Bandcamp's implosion and some alternatives

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Re: Bandcamp's implosion and some alternatives

Post by fluffy »

Yeah my point was about what happens to the streaming landscape after Spotify's upcoming payments-threshold change.

I mostly have my stuff on Spotify and Apple Music because it doesn't cost any more than getting it on iTunes/YouTube/etc., and occasionally it's useful to be able to send a Spotify link to someone who wants to listen to something to evaluate it for licensing or whatever. I am nowhere close to getting enough listeners to hit the payment threshold.

I also kind of feel like it's more important for me to prioritize the audience that gives a shit about paying for my music than to worry about the abstract thought of "what if a song of mine goes viral." I've had exactly one song go viral-ish and it was on SoundCloud where virality and its half a million listens made no difference.
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Re: Bandcamp's implosion and some alternatives

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apparently i had some song go "viral" on tiktok but i don't use it so i had no idea (2600+ plays). nothing compared to half a million...
but you only get paid once no matter how many plays there are.
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