F*** You, Motherf***er (It's Christmas)

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F*** You, Motherf***er (It's Christmas)

Post by jb »

In 2002 I answered a non-songfight song challenge to write a song called "Fuck You, Motherfucker". I think only myself and Brick Pig made songs-- mine happened to be a Christmas song.

In 2009, Brad Sucks covered the song. Every year he reposts it, in hopes of creating a timeless viral classic.

It's super catchy and fun, while also incredibly sarcastic and pessimistic and snide. We hope you and all of your loved ones enjoy singing this around the hearth this yuletide season.

blippity blop ya don’t stop heyyyyyyyyy
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Re: F*** You, Motherf***er (It's Christmas)

Post by irwin »

Fuck you.

And also, happy holidays to you and yours.

I declare this the official SongFight! holiday greetings thread.
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Re: F*** You, Motherf***er (It's Christmas)

Post by Pigfarmer Jr »

Damn, that's catchy.
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