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A little note on the tone of discourse in these forums.

As much as this is "Song FIGHT not song LOVE", you are hereby considered to be an <i><b>ADULT</b></i> by the administration of this board.

At the same time that the rank of "adult" conveys certain rights, such as the right to say basically anything you want and being given the benefit of the doubt in most cases, it also conveys certain responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is to convey yourself in a mature manner. This doesn't mean you can't get angry, or that you're not allowed to swear.
<ul><li>It means that you're going to consider your words before clicking the "Submit" button. <li>You will, for the good of everyone, sometimes take an argument off the boards and onto the Private Messaging system. Especially if it seems to be getting personal or out of hand in any way.<li>You'll avoid flaming people in areas of the forums where such activity is discouraged.<li>Before posting, you'll consider the golden rule.<li>You will consider your motives carefully before posting something deliberately provocative. Are you just being juvenile?<li>Sometimes you'll let it slide when you really want to react violently.<li>Before creating a thread, you'll think about whether it's appropriate to the Song Fight forums or if it might be more appropriate on some other forum, like <a href="">Something Awful</a> or <a href="">Fark</a>.</ul>
I will consider your behaving like an adult, for the good of the community, to be a personal favor to me.

blippity blop ya don’t stop heyyyyyyyyy
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