Deftones - Ohms

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Deftones - Ohms

Post by sleepysilverdoor »

Probably not a well concealed fact that I'm a huge fan of them, but dadgum, this is probably the best album they've put out since White Pony.

Such mood! Such atmosphere! So HEAVY! So melodic! Cunningham's drumwork is just stellar through the whole album. And for once, Frank Delgado gets some really cool synth parts. Some of the tracks toward the middle of the album almost have a bit of a proggy/psychedelic atmosphere. I saw a reviewer describe the interplay between Moreno and Cunningham on this as like Depeche Mode collaborating with Meshuggah with some dreamy shoegazey moments and that's fairly accurate.

Ahem. Fan boy is happy fan boy.

Anyone else here stoked?
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Re: Deftones - Ohms

Post by Niveous »

I am always stoked for Deftones.
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Re: Deftones - Ohms

Post by ujnhunter »

You're kinda making me stoked... I've had good luck recently with the new Manson album and the new Rammstein album... so this should be good too.
-Ujn Hunter
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