New Music Friday - 4/19/19

Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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New Music Friday - 4/19/19

Post by Lunkhead »

One of my coworkers mentioned this album, I guess it's out today, "Laughing Matter" by Wand: ... pnkkvlxZtw

He said it's reminiscent of early Radiohead. I'd agree! I'm enjoying it.

I haven't checked what else is out today. I think I heard there is a new Lizzo album.
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Re: New Music Friday - 4/19/19

Post by owl »

This is not a super new release, I think it's from January, but I bought it on Record Store Day because it looked cool, and was totally delighted yesterday when I opened it up and looked at the booklet, and found that a friend of mine from college (she lived in my dorm suite freshman year at Cal) plays tabla on track 7. So I'm telling everyone.

4 Paisley Underground bands (The Bangles, Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate, and Three O'Clock) all covering each others' songs.
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Re: New Music Friday - 4/19/19

Post by vowlvom »

I'm enjoying the Lizzo album. 'Juice' is one of the best pop songs I've heard in quite a long time.
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