Bandcamp Embedded Album Player BBCode Added

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Bandcamp Embedded Album Player BBCode Added

Postby Lunkhead » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:59 pm

Hello everyone,

I've added a BBCode so you can embed files from Bandcamp and have them show up in their embedded player. It works much like the YouTube and SoundCloud BBCodes.

Go to your track on, click "Share/Embed" and choose an embed style. I think at this moment the BBCode doesn't let you specify the style, sorry, you only get the medium style. So pick any style. Copy the embed code (it should start with "<iframe ..."). Paste the embed code somewhere and look in it for "EmbeddedPlayer/album=.../". You will need to use the number after the "album=" part. You will also need your Bandcamp subdomain (e.g. "berkeleysocialscene" for "") and the track URL piece, which is the part of the track URL after "album/".

So for: ... /boron-rod

The album id is 172474049
The subdomain is berkeleysocialscene
The track URL piece is boron-rod

So the code for the embed on the board would be like below (only, remove the spaces around "bandcamp" in the opening/closing tags):

[ bandcamp ]172474049,berkeleysocialscene,boron-rod[/ bandcamp ]

Here is the embed:

NOTE! This is an _album_ player, not a track player.

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