May I reintroduce myself here?

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May I reintroduce myself here?

Post by astrolamb »

Hey all!

For those who remember me ... well, I'm sorry. :P :lol:

For those who don't - hi!

Since I left songfight all those many years ago I've been wandering around the country trying to find my place in the world. Moved from Pittsburgh to Tucson to Pittsburgh and ... now I'm in Phoenix. Can't find a band here to save my life, but still making bad music with a passion. Currently in a little project called Shithole Country which is fun as it's friends from Pittsburgh, Tucson and Atlanta coming together via the internet. That's about it - hopefully I'm a shade better than I was the last time I competed but I don't expect to be taking any trophies home any time soon - y'all are too good!

Anyway, feels good to be back. Barring any scheduling weirdness I am hereby committed to making it into the next fight. Yes, that's a threat.
- Robert
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Re: May I reintroduce myself here?

Post by Pigfarmer Jr »

I recognize your handle but don't think we interacted much. Still, welcome back. Oh, and have fun.
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Re: May I reintroduce myself here?

Post by owl »

Welcome back astrolamb! I think I wasn’t around while you were but I look forward to hearing what you come up with next.
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Re: May I reintroduce myself here?

Post by fluffy »

Lamb or astrolamb! Welcome back.
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Re: May I reintroduce myself here?

Post by Niveous »

Hey astrolamb! Welcome back!
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