Cavedwellers/Mandibles tonight in Brooklyn

Set up live gigs with each other, announce gigs you're playing around the country or whatever, talk about how the show went, post links to recordings, etc.
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Cavedwellers/Mandibles tonight in Brooklyn

Post by truth »

Ok, it’s last minute, and it’s not really a full fledged gig, but nonetheless for the record:

Cavedwellers/Mandibles TONIGHT
Three song mini-set to conclude a comedy show
Muchmore’s NYC
2 Havemeyer St at N 9th
Brooklyn, NY

GLENNNY - guitar, vocals
TRUTH - guitar, vocals
CYBRONICA- bass, vocals
BOB LEWIS - drums

Bob is Truth’s old bandmate in Rackett and is a splendid drummer. Glennny and Truth are Cavedwellers (when not Megalodon). Truth and Cybronica are (currently) Mandibles. There will be a Cavedweller song, a Yardley Social Scene song, and a Mandibles song in the mini-set.
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Re: Cavedwellers/Mandibles tonight in Brooklyn

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i would just like to remind everyone that Ken eats kittens - blue lang
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Re: Cavedwellers/Mandibles tonight in Brooklyn

Post by BoffoYux »

Wish I was in Brooklyn to catch the set. Good luck!
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