New music Friday 2020-07-24

Talk about how awesome the new _______ album is.
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New music Friday 2020-07-24

Post by Lunkhead »

I bought a synth from somebody at work before the pandemic. His band's album is out today, and I think it's really good! It's sort of new wave electronic motorik etc with a woman vocalist, at times a bit Stereoloab-y also a little Berlin-ish maybe. And I think it sounds great, really well engineered and mixed and produced. ... bracadabra

What about y'all? Are you mostly just blasting the new Taylor Swift album?
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Re: New music Friday 2020-07-24

Post by vowlvom »

I'm really enjoying the new Katie Dey album. Experimental Australian electronic pop with lots of sampled orchestral stuff.

Plus from the last couple of weeks, since we haven't had one of these threads for a while,. I love the Illuminati Hotties album / mixtape, which is a bunch of mostly uptempo songs with a bitter streak inspired by her label trying to cheat her out of money (and my voice briefly features on this album! She recruited gang vocals on Twitter): ... aiting-for

The Beths had a new album out a couple of weeks ago too. Probably my favourite band at the moment, and a strong follow-up to their superb first album. July has been really good for new music! ... e-gazers-2

I listened to the Taylor Swift album too and thought the songs co-written with the guy from the National were pretty consistently strong, with really lovely production and arrangements... but didn't like the other songs very much and ended up feeling like it was a bit of a missed opportunity. I'm sure she's devastated.
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Re: New music Friday 2020-07-24

Post by crumpart »

I heard the new Jess Cornelius album on the NPR New Music Friday podcast yesterday and immediately added it to my library. Looked her up today and realised she’s a New Zealander who’d been living in Melbourne before moving to the USA and thought, hmmm. Sure enough, we have six mutual Facebook friends.

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Re: New music Friday 2020-07-24

Post by sleepysilverdoor »

Speaking of Australians, I've had the new DVSR album on repeat for like the last week. It's probably a love it or hate it affair - but if you like testosterone poisoning, it's fantastic for hitting a punching bag to.
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