New Music Friday 2022.04.15 (and Monday, too.)

Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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New Music Friday 2022.04.15 (and Monday, too.)

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3rd Secret dropped a new album Monday the 11th. Also, they announced they formed a band called 3rd Secret on Monday the 11th, too.
Headed by former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, Pearl Jam/Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, 3rd Secret unveiled their self-titled debut record on Monday (April 11). Bubba Dupree of 1980s hardcore punk band Void and singers Jillian Raye and Jennifer Johnson round out the group of six. Having previously worked with Novoselic in his band Giants in the Trees, Raye wrote all of the lyrics on the new album.
I've only listened to a few tracks but love what I've heard. Just purchased it for a full listen.

There are other new releases this week from artists such as Jewel, The Honey Dewdrops, David Quinn, Wheeler Walker and a new release from Edgar Winter. Obviously I've not mentioned much from the pop and rock world as I'm clueless about most of that (as you probably already knew.)
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Re: New Music Friday 2022.04.15 (and Monday, too.)

Post by Lunkhead »

Calexico has a new album. It came out last week, not this week, but, it's still really good.
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