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'Today's The Day' cover information

Post by BoffoYux » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:10 pm

There was a question about 'Today's the Day' at the Listening Party - basically 'What's the deal with this song?'
Here's the website for links to the 40+ covers of the original so far - http://todaysthedaycovers.blogspot.com/

And my long winded explanation - 10 years ago, the creator of the song, Inverse T. Clown, asked people if they'd like to cover it in the 'Too Much Awesome' forums over at Ning. Edric Haleen was the first to try, and it started the ball rolling.

When Travis started SpinTunes, the concept wrapped over to the Listening Parties. To get your song played, you needed to compete in that round's challenge, write a shadow song, or do a cover of this ITC classic. He primed the pump by donating to artists if they had a Kickstarter that offered cover tunes as a reward by sponsoring them if they did their own version of TDD. It's grown considerably in the meantime.

Inverse T. Clown still occasionally creates music, but mainly does video production these days under various nom de plumes, but TDD still is a classic that's been tied to so many artists that it's kind of a right of passage for SpinTunes contestants.

I'll post a few below, but you can check out the web site for the entire batch in so many different genres.

Crimson Apple

The Doubleclicks

Jeff MacDougall

Glenn Case
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