No Heads Just Talking (Nearly Burned the House Down Reviews)

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No Heads Just Talking (Nearly Burned the House Down Reviews)

Post by mkilly »

aaaaaaaand scene.
One, two, cha-cha-cha.
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Post by diode »

State Shirt - The synths are rocking, good singing, good production. Nice guitar solo! Vote. we should play in a band together.

Pigpen - Liked the intro but couldn't get into the rhyming.

Liechty - please don't rap

Bell green - Good production. I can't really get into the vocals. The lead acoustic is way too loud and turns me off.

astrolamb - reminds me of the ghetto garage boombox recordings me and my friends used to make in high school

An all christian america - way to much homestarrunner influence

Wreckdom - Q:does this qualify as a song A:no

:state shirt basically rocked ass this week
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Post by Jim of Seattle »

Expectations: Looking at this list, it looks like a clean win for State Shirt is in the making, unless AACA or Pigpen bring the big debuts.

An All Christian America

That lead vocalist takes some getting used to, but I think he's actually sort of cool. It doesn't help to have this super lo-fi sound (is it mono?), and the vocal gets boring after a while. This is okay, but not my cup of tea.

Bell Green
This has a nice groovy groove. I think the verse is too repetitious, and there's never much of a musical change to give any variety, so it ends up all sounding the same. The song sounds like it wants to open up, but instead it stays at that low energy level.

Sort of cool. I like that pad patch you're using, and I like the soundscape in general. I found myself not really listening to the rap.

Rap isn't my thing. Let someone else tell you if this is good or not. I defer. But I don't really care for it.

State Shirt
There's no contest this fight. I'm not super crazy about this song. It's a little lacking in your usual startling sound, somewhat tired sounding. Reminds me of U2. But it's very good, and head and shoulders above everything else in this fight. Don't even bother checking in next Monday. This is the winner by a mile.

I don't get this. The preacher doesn't sound enough like a preacher to make the parody play for me. And I don't get the point of the whole thing.
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Post by Liechty »


an all christian america - shit

astrolamb - watered down in a badass way. i love those barely making it through the cracks vocals. also its good with those wavering wiggles in those vox. good, but not a vote. lacks a fullness that im sure you understand... its drenched man. (probably to put the fire out).

bell green - unneccesary laughs segway into creative guitar riffs. slap some reverb on that acoustic solo next time. "house is not a home" <--- worst lyric of all time. uninspired to a point where it sounds like you were just ad-libbing... isnt doing it for me. even those groans sound like a one-take/improvised thing. eh. instrumentation is better than vocals. too repetitive in that sense.

liechty - man that beat rules haha owls rule.

PIGPEN - HOLY SHIT YOU WIN MY VOTE IMMEDIATELY FOR SAMPLING MOONSIDE. man that is my favorite game ever. you tapped into my brain dude. i dont care if your flowing sucks. that sample is the best idea ever. you get the vote. shit moonside, best moment in any game ever, you made my day.

state shirt - great production (vocals a little nasal). haha "house down". please tell me you love tripping daisy, cause you remind me of them, one of my fav bands. would have gotten the vote 'cept for the badass moonside sample idea. its almost unfair when you compete <---- you guys = too good. one complaint, lyrics/solo was unimaginative.

wreckDOM - i listened to some of your earlier stuff today. you have "improved" i suppose. i still don't "get it". eh, i dont really get into music that you can't really listen to more than once. all of your stuff seems like album filler material: just go with that schtick, release an album called filler.

NOTE : when i try to DL my song off songfight it only goes about halfway then wont download anymore - is anyone else having this problem? does anyone care to hear the rest of my song? why am i not asleep? come to porchfest sunday - i am djing. czech it.
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Post by Eric Y. »

anallchristianamerica - haha it says "anal"

astrolamb - click for review (third place).

bell green - i like how the music sounds all nice and pretty and stuff and there is this evil electronic synth stuff that overpowers it here and there. like the vocals a bunch too, great song all around. very strong second place showing.

liechty - i like the pitch shifty guitar thing in the intro, you should've gone somewhere with that. after that, the music is listenable for the most part, but the talking is absolutely horrid.

pigpen - not the worst rapping attempt i have heard. today. but pretty sub-par, anyway.

state shirt - wow this started out and it's all full of energy and that bouncy sequencer thing and grabbed my attention and was all like HEY LISTEN TO ME HELLO I AM HERE VOTE FOR ME! and i feel obliged to obey.

wreckdom - the organ and the miscellaneous-synthesised-ethnic-stringed-instrument-sounding-thing parts were pretty decent, the fuzzy guitar a little bit less so. i kinda started zoning out halfway through, and lost track of the story. need to listen again to figure out what you are talking about, but for the most part, this wasn't all that entertaining.
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Post by Poor June »

anallchristianamerica: ehhh wasn't even worth typin' out the name... atleast the fart at the end fit the overall feel

astrolamb: oh i really dig the beginnin' stuff... i'm not sure about the vox... sounds real 80's... which is cool... i just have never been big on that vocallin' stylin'...
like the music quite a bit at points... (liked the faster strummin... i felt a solo could've been there)... tops

bellgreen: pretty cool... i like the sounds goin' on... not sure about how it started out with the title... but it's cool... i like the guitar riffin'... simple but effective (could've been brought down a lil' bit in the mix to mix better with the other guitar) all and all it was really well put together... sounds like somethin' that could easily be professional... not sure about the lyrics but i guess it's just the title haha... this is goin' for tops pos. vote unless somethin' blows me away

leichty: it has some pretty good stuff goin'on... not really my thing... but at the sametime it wasn't bad at all for what it's goin for...

pigpen: the vox are too low to understand... sound like you could rap pretty good... just need to raise vox a bit... and it'll be nice... (cause as it is... i have no clue what you're sayin'...) keep it up...

stateshirt: awesome intro so far... i saw this name on here... and i knew it was goin' be an awesome song...
some really good stuff... this is gettin' my vote... good stuff tops... vote...

wreckdom: hahahaha... i don't know... this is pretty interestin'... not enough for vote or nothin'... but it was worth the listen just to see what you were sayin' haha... some interestin' stuff...

top 5
5.pigpen (you tried that's what counts)

congrats to stateshirt... much respect to all \m/
"You haven't been really bad in a long time." - jim of seattle

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Post by PiGPEN »

my mic i wouldve raised the levels anymore it woulda gone all fuzzy. Next time i'll just yell into the stupid thing -_-". And if you cant tell what im saying (most if not all of you) i posted the lyrics in the Lyric Archive.

And all fits.
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Post by joshw »

K, resisting the urge to just assume that State Shirt is going to win this one.. must resist... must listen... must review...

Scoring Key: (Production, Performance, Song)

An All Ch... whatever (lame)


Astrolamb (6, 7, 7)

Welcome back, Jello! ;-) This is pretty good overall. I'm not all that much into this genre, but the verses are okay and the chorus is quite good. The little descending riff is excellent. It does seem to go on a bit long. The main riff (the intro one) starts to get old first. Nice false ending. Shave a minute or so from this and you've got a good song. The production is rough, but you know that, I'm sure. Great downslide guitar part at the end.

Bell Green (7, 7, 6)

The production on this is almost great. Big minus points for plugged in guitars. The way the sound effects wrap all around the stereo spectrum is great. I like the creepy guitar riff, though it could use more variation. I'm getting a little disinterested by the 2:15 mark. The solo guitar would be better not being there - the tone is quite bad from being plugged in, it doesn't really add anything, and it's too loud. The repeated verse would also be better not there. You've got the elements of a good song, but you need to replace some of the repeated parts with new parts to add interest before it really tickles me. Fadeout? Ick. ;-)

Liechty (7, 5, 6)

The intro goes on a little too long. Once the music comes in, the music is cool, but the rap part doesn't do anything for me. The drums that come in at :51 are great. I like what you're saying, I just hate the delivery of it. Nice scratching. Some musical variation would help, too, but it's short enough to be ok without it.

Pigpen (7, 4, 5)

More rapping that shouldn't be. You sound tired. The music is kinda interesting, though. By the end, I'm bored.

State Shirt (9, 9, 9)

Ouch. I hurt. From being rocked so hard. Great wall of sound. Awesome instrumentation and harmonies. Awesome pre-verse breakdown. Great verse, great chorus. The mix might be a little oversquashed, and it seems like the high frequencies are concentrated in the right speaker (try moving the high-hat to the left) but I'm quibbling. How'd you do these drums, are they real? The toms sound unreal. I love how you're somehow to squeeze even more energy into the last chorus. Christ on toast. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard on SongFight. You'll get my vote unless Wreckdom... well.. you'll get my vote. :)

Wreckdom (7, n/a, 5)

Better Wreckdom than average. But you are most definitely not State Shirt.

Hmmm.. let me see here... will this be the first fight where 100% of the vote goes to a single song?
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Song comments.

Post by astrolamb »

An All Christian America - Awesome. I will not place last.

Astrolamb - More brilliance from the greatest one-man rock band that I was ever a member of.

Bell Green - This is nice. I'm not a big fan of the electronica noises and such but that's a personal preference issue and I don't think it really detracts from this song as much as it does in others. This one grows on me the more I listen to it which places it firmly in the 'good music' category for me.

Joseph Liechty - Don't listen to people who tell you not to rap. The noises at the intro are good. I like the graininess of the beat - reminds of Cypress Hill. I also like the scratching bits. The vocals lack much emotion though. I wanna know you feeeeel this - for me the lyrics and vocal delivery comprise 101% of hip-hop.

Pigpen - More rap. Cool. Except I'm not big on thug rap which it sounds like you going for. With some better delivery and better production this could be good - I do like the way you tell a whole story, I just don't like the story you're telling.

State Shirt - Really good. No comment really. This week I'm voting for me because I think that will make one vote - but if I wasn't me I'd vote for you.

Wreckdom - Kind of reminds of something you might find on track 69 of a tool album. Except without the carrots. Cool.
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Post by Caravan Ray »

Wreckdom: This was pretty good. Not a bad way to spend 2 and a bit minutes – but it didn’t reach any great heights. Parts of it brought genuine chuckles.

StateShirt: Starts like Cheap Trick, moves through a bit of Simple Minds to finally settle down into mid-80’s U2 territory. Unfortunately to me it doesn’t sound retro – just dated. It’s a fine song – well written and very well recorded – if you were going for a U2 sound, I think you’ve really nailed it. Just not working for me sorry (I’ve never liked U2 much either).

Astrolamb: I like this. Cool guitars, great vocals, good song. Muddy – but who cares. I like this a lot. I sort of reminds me of the very early Joy Division stuff (ie. the stuff they recorded as “Warsaw”).

Bell Green: There’s a lot to like here. Nice guitar, good groove. Lead guitar bits throughout the song are good (although possibly slightly out of tune?). Possibly slightly too much repetition, and the lyrics are a bit of a turn off.

Pigpen: Not bad. Like the music – vocals a bit weak. Bit move volume to vox and a bit more energy in the performance and I think this would be pretty good.

Anal Christian America: You don’t really expect a review do you?

Leichty: Like the voice but the backing music is a bit dull. Better beats and more variation in the backing and this could be pretty good.

All pretty good stuff here (except for one).
Standout for me was Astrolamb - you get my vote.
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Post by Denyer »

An All Christian America - you guys are racist and you suck.

Astrolamb - I can barely hear anything in here, and that's good somehow. It'd work better if it ends for good the first time, since nothing new is in the next part.

Bell Green - Seems a bit repetitive, but I'm not listening very hard. I have to turn the volume up and the bass down to even hear what you're saying.

Liechty - Would be better without the vocals. I like the scratching.

PiGPEN - If you can't turn the vocals up, maybe you could just stop whispering and actually rap. The rapping is ok, but it could use some emotion. It gets better between 1:00 and 1:30. Beat is ok.

State Shirt - Sounds like those guys I can't remember the name of. Everyone else said U2 so I'll go with that, even though I'm pretty sure it's not them. I can see the connection though. This keeps my interest for four and a half minutes when some songs on here can't for two, so it can't be bad.

WreckdoM - "It's important not to burn the house down" rofl. I like this I guess.

I think my speakers are only at about 40% health and that will probably effect the way I hear these songs. I could have voted without listening.

ps I suck at reviews and this is why I never do them.
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Post by Mogosagatai »

<b>PiGPEN:</b> As much as I dislike your rapping, you at least have a semblance of attitude. The beat/music is really weird and cool, and could make a pretty nifty rap song with a good rapper. Your voice is too conversational and withheld.

<b>State Shirt:</b> I love the "burn the house down" part, with its intensity and pulsing and whatnot. The part that comes after that (the mellow part) is also very nifty. I'm pretty bored by the part before the crazy sixteenth-note hi-hat comes in, though, and it happens twice. Cut that out (or give it a less monotonous tune), and this'll be a whole lot better.

<b>Bell Green:</b> The vocals are a little muddled and dull--this needs more Brother-Machinish vocals, which are much more vibrant and full of soul. The guitar strumming ain't half bad. I'd prefer a less robotic hi-hat. In general, this is okay, but also kinda generic and boring.

<b>Astrolamb:</b> Guitar and drums need to be a ton louder, keeping the vocals not much louder. This has a lot of potential to rock, but sorta bad production is really keeping it at bay.

<b>An All Christian America:</b> Craptastic.

<b>Liechty:</b> I was initially taken aback by what I thought was the suckiness of this song, but then I realized that it was the weirdness that took me aback, and that the weirdness was good. Those violins are pretty darn cool. The rapping would be better if it was a lot crisper--like, instead of layering it with a lowered version of it, you could've used a <i>highered</i> (not a real word) version. Or not double layered it, and just added reverb or something. It just sounds too muffled.

<b>WreckdoM:</b> By far the most entertaining song in this fight. "Ain't no nearly for the dearly. <i>You</i> are the dearly." You win.

1. <b>WreckdoM</b>
2. <b>Liechty</b>
3. <b>State Shirt</b>
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# 3

Post by Gemini6Ice »

I listen, save, then vote. I have no musical education. Commence.

An All Christian American - Good Emu. Too short. Will probably appear on my alarm clock. Saved.

Astro Lamb- Your vocal quality / style in this sounds identical to it in Big Disco. Mix it up a little. ;) Saved.

Bell Green- Wow. You actually did more with the title than just repeating it over and over. Good job. I enjoyed the evil laughter. Saved.

Liechty- I enjoyed it until the rappers from Krypton started.

Pigpen- Nice voice. Rap has to be more "song" than "speech" in order for me to enjoy it though.

State Shirt- This may be genre--I accidentally typed gender at first"-- bias, but I really enjoyed your song. As with many songs on SF, unfortunately, I had trouble understanding the lyrics. ENUNCIATE, people! Saved.

WreckdoM- Um... I found your I'm With Steve Now clip to be hilarious... But this one didn't hold my attention beyond the first minute.
Bell Green
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The votes from the Bell Green jury

Post by Bell Green »

Thanks for all the reviews - keep 'em coming. Well, about time I did some. I always dread doing reviews, but love reading them. So, here goes. Shall I explain my review method? Nah.

An All Christian America- are you by any chance related to Lightning Ear Fart. Short, sweet and to the point. But what is the point? Come on, tell us what you think of the other entries. Did like the growly voice.

Astrolamb- I like this one. Great intro. The mix is a bit muffled, but kinda sounds like a bootleg or something. Is this "prog rock"? I used to listen to Uriah Heep a long time ago and it has that kind of feel. I'd leave that bit out at the end . . . less is more. Listen again? Yeah, go on then. Could do with an organ solo. Can you put your lyrics in the archive?

Bell Green- Nearly put the chorus in. Where the fuck is that chorus? Look, I haven't done a songfight for ages, so I thought what the fuck, just knock something together, have some fun and don't worry about it. It's about some mad fucker trying to kill himself, but not succeeding. Not bad I suppose.

Liechty- Those beats could be a bit more dope and upfront. Has a very film soundtrack kind of vibe to it. Nice scratching. Have you heard of Yonderboi? You'd like it, I reckon. Like the pause, it works. I would go without the effect on the voice. I can hear some sort of Indian classical female vocal in my head as a backing vocal of course.

PiGPEN- Close encounters of the third kind or what. Very confused sound. There is no theme really establishing itself here. You don't sound like you're really into arson. I want to hear that.

State Shirt- Well, you've been getting glowing reviews from all the others and I will echo that. Great production, good song construction, excellent performance. What the fuck doing on Songfight? Get yourself signed! Did you really do this in a week? Come on now, no porkies.

WreckdoM- I can't listen to you guys without thinking "My buns are nicely toasted", but I do try. See what an impression you've made! Anyway, this song. Make more of that drawbar organ sound. I can hear it bursting into an "altogether now" with a big gospel choir sound, hand clapping and all that. I can hear that "praise the lord" tone in the preacher's voice now and again, but it's not convincing enough. You should have got a real preacher man to do it, and if he wouldn't, then you should have threatened to burn his house down.

So, the douze points goes to Astrolamb.
so . . . when was the last time you backed up?
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Post by Tony Asbestos »

Nearly Burned the house Down Reviews

Liechty- The intro noises are interesting. Probably not you on the violin. OK, now this part is early Beck collaborating with the Verve. Pretty amusing. B

Bell Green- Kind of a lot of the same thing. The solo is a nice distraction. But then you do the same solo again. A lot of icing with a little cake. Some of the gurgling sounds are cool. I am not buying the pyro lyrical theme. C+

Astrolamb- Guitars and drum machines don't sit together well in my book. The descending riff is proper. Vocals should be a little more crazed with the subject matter. Altar of rock. Yet another verse with little variation. Will there be a bridge or solo, some sort of variation? It did stop and start again, that's a little variation. C

WreckdoM- This is kind of funny. Apparently the preacher bit is more than an introduction. The preacher voice is good- you should have more different voices for the congregation. It's not exactly a song, but who cares. B-

State Shirt- Pretty good and sweeping off the bat. Obviously some work went into this. The mix works for me and there is some good dynamic variation. The choruses are very majestic and I like that one chord change. This is good stuff. A

An All Christian America- This, however, is not good stuff. Yes, I really am listening to this. This better not be someone like TV's Kyle who sends in a crappy song and then gets his buddies to vote for it and pulls out a fluke win. In any case, you receive an F+. The + is because it's mercifully short.

PiGPEN- Yes, there is only one Marshall Mathers. And it isn't Mr. McKernan. D
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Post by Liechty »

now this part is early Beck
hoped someone picked that out.
in fact the opening guitar blurt is from a beck song - 3 points to the correct identifier.
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Re: The votes from the Bell Green jury

Post by astrolamb »

Bell Green wrote:Can you put your lyrics in the archive?
Done. I had no idea there was a lyrics archive. I'll have to write better lyrics from now on!
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Post by frankie big face »

AACA - .

Astrolamb - Sounds like a song I might find around track 8 on a CD I'm taking to the local buy and sell shop. The fakeout ending would be awesome for someone who likes the song a lot.

Bell Green - Nice groove and decent performance, but the song goes nowhere. It's a flatliner. Even as background music, I was waiting for something to happen or for it to end and that's never good. Okay, though.

Liechty - Clear your throat, dude. About a minute into this, I suddenly started liking it. I can't explain it.

PiGPEN - Gross! On so many levels!! The last line is awesome.

State Shirt - Very good as usual. I can't say I love it, but you know, it rocks, you're an awesome singer, etc.

WreckdoM - I didn't hate this.

Weak fight. State Shirt gets my vote.
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Post by Eric Y. »

New Music.
There is a new State Shirt song and it's posted over at Every week songfighters write a song and fight for the most votes. Vote for my song and help State fight with music. There is no prize, just fun.
man that isn't very cool ... not even "listen to all the songs while you are there and vote for mine if you think it is the best."...
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Post by joshw »

tviyh wrote:
New Music.
There is a new State Shirt song and it's posted over at Every week songfighters write a song and fight for the most votes. Vote for my song and help State fight with music. There is no prize, just fun.
man that isn't very cool ... not even "listen to all the songs while you are there and vote for mine if you think it is the best."...
Wow.. apparently he wants to win by 100 votes instead of 50.
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Post by j$ »

Some short reviews. IMO. Written as I listen.

AACA – no.

Wreckdom - Religion is an easy target, I guess. But doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tackled. Nicely done, getting a bit itchy for something new around 1.12.

Bell Green – hey progrocktronica! Cool. The oscillator thingy is a just a tad too loud (like 5%) when it’s in full flow, but other than that I like the production. Voice is good, although the Brit in me winces at the use of ‘gasoline’ :) – just a personal thing. A little long but that’s very cool in overall impact.

PIGPEN – I like the sound of your voice. The ‘lazy’ electronic background draws attention to the vocals, so you could probably get away with turning them right up. Not bad, but in the experimentica field, I personally prefer Wreckdom’s. It’s maybe not as subtle as yours, but subtlety is not always a good thing (in that I started getting bored around 0:50, twenty seconds earlier than I did with theirs!)

Astrolamb - Nice keyboard. The backing track sounds like it’s drum bass and guitar mixed into one track. Oh, add vocals to that! If that is the case you could try spreading them round the stereo a bit. (i.e. same track left, centre and right) to give it some more depth. Good tune. Recording issues which I know you recognise so I won’t hold it against you. Punk is good. Has a nice bootleg feel to it. Not at all bad but having said I wouldn’t judge production, it makes listening to it beyond about 40 seconds a challenge that the song doesn’t deserve.

Liechty - I’d halve the intro and use the other half as a bridge breakdown later in the song. The vocal is a bit too loud. Other than that is sounds not too disimiliar to a couple of tracks on Air’s Virgin Suicides soundtrack. A curio, but quite an entertaining one. Maybe the vocal isn’t too loud, but the overall mix is? A good groove you’ve got. But that vocal (or mix) issue is spoiling it for me a little.

Stateshirt – I have expectations as I click play. Generally a great sound, but too much going on, is what I expect. We shall see. When dial-up buffering completes its thang, that is. Hear we go. Great intro! Oh, the vocals coming in on top of it is cool. I was expecting a dropdown. Furious & frantic is sexy. Something gothy about this. There’s the drop down I was expecting (at 0:40ish) – yeah, overall good. Not really kicking me in the balls lyrically, but musically great. With real drums this could be radiohead-y or sumfink.

Hmmmm, Stateshirt or Bell Green are the only ones that stand out on first listen…
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Post by stateshirt »

tviyh wrote:
blah blah
man that isn't very cool ... not even "listen to all the songs while you are there and vote for mine if you think it is the best."...
Yeah, after I sent out the email I realized that I should've re-worded it. I really just want to have people check out Songfight.
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