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Audio interface recommendations? (2018 edition)

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:24 pm
by fluffy
So, my trusty Presonus Firestudio Project is starting to give up the ghost, and it looks like the new macOS Mojave won't support it anyway. And it's my last bit of Firewire hardware so I'd might as well come limping along into the USB era, right?

What are peoples' recommendations for an audio interface?

Here are my requirements: (note that the Firestudio Project had all this so I'm not being unrealistic here)
  • At least six inputs and six outputs, with separate monitor mixes to each of the outputs (note that the monitor mixes rules out M-Audio, which AFAICT only supports a single thru mix for all inputs)
  • At least two of the inputs need to be XLR with phantom power, and at least four of the inputs need to be 1/4"
  • Decently low noise floor
Nice to haves:
  • 19" rackmount form factor
  • At least two of the inputs on the front panel, one of which is XLR and one of which is 1/4"
  • At least one hi-Z/instrument/DI input
  • The XLR inputs being combo plugs (i.e. take both XLR and 1/4") or at least having an ancillary 1/4" jack for when I don't need XLR
  • Costs under $400
  • USB class-compliant or otherwise not likely to stop working due to lack of driver updates
Things I don't really care about:
  • MIDI (as I already have a separate 4x4 MIDI interface and most of my shit is USB now anyway)
  • Ultra-high sample rates (44/16 is enough, although I wouldn't turn my nose up at anything higher)
  • Optical/SPDIF/ADAT/etc. is completely unnecessary in this day and age and I really don't get why so many interfaces provide those except as a way of boosting their input/output count
Right now my (very short) list of contenders is the TASCAM 16x08 (with the caveat that I'd need a bunch of XLR to 1/4" adapters, but those are cheap), the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, and the PreSonus Studio 1824. All of those meet all of my requirements (I think, I can't get a straight answer about monitor submixes on the Focusrite) and some of my nice-to-haves. But there are other manufacturers out there which I think have stuff like this that I just haven't heard of, maybe?

There's also the Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820 but again I can't figure out if that one supports monitor submixes and also I've had very poor luck with Behringer quality in the past.

Also the reason I need monitor submixes (even though I work alone in the studio) is it makes things a lot easier for streaming my work, and it's also nice to have my microphones get monitored to my headphones but not to my studio speakers. Sucks to have to remember to mute them when I switch to monitors and unmute them when I go back to headphones. So even without the streaming setup stuff, monitoring submixes are a really nice workflow thing that I wish more people recognized the usefulness of. And of course in a multi-user setting it's great to be able to e.g. let the guitar player hear drums more and the bass player hear guitar more, and the drummer only hear themself and the vocals, or whatever.

Re: Audio interface recommendations? (2018 edition)

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:09 am
by ujnhunter
Just because this might not even be on your radar... seeing most people think it's just a Guitar FX/Modeling rig. Not sure if it meets all your requirements, but I've recently switched over to using Avid's Eleven Rack as my AI as it has 8 in 6 out (not sure about all the separate mixes though, you'd have to research that... I only use headphone out on the front or the XLR output on the back to powered monitors...) only 1 mic pre, but I use a cheap Behringer mixer with 2 additional mic pres that I run into the 11R's Line inputs if I need more... Hi-Z 1/4" input on the front as well as the previously mentioned Mic Pre input w/ phantom power and pad... Digital I/O, Line I/O and XLR inputs in the back... doubles as a Re-amping box too and it's only $300 these days brand new from Sweetwater. I actually have two of them now with one in a portable gig rack bag that I can take with me. Did I mention it's a full featured Guitar/Bass Amp/Modeling/FX rig too? Again... check your requirements, but I doubt it was on your radar... and it might just be the best bang for the buck I've ever purchased in regards to audio stuff. Oh... it has Midi In/Out and Expression Pedal in too... I went from 2 in 1 out AI's my entire life to this and it's the best change I've ever made in regards to recording. So yeah... best kept secret... Avid Eleven Rack.

Re: Audio interface recommendations? (2018 edition)

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:25 am
by fluffy
Hmm, I’ll look into it but I have no use for most of those features and I’m doubtful that it will have the monitoring stuff I need. Any chance you could see whether it does since you have one?

The monitoring stuff is basically configuring which inputs go to which outputs at which levels.

Also does it work with things that aren’t ProTools? Avid doesn’t have the best track record in that regard.

Re: Audio interface recommendations? (2018 edition)

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:23 am
by fluffy
Oh good, looks like the Firestudio Project still works in Mojave, so I can keep on running this 10-year-old interface into the ground.

Re: Audio interface recommendations? (2018 edition)

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:51 pm
by ujnhunter
So you're all set then? I don't know if the monitoring would work for you, but I'd spend some time trying it out to find out... but if you're all set with your old interface still... I'll spend my time recording instead. ;) It does work with other DAWs, I use Reaper which it works with perfectly, I don't use Pro Tools at all.

Re: Audio interface recommendations? (2018 edition)

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:55 pm
by fluffy
I’m set for now. I figure that by the time it really dies on me there will be new stuff on the market anyway so I guess I’ll keep up with what’s coming out but not worry about actually finding a replacement just yet.