Never heard of a stueym (No Relation reviews)

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Never heard of a stueym (No Relation reviews)

Post by Bjam »

Who the hell is he?
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Post by ken »

I'm gonna have to go with Paco Del Stinko or the Seamus Collective on this one.
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No Relation - Reviews

Post by Paco Del Stinko »

I thought that this fight was a lttle 'tidier' than the first two.

Abominominous - Great fun - I like the lyrics and their message. Great playing, structure. The energy in this, and your others, comes across well.

Al Gore Band - I like this - maybe not every day like this, but I do. The 2nd verse doesn't come across as strikingly as the first when it comes in after the chorus. Good instrumentation and placements/mix.

E Equals - Some good lines. I enjoyed the slide into and out of the vocal sections. Is that a murmering crowd? This could be the direct feed off of your mega-phone.

Fish Sausage - Nice. Great mood, instrumention and arrangement. The voice is nice, maybe needs a splash of 'verb, but good job at capturing the longing from the lyrics.

Hostess Mostess - Cool. Good playing and feel, good singing. I like the changes - this could soar if it wanted to, but instead patiently remains on ground.

King Arthur - Nice. Love the chorus and out to verse area. Nice tasty guitar accents doing just the right things. The pacing is good: tempo, lyrics, phrasing. Nice hint of bittersweet.

Paco - I thought the lyrics were OK, for me, but that voice-UGH!

Pumpkin Buzzard - Like a ride on one of those mine shaft coal cars in the
movies. The chorus riff is great and I like the moody middle part tool. I like this a lot.

Seamus Collective - This is great. The different vocals are cool, good lyrics, but I am diging the dopey but not sick rhythm, bass, loops and love the clavey thing. The dark vocal hook is especially cool too.

UDAHL - Bit stiff, but I like the main chords muchly. A perhaps stereotypical double time ending might be fun!

WreckdoM - A vivid theme. I love this - I could be one of the robotic minions blindly marching towards oblivion as long as ribbons of color continued to stream out of my cranial orifaces.

Zipline - Some good feel here in a take its time jam. Reign in the vocal ideas and loosen some corners while tightening others - even better!

My non-self vote will be cast prior to the deadline. Thanks for all the music!
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Post by king_arthur »


Okay, yeah, like I said a couple fights ago, I was waiting
for one from you where the lyrics grab me, and this is the
one! Some strange phrasing in there, but it's consistently
strange throughout the song, and the chorus is great. This
I dig - keeper!

Al Gore Band:

mmm... no thanks, not my thing...

E Equals:

Some strong lyrics there, but the lack of presentation
here distracts from the message, for me...

Fish Sausage:

Keeper for me, 'cause I'm willing to accept MIDIfied everything
as music... I like the voice and the melody, reminds me of
Twin Peaks. Seems to cut off very abruptly at the end; if
you have a way of editing such things, try fading the sounds
and then adding about 1.5 seconds of silence at the end...
nice lyric.

Hostess Mostess:

Ooh, yeah, nice to hear some good guitar tone in this fight.
Are you going to be posting your lyrics? (no problem hearing
them, I just think there's enough to them that it'd be good to
be able to read them while listening). This works really well.
Also nice to hear a full-length song... these fights seem to
have spawned a lot of minute and a half sketches, nice to hear
something fully developed.


If this was something I'd come up with for a one-song week,
I might well have decided at the last minute not to submit
it at all... the lead guitar was a last-minute addition to
try to make it a bit more interesting. And I like it myself
as a song, I just don't expect it to do very well here...
hmm, this could use a bit more high end, couldn't it?

Paco del Stinko:

Keeper. You grabbed me from the first line, and the story
line kept me hooked to the end... the brother talking about
the girl being "no relation" has some implications that take
the story in a maybe somewhat unintended direction, but the
song works.

Pumpkin Buzzard:

Ya know what? Keeper. Despite whatever genre bias I might
have against the style, this one stays interesting throughout;
this is one of those songs I'll hang onto 'cause just listening
to it get out of control is such a treat.

Seamus Collective:

Keeper. Another one that overcomes my genre bias by doing a
good job of what it set out to do. The chorus part may show
up two or three times more than it really needs to, but it
sticks in my head, so that's good.


Hooray, one where we can hear the vocals! As I mentioned on
one of your other songs, more bottom end would be good (maybe
Kitten Tikka Masala from the Onomatopoeia fight can loan you
some). Keeper.


Had high hopes for this one based on reading the lyrics, but
the music exceeded my weirdness quotient this time (that's
what you're aiming for, right?). I'm really impressed that
you've managed to come up with an interesting take on all
the different titles, and still be yourselves...


The lead guitar sounds good, very Garcia "space" like, but
it doesn't fit together with the acoustic in the other ear.
Vocal style isn't my cuppa...
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Post by glennny »

Abominominous-Another solid rocker. No complaints. This rocks.

Al Gore Band- Tough to listen to. Not a fan.

Eequals- Is this the guy from Mad TV who acts like a kid? Not really funny to me.

Fishsausage- Sade breathy vocals, nice music. This is great, a contender.

Hostess Mostess- Really good vocals. Too much of that blues riff for my tastes. Good song, I just don't think the riff can hold up the whole musical content of the song. However, very nice playing!

King Arthur- Nice playing, nice recording. Nothing excites me in this track, it sounds very KFOG quality rock, I don't mean to insult you so heavily by calling it quality rock, I've certainly heard some wonderful King Arthur tracks before, this is just well done, but dull to me.

Paco Del Stinko- This is fantastic, not as musically wild as other PDS tracks, but lyrically pretty funny. The acoustic sounds great. Contender.

Pumpkin Buzzard- With better drums this would remind me of Idiot Flesh. This is nice and dark, the drums aren't bad, the whole track is just loose. I likethe ideas a lot however.

Seamus Collective- I have a slight bias towards this track, Ken was working on it, when I showed up for our Semolina Pilchards project. The groove is great! Very entertaining for one listen, can't imagine many multiple listens. Still a contender.

UDAHL-Huge song, small recording, nice drums, nice vox.

Wreckdom- Very cool, too short, love the guitar.

Zipline- This was my entry in this fight. I did the noodly guitar, i was going to sing these scribbles, but Electro Martyr stole my thunder and started singing what was on the music stand. This was wnother exerpt from jam night.

best of Fight? Paco Del Stinko, Abominominous, Fish Sausage, and S Collective. I think Paco just edges over FishSausage for me.
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Post by Treachjuris »

king_arthur wrote: Fish Sausage:
Keeper for me, 'cause I'm willing to accept MIDIfied everything
as music... I like the voice and the melody, reminds me of
Twin Peaks. Seems to cut off very abruptly at the end; if
you have a way of editing such things, try fading the sounds
and then adding about 1.5 seconds of silence at the end...
nice lyric.
Not MIDI but not analogue either. :p - Yeah, was honing prodcution skills this summer, did the fade out/in in chopped up instrument/vocal segments, but apparently, neglecting the intro/endings. Will continue to improve. Thanks so much for the "add the silence" bc yeah, abrupt endings to slower tunes suck. Tried the ritardando ending. Got the retarded one instead. :p
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Post by Treachjuris »

Abominominous - A
Oh, the hotness. Lyrics with meaning. Dig it.

Al Gore Band - A
Oh, my, this is beautiful. Why am I such a sap for the raw, disturbing, off-kilter shit? Up there with sp00n, WreckdoM and Oedipus. Beautiful noise! Girls Gone Wild ending?

Thing/Emily Rose – C+
Eh? – Dori from Finding Nemo goes acapella. Oddly enchanting.

Fish Sausage – B+
Ow. Eep. Dodgy vocals. Stick with the glitchy/noise crap. Nice sax and horns, though. Works up the melody well. Nice wah guitar. Hm. Very lounge lizard-esque. Nice production, though. Keep it up.

Hostess - A
Clean. Again, an awesome tune, you should totally play out. Very comfortable, nice to hear some actual songs remain in the fight. Kevin Bacon. Yeah. Bruce Lee.

King Arthur – A+
*schniff* - Another awesome sadness. Beautiful guitar. A splendid divinity.

Paco del Stinko - A
Ooh – is it true about Ray? Terrific guitar work. Very nicely done. Wow – you have a nice bass tone, when you use it. e.g. – “as I walk away…â€
"Electro-Mindscaping Nightmare music, gets me up and leaves me begging for more" ---sp00n
"If I were a rift in time right now, I would totally have a crush on this song" --- EightLeggedOedipus's friend INTOXICATED
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Post by UDAHL »

Zipline - dinosaur jr jr
Paco del Stinko - cool guitar feel
E Equals - nope, poetry fights next week
The Seamus Collective - (irony optional)
Abominominous - missing heather
Al Gore Band - bone machine
WreckdoM - politically moist
Fish Sausage - dude, how did you teach your dick to sing ?
Hostess Mostess - the main riff is pure puddin'
Pumpkin Buzzard - could be a heavy jam but you gotta tighten it up
UDAHL - embarrassing but near the end of my 3 day recording marathon
so whatever
King Arthur - oh yeah this is nice
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Post by furrypedro »

There seems to be a post deficiency in this thread. To this end...

Abominominous got the swagger. Drumming's a bit ploddy in the verse, redeemed by the confident vocals and lead guitar weeeeEEEEEEE

Al Gore Band: Interesting percussion section. If you could've backed that up with anything more twinkly sounding and in a key (of your choice) that would've been nice. Dirge sound is really Then the percussion does the same thing forever.....oh no it doesn't! okay, you tried but it was too little too late.

E=: It's a bummer listening to this cos it's ALL concept NO execution. Like we're all in your band and you've given us this idea to develop which you thought of and recorded in about 2 minutes at 3am on a wednesday morning that you just had to get down. So
here's what I did with it

Fish Sausage: Ah, this is a bit different to what I've come to expect from you so well done for keeping it unpredictable. This isn't bad, it reminds me of loads of things, it has a bit of a noir-style chicago vibe, but also makes me think of the Smiths, Last Night I dreamt Somebody Loved Me or something, it's probably the time signature. some nice effects too.

Hostess Mostess: some of your pronunciations remind me of Paul Simon, and Sting, hippy era sting, yeah the way you hold some notes is exactly like Sting. Funky, well sung, some nice imagery.

King Arthur: I sometimes hate reviewing your stuff cos it feels like it's fundamentally rooted in a decade before i was born and so it really just sounds like dad-rock to me, which is crap (of me) and I wish I could listen to it in the same way my dad could. Nothing wrong with this, the guitar reminds me a lot of Mark Knopfler in places (not quite as widdly but good tone). The lyrics and music always sit perfectly together. Strong and seamless.

Paco!: I was in the next room while part of this was on and the S's are reeaaalllly loud. Not much to say about it, it's nice and is well done, the harmonies right at the end are excellent. Reminds me of when the bluetones try to go country.

Pumpkin Buzzard: The pace seems too slow for the drums and guitar to follow consistently, like they wanna rock out really fast. I like the Slint vibe in the middle, possibly the best bit of the fight but I'm not into the rest of this song, and the playing is shoddy in places.

Seamus kollectif: Hmm this is interesting, the vocals are super smooth in the chorus. This is so different from what you've done before, ha, yeah go Ross! "I never wanted to be 2pac I wanted to be Dylan" better watch out for drive-by's, judas :lol: . I'm so voting for this

UDAHL: I'm liking your direction so far, seems pretty Fugazi driven to me. I like the short tight songs, not huge on melody but they pack in a lot of dynamics and changes which is great

Wreckdom: This reminds me of early Flaming Lips, Loud hillbilly-ish freak rock. and to an extent Lift To Experience but I think that's a bit of a generous comparison. The wibbles and uber-phase are cool, as are the lyrics.

Zipline: I can see how some would hear this as a bit messy and formless, and I think the guitar gets a little bit carried away, but I like the really subtle changes from the drums and the bass. The guitar adds a good atmosphere. Vocals are a bit painful when they start, that sounds so silly coming from me, but if I think that then other people must do. Cool style, I'd have liked a bit more of a dynamic from the guitar. for Seamus. Pedro has spoken
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Post by Nigel (spOOn) Clements »

Abominominous: Yeah now this has that extra zippy energy that a loat of your stuff needed, (not saying there's anything wrong with your other stuff this week, but its hard making 11 tracks in a week and making them not sound the same) this one stands out just that touch more, if this were off your album I'd recommend this for the single release.

Al Gore Band: I think its cool that you actually got Al Gore to help out on this track, he is such a funny guy, this otherwise isn't.

E Equals: Where have you been girl?? I can so hear this over an Essential Logic beat, with a huge warble over your vox, but apart from that It doesnt stand out enough.

Fish Sausage: Okay, now this has a real genuine beauty to it, I love the way your voice and the backing track allow each other to breathe, there is nothing missing, have you ever seen 'The Wicker Man' this reminds me of the song that was sung by Britt Ekland when she's trying to entice Edward Woodward into her room, but maybe without the celtic drums...

Hostess Mostess: A touch shambolic this time guy, time spacious feel, but it does need to build somewhere to really get that blues from the street feel, you voice is excellent but is wasted rather here, because it's having to do everything.

King Arthur: Is there anything you can't do? I mean really this is just a step up everytime, perfect!

Paco del Stinko: No I'm not gonna sit on this anymore, you are really Furry Pedro's american cousin, this is raher funny, its like Little and Large used to take the piss out of C&W and did it just like this, funny but not everlastingly funny.

Pumpkin Buzzard: Chugs along nicely to begin with, then gets just a bit messy, then chugs again, needs to go somewhere else, though I do love that recorder, its just so apt!

The Seamus Collective: Ooh sweet opening! then drifts into a seamus collective advert, I can see where your going, but it isnt really far enough!

UDAHL: Variations on a theme part...? (did I mention before that you sound like the lead singer from the Frogs?)

WreckdoM: What you guiys have done here this week is make eleven really good album openers or album closers, it would have been nice if you'd done something from the middle, you know something with a bit more substance, but your past record speaks for itself, so i guess you just fancied having a bit of fun this week.

Zipline: I'm never quite sure if your gonna sing or go full on for that super floaty instrumental that you keep promising, either way, this sits firmly in the middle and doesn't really make its mind up quite what it is.
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