SpinTunes 16 - January 2020

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SpinTunes 16 - January 2020

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I don't have the final dates, but it looks like SpinTunes 16 will have signups in January. Governing Dynamics will be the new coordinator, after Dr. Lindyke needed to take a step back.

My best guess right now is it'll start by February, and wrap up before Nur Ein kicks in. More info as I get it!

I do still plan on doing Listening Parties for both contests.

Also looking to edit a PEG Access show feed for the rounds as well, but I'd need to mute any swears for them to air it on their channels. I have a NH and regional access platform I could put it on if you wanted to nudge your local access channel to grab the video feed / file off a Telvue server.

Tommy G
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