Cakewalk (the DAW) is now free

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Cakewalk (the DAW) is now free

Post by jast »

Apparently this has been going on for a while but I learned about it just now: Cakewalk (formerly Cakewalk SONAR) was sold off by Gibson Brands and now lives with BandLab, who have decided to make it available for free, with no limitations (except I think some third-party addons were removed).

Literally the only downside seems to be that you need to install BandLab's "app store" to get Cakewalk.
Oh, and Cakewalk is for Windows only.
Still, if your best excuse for not winning fights has been that you couldn't afford a DAW for Windows, you might want to check this out.
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Re: Cakewalk (the DAW) is now free

Post by Pigfarmer Jr »

It's not, but if my best excuse for not winning fights was that I couldn't afford a DAW for Windows.... why in the heck would I get a DAW for windows? Heh.

But thanks for pointing this out. It looks interesting.
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