New Music Friday - 2/22/19

Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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New Music Friday - 2/22/19

Post by Lunkhead »

Anybody digging anything new this week? ... ?s=release

I just started browsing that list, of stuff releases today. First thing I'm listening to is by somebody named Julia Jacklin, apparently an Australian singer/songwriter. Seems just fine, nothing grabbing me about it yet. Yeah, that was all just fine. A bit sleepy for me most of the time.

Now I'm trying "Mazy Fly" by SPELLLING. It's weird. OK, too weird, and mostly just electronic music not striking me as all that great.

Next up is "In Search of the Miraculous" by Desperate Journalist. Starting off with some epic/anthemic rock instrumental opening... Oh, the vocalist is a woman. Has kind of a 90s vibe, like somebody in the 90s who really liked Kate Bush and 80s new wave but doing a loud reverbed out alt rock thing... Not really working for me. Yeah, moving on.

OK, "Post Earth" by FEELS is starting out like some promising woman fronted garage rock. Nothing I haven't heard before but fine. I'm guessing this is going to turn out to not have a whole lot special that grabs me either... OK, they probably also really like Blondie too and some punk rock, or maybe just Pretenders. Meh...

At least The Lennon Claypool Delirium should have some craziness to it that's interesting ... or maybe it's just a bunch of wanky nonsense. Aargh.

Maybe Simon Scott's "Soundings" will be good? It's got positive reviews from critics. Oh, wtf, it's just ambient instrumental soundscapes I guess.

Man, maybe new music actually just sucks? :/
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Re: New Music Friday - 2/22/19

Post by ujnhunter »

Canterbury Girls by Lily & Madeleine came out Friday. I just saw them live on the first show of their tour in basically my back yard which was cool. I think they were supposed to be on CBS This Morning today or something? Anyhow, I dig it, and they were great live.
-Ujn Hunter
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