Square States

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Square States

Postby Pigfarmer Jr » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:55 pm

Square States
Pigfarmer Jr

What's with these borders they keep drawing on the map?
What do they have against straight lines?
Don't give a damn about the color of their flags
Just trying to find some peace of mind

I don't wanna live in a state with arbitrary borders
I want them all to be nice and neat
I want to move some place that's just a little warmer
You know I don't mind a little heat

Moving to a square state, square state x4 ish

Republicans and democrats can both come kiss my ass
They can kiss the brown part in the middle
They can both come suck my dick, that's no alternative fact
Then they can eat a bullet from my pistol

Moving from a square state, square state x4 ish
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Re: Square States

Postby neutronflow » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:36 am

Square states
- Tim Hinkle

Square states an unmovable assertion
never wavering, immobile in the face of opposition

Triangle interjects to disrupt a static view
pointed questions digging furrows in the mortar of tradition

Pentagon and Octagram, Crescent, Cross, and Star
we’re all pegs looking for spaces that accept the shape we are

Circle sings us round together
won't let us be parted ever
rolling back again forever

no matter what shape we're in
day dawns anew, we start again
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Re: Square States

Postby lichenthroat » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:01 pm

Square States
by Sparetooth

We drove out of Laramie
With the rodeo cashbox.
Bought a crowbar in Sinclair
To break off the lock.
Stuffed fourteen grand in Donna’s purse
At our motel in Rock Springs.
Couple hours of fitful sleep
On broken down box springs.

Now we’re living on the lamb,
Driving through the square states
In a yellow van.

Headed down to Gunnison
To put some miles behind us.
Swapped the van for a pickup truck
So nobody would find us.
I tried to grow a beard,
And Donna dyed her hair black.
Never stayed put long enough
To even fully unpack.

Now we’re looking for a place
Somewhere in the square states
To end this chase.

We holed up in Telluride
When snowflakes started falling.
Tried to make a couple of friends,
But they found us appalling.
I woke up on Christmas Eve,
And Donna wasn’t there.
Took the money, took the truck,
Left me just a prayer.

Well, she’s out on her own,
Leaving the square states,
Leaving me alone.
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Re: Square States

Postby vowlvom » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:22 am

Square States
Vom Vorton

there are red states
there are blue states
there are old states
there are new states
there are big states
there are small states
there are short states
there are tall states

and every one is special
but I just don’t seem to care
about those square states
those square states

there are left states
there are right states
there are dark states
there are light states
there are cat states
there are dog states
there are toad states
there are frog states

and every one is unique
but I just don’t seem to care
about those square states
those square states

there are loud states
there is violence
and quiet states
full of silence
there are hot states
people sweating
there are cold states
worth forgetting
there are rich states
full of money
there are poor states
but they still get sunny
there are round states
slightly boring
but only square states
are worth ignoring

because every one is special
but I just don’t seem to care
about those square states
those square states
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Re: Square States

Postby Paco Del Stinko » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:37 am

Square States - Paco del Stinko

Don't spill my milk when I'm on the hayride
My pinball might tilt and my hanger won't glide

And I state unto thee (It's ok to be square)
It's just one side plus three
Yeah baby that's me

Reflections at church and tv on the couch
The ladies go first when I let them out
And I always let them out

It's ok to be corny or even a nerd
It's not always about being cool
Well maybe I'm boring but maybe you haven't you heard
Just 'cos I'm a square doesn't make me a fool

Let's play Parchesi and go for a stroll
And if somebody sees me well I hope it'sa nobody I know

Johnny O (R.I.P.) he once told me so
Take two Ls and one-eighty by one half don't ya know
But where is he now? (He's long gone)
I will forever speak in his name

It's ok to be corny and if I dare
It's ok to be square
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Re: Square States

Postby ken » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:59 am

Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff - Square States

Can you see both sides
To understand the issues
That affect our lives
Don’t let the news confuse you

Are you getting by
Or are finally thriving
Politicians lie
leave the masses dying

A sign of the times
Is we’ve lost civility
Replaced being nice
With overt hostility

Look at the square states and how they vote
Look at the square states and who they hate the most

C# E A B
Headlines don’t tell you the whole story
Fake news in all its glory
Don’t trust one man’s opinion
Don’t be a thoughtless citizen
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Re: Square States

Postby jb » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:39 pm

Square States - by John Benjamin

A hundred thousand square states
I barely made it through
A hundred thousand square states
Until I got to you

I remember marching band,
so much marching band
Played cello long before it was cool,
if that was ever true

Broke the local record on
Atari Asteroids
Argued every nuance of
robots vs. droids

I thought Weird Al was
the best there’d ever been
Whenever I was thinking
I’d mutter “COM-PUT-ING”

A hundred thousand square states
I barely made it through
A hundred thousand square states
Until I got to you

Are you happy? If you’re happy,
Don’t go counting your forks
There can be no regrets
There can be no regrets
That’s not how the universe works.

A hundred thousand square states
I barely made it through
A hundred thousand square states
Until I got to you

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