Tonic: The Card & Dice Game for Musicians

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Tonic: The Card & Dice Game for Musicians

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I just heard about this yesterday via a friend who's also doing Jamuary. ... -musicians

Here's a snippet of the creator's story about the game:
Why don't classical musicians improvise? Why do jazz musicians get to have all the fun? And how can rock musicians learn to broaden their skills without relying on esoteric music theory?

Last summer I created Tonic to address these questions. After many years playing music with a wide range of performers and teachers, I felt there was something missing in the way most people approach improvisation and composition.

Rather than a structured approach that bogs the player down in unnecessary rules and stylistic elements, I wanted to make something simple and open-- something that feels less like doing calculus and more like playing in a sandbox.
There are cards with prompts as well as three 12-sided dice for pitches. It looks like it could be fun and also could be a very useful tool for folks who do things like Song Fight, FAWM, Fun-A-Day, Jamuary, etc.

My friend used this variant, "Tonic: Theory Edition" which has a card deck of chord progressions which also looks useful. ... ry-edition
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