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Archive Band Listings

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:39 pm
by Spud
Hey, you can now have a picture and a bunch of other stuff on your band's Songfight! Archive page, just like <a href=" ... othorpe</a>.

To take advantage of this feature, send an email to

subject: songfight archive listing

body: (see the octothorpe page for an example)

band name as listed in the archive
band location
url of band website (if any)
description: keep it reasonable, please.
list of "see also" band names, EXACTLY as listed in the archive. there are no categories of "see also", everything will be listed under "see also".

please attach the picture as a 400x400 jpg image, with the name of your band as the name of the image.

If you have more than one band, send more than one email. I will implement these as time allows. However, they generally do not take more than a few days to get up. Depends, of course, on demand. If you are getting impatient, gimme a holler.