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gear talk

Post by hillbilly » Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:57 am

presenly running a combo of nanofex ribbon pickup, and a sure 57 thru a Audiobox usb ,and ole gear head sub, pushing to sony mega bass speakers 5",as monitior,or sony studio head set, with 2nd channel (strat) when used, hanging a sure 58 on the front of my 61 harmony tuber what are you doing to get better acoustic sounds than me. Whith the Audiobox usb presonus and new cables, my noise levels are next to none, rather than recording thru the 3.3 millimeter sound card of this ole lap top.
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Re: gear talk

Post by AJOwens » Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:23 am

hillbilly wrote:. . . what are you doing to get better acoustic sounds than me.
I'm not; yours are way better. But since you ask, for mics I use an Audio-Technica ATM41HE stage dynamic for vocals and flute, and an AKG 190E studio dynamic for acoustic guitars or for amps (but mostly I run electric instruments direct into the board). Occasionally I switch the mics around, depending on my mood. When I mic an amp, I point it directly into the speaker cone, sometimes a bit off-centre, an inch or two from the grille (and I turn the amp down). When I mic a guitar, I point it at the area to the lower right of the soundhole (my right as I hold the guitar), adjusting the exact position by ear. I try to get within four inches to hold down the room noise, but if I get too close, I often end up whacking the mic with the guitar when I reach for the recording controls, which is annoying in the headphones.

The amps include a Peavey Backstage Plus for heavier sounds, and a Vox AC15VR for lighter or vintage sounds (not that it's a vintage amp). I don't use my bass amps for recording. (Point of interest: the bass on "Beat the Heat" is an unplugged Fender Kingman acoustic, recorded through the AKG.)

For preamps, I use the channels on a Mackie 1642-VLZ3 mixing board. I usually leave the EQ flat, but I do have the low cut switched in for everything but bass and (electronic) drums.

The sound card is an M-Audio Delta 1010LT.

For acoustic tracks, I tweak the EQ using standard Reaper plugins. I always apply a low cut to take out any mud or rumble (again, except for bass and drums), and I lower the frequencies I don't want instead of boosting the ones I do want (although I don't rule the latter out completely). I have no fixed EQ setup; I play it by ear.

For ambience on acoustic tracks, I mostly use presets from the Reaper ReaVerbate plugin (often "Acoustic in the Mix" or "Intimate Vocal," sometimes "Discrete Room"), but occasionally I use the renowned Ambience plugin.

For piano tracks, I use MIDI and Reason Adapted NN-19 samples.

I listen using Yamaha 5" studio monitors and a variety of headphones, including Sennheiser 424 and ATM-50.
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Re: gear talk

Post by fluffy » Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:37 pm

When I record my acoustic I use my workhorse MXL V88 mic (which I use for practically everything these days) and mix in a little tiny bit of it direct as well. Then I play with Logic's various guitar presets. "Sharp Strum" is a nice starting point.

Re: gear talk

Post by hillbilly » Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:28 pm

hold you in the cold.mp3
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i love this new sure 57, but you need to stay 8"or more away or its rude,it is such a cleaner sound than the 58. Course this blemish epiphone 64 texan copy, is the butter, here a little sample, all clean, no effect but a slight amount of noise reduct.

Re: gear talk

Post by hillbilly » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:57 pm


make a strat quack like a telly

Post by hillbilly » Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:14 pm

I cant seem to get the quack with this strat, does anyone else get the quack sound and what settings
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