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How to Make Fightmaster Love You

Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 8:38 am
by jb
1. put the title in the SUBJECT of your email message.
2. put your band name in the BODY of your email message.
3. name your file like so. suppose the title is "Look Good In Black":

That's your band name, all lower case, all one word, not including "the", followed by an underscore, and then an acronym made of the words in the title you're submitting for.

If everybody follows these steps, it will take a large part of the load off poor fightmaster each week, which may (MAY) lead to more timely updates, and a happier Fightmaster in general.

Follow these three steps, and you will win the heart of Fightmaster. He's won your heart hasn't he? Don't you want his in return?