Discmakers offering 50 CDRs in full-color jackets for $75

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Discmakers offering 50 CDRs in full-color jackets for $75

Post by ken »

Maybe it is because Berkeley Social Scene released an album recently, but 50 CDrs in sleeves for $75 seems like a really good deal to me.


To celebrate our 75th anniversary, Disc Makers is offering the limited-time deal of 50 CDs in beautiful, full-color jackets for just $75 when you use the code 7DAYSONLY. Hurry! This deal ends March 23, 2021.
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Re: Discmakers offering 50 CDRs in full-color jackets for $75

Post by fluffy »

Wow, that is a really good deal, yeah. They're paper jackets rather than jewel-cases, but I don't see that as a downside these days.

On a related note, what's left of CreateSpace (which I was using for making short-run CDs) is no more. They'd been owned by Amazon for a while, and Amazon shut them down, along with all of their other print-on-demand media stuff. Unfortunate, as I always felt they had a better deal and quality level than Discmakers. I guess thanks to everything going digital, Discmakers is the only big game left in town. I wonder how long they'll be sticking around.
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