Behringer Partners with Sweetwater - pedals for $19 each

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Behringer Partners with Sweetwater - pedals for $19 each

Post by ken »

Hey All,

Sweetwater is now selling Behringer pedals for $19 each as part of a new “super partnership”

Behringer parent company Music Tribe will go factory-direct to the retail juggernaut – and offer big discounts ... weetwater/ ... GFycyJdfX0
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Re: Behringer Partners with Sweetwater - pedals for $19 each

Post by ujnhunter »

That's nice. $19 is great. People seem to like these pedals, even though they're plastic and flimsy... I've only purchased one... the HM300 pink Boss HM2 clone, but had to return it... because it was way damn too noisy... and I don't mean when the effect was "on", I mean that it's a buffered pedal which means it's always on even when it's off and that your signal goes through it and it was noisy as all hell and useless to me. So being that it needs "power" to pass signal, you can't even leave it unplugged in your chain... so YMMV. I have no issue with Behringer as I use many of their other products with no problems, but I couldn't, even at $25-30 (now $19?) keep that pedal.
-Ujn Hunter
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Re: Behringer Partners with Sweetwater - pedals for $19 each

Post by fluffy »

Wow, two shitty companies with terrible ethics working together. I can not-buy twice as much from this deal.
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