New Music Friday - 11/16/18

Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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New Music Friday - 11/16/18

Post by Lunkhead »

I'm checking some new releases from today: ... ber-11.php

I don't know who this Stephen Steinbrink dude is, I guess he's local to the Bay. I'm enjoying his new album.

I checked out Doug Paisley's "Starter Home", got bored during the first track.

David Allred's "The Transition" seemed like something I could get into in a mellow mood.

Surfbort, I guess they're like a punk band, they were OK.

Hooverphonic's "Looking for Stars" has some retro 90s trip-hop vibe that's alright.

Holly Golightly's "Do The Get Along" has a funky retro creepy vibe, maybe would have been good on a Halloween playlist.
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Re: New Music Friday - 11/16/18

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Mark Knopfler has a new release out that has generally good reviews. I might have to check it out.
Evil Grin has an album:

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