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Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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Re: Song Exploder Podcast

Post by Lunkhead »

There is a great episode now with Aimee Mann and Jonathan Coulton about "Patient Zero" from Aimee Mann's new album "Mental Illness":
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Re: Song Exploder Podcast

Post by WendyWisemanFisher »

I actually got to be at the taping of this episode because I was on the boat with BYD. I'd never heard of Song Exploder before - it was awesome.
Because Zombie Requiem, that's why.
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Re: Song Exploder Podcast

Post by BoffoYux »

I missed the taping but plan on checking it out. There might be a video lurking now that the show has posted. Another friend suggested checking out that podcast as well, so I need to get at it!
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