New Music Friday 20 Sep 2019

Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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New Music Friday 20 Sep 2019

Post by Lunkhead »

What should I listen to tomorrow? I haven't even looked at what's coming out yet, I'm feeling lazy.
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Re: New Music Friday 20 Sep 2019

Post by Æpplês&vØdkã »

It technically came out last friday, but right now I'm listening to the new Chelsea Wolfe album. She strips back the metal influence and returns a bit more to her "doom folk" style she was using on her first couple albums for a lot of the tracks.

Also I've been obsessing over Drab Majesty lately, so even though it's not new at this point, check out their albums Modern Mirror and The Demonstration. I prefer the latter.
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Re: New Music Friday 20 Sep 2019

Post by vowlvom »

Fly Pan Am have a new album out today, their first in 15 years. Big news if anyone else was massively into Canadian experimental rock / Constellation records in the early 00s! I had a listen and there's a surprising amount of death metal screaming on it, which I did not expect. Enjoyed it though.

Listening to the new M83 album now which is all-instrumental (so far at least) and influenced by classic film soundtracks and stuff. Enjoying this too, some lovely synth sounds and nostalgic vibes.

Edit: new Vivian Girls also, enjoyed that even though I want a big fan pre-hiatus. A good day for comebacks.

Second edit: The Chastity Belt album is really good. Been generally impressed with all the new stuff I've heard today!

There's also a new Thurston Moore album but that's out tomorrow.
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Re: New Music Friday 20 Sep 2019

Post by ken »

I liked the first couple of tracks I heard from the new Andrew Combs album - Ideal Man. I'm also going to check out Brittany Howard's solo - Jaime. There was just a song exploder about the single Stay High. Really cool.
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Re: New Music Friday 20 Sep 2019

Post by owl »

Also enjoying what I listened to of Andrew Combs, Pieta Brown, Chastity Belt...

Plus, this is not new, but I just discovered Laura Stevenson's album "The Big Freeze" and I LOVE it so you should listen to that. "Dermatillomania" is 🔥
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