and stay
your stories they have a way..to ease the pain
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Re: Leave My Brother Alone

Post by iVeg » Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:31 pm

Paint is melting when you pass
And not just from the blowtorch
In your hand

You violate restraining orders
Bounce from court to court like it's a
One night stand

You're far above the fun zone
Deep in crazy
With the red haired strippers
In the danger zone

Leave my brother alone
Don't email, text or phone him
Don't show up near his home
Leave my brother alone
He doesn't need the trouble
But I'm available
Leave my brother alone

Did you slit your boyfriend's throat
And fail your test in Cosmetology

Who makes all these stories up
And would you go out with a
Guy like me


You're so beautiful and
You're so sweet
Dangerous and deadly
Quite a combination
And I can't resist

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