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Forum Rules

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It's a great testament to our strength as a community that we have lasted for over 20 years. One thing that has never happened in that time is setting up some actual ground rules to make this a comfortable, inviting space for people to interact with one another. As such, the admins felt it was long overdue that we finally write up a simple code of conduct for the forums, and formalize some rules that have always been in place, but never stated outright.

To that end: Harassment, bullying, and any other form of abuse of anyone for any reason including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, physical or mental disability, or religion is strictly forbidden and will have consequences including warnings or temporary/permanent banishment from the forums.

If you see any violations or anything which makes you feel uncomfortable, please use the "report this post" function, and if there's something you'd like to bring attention to immediately or have any questions about this policy, you can contact any of the admins via direct message, or email the fightmaster.