Addition to the "What do I name my file?" FAQ

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Addition to the "What do I name my file?" FAQ

Post by Lunkhead »

Hi folks, I just wanted to broadcast that I just made a small addition to the "What do I name my file?" FAQ:
Name your file like so:

Suppose you are The John Benjamin Band and the title is "Look Good In Black":


That's your band name, all lower case, all one word, not including "the", followed by an underscore, and then an acronym made of the words in the title you're submitting for (unless the title is a single word, in which case, use the whole word). If there is an "and" in your band name, replace it with "+". Please either remove any characters in your band name that are not numbers or English letters, or replace them with English letters if they are super duper important, e.g. if your band name is just "?" you can replace that with "questionmark".
I've added the bold italic sentence at the end. This was an implicit rule that I think the fightmasters probably were making the files conform to manually after receiving them. I just to call it out explicitly for future reference.
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