TIIIIIIIIIIIIN ROOF... rusted (With a Bang Reviews)

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TIIIIIIIIIIIIN ROOF... rusted (With a Bang Reviews)

Post by erik »

I can't hear you
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Knock a little louder, sugar.
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Post by JonPorobil »

Nice catch!
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I've got me reviews, they're as big as a whale...

Post by TheWilsonHeightsGang »

I'm a tough critic, so I'm sorry for my honesty :)

Jerry Jurkowicz and the New Crusaders:
At first, I was reminded of "The Puff Daddy Blowjob Movement" by the Spinto Band, but once the song actually started, I really started to get into it. I wish that the organ was a little louder. Lyrically, it seems to be all over the place and I can't really follow a theme, but I really like the vocal tone. I'd give it a B+

American Box:
I liked it until the vocals came in, though I do like rhyming "with my wang" with "with a bang"...at least I think that's what you're saying. I'd say...C

Blues Manufacturing Facility:
I always enjoy a good guitar solo, but not always 2 at the same time that are going in different directions. This is a pretty solid effort, though...and I didn't want to turn it off half-way through :) B-

Northside Hindus:
I don't know if I understand the Chevy Chase-style vocal warm-up, but I kinda like [what sounds like] a heavily-reverberated smurf drum set. Sadly, the repeat value for this song is a little low, but I always give a high-five for effort. C

DJ Ralphus:
I realized half-way through that the song had started. It sounds like audio pulled from a science filmstrip from the 60's, but now I'm wondering if it's just altered vocals, in which case I would like it if they were louder so I could hear what they were. By the end, I'm thinking that it's just pulled audio. I'll still give it a B for keeping me guessing.

The Wilson Heights Gang:
This is me...

Adam Adamant:
I really love the band name. It think that this song could be great if it was played by a live band and I could understand the words. I think it's about your hair. B+

Based on the band name, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. The mix sounds good and I like the chorus. Again, I wish I could understand a word or two. B

MC Eric B:
Very clever. I just have to take points off due to the reaggetone. It's what my neighbors blast in the morning. Definitely a very silly song. um....B+

Wreckdom always brings the A-game. Sounds pretty good. I think it definitely needs some bass...maybe another guitar track. A-

Very very good. It's like a mix of Chili Peppers and David Bowie. A

Definitely unique, but I wouldn't say it has very high repeat value for me. Solid B.

I really enjoyed listening to the With A Bangs. It's been a while since I've written anything, but I guess I was uber-inspired this past week and I know that I am up against some solid competition. If I wasn't voting for myself, I'd go with Carpetburn or Wreckdom.
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my reviews

Post by MC Eric B »

Adam Adamant - The vocals are too faint (far away sounding). Overall I like the song though.

American Box - I like the music and the vocals part, but it is to repetitive. The music never changes any, and the vocals don't change much either since it is almost impossible to hear most of what is being said. I still liked it, but it could have been better.

Blues Manufacturing Facility - I like the music, but somehow the vocals sound forced/fake. Maybe it is that the vocals don't seem to be on the same key/notes as the music, although I am pretty tone deaf so I could be wrong about that. As I am writing this, the 2nd verse seems better to me.

Carpetburn - The music is great, and the overall I like the song. The song might be better if the vocals had some production on them, like harmonizing or background singing or doubling up in some places, just to give it more variation.

DJ Ralphus - Vocals are too hard to hear. The music is fine, but the song does not change enough to keep it interesting.

Jerry Jurkowicz and the New Crusaders - Great song. Not sure what it is about, but that does not matter because it is fast moving and the Bob Dylan sound is very professional sounding.

Klownhole - The vocals are a little too muffled to understand, but that gives it a good develish type sound. I enjoyed this, although one listen was enough.

MC Eric B - Musically, I consider this by far the worst of the 24 songs I have submitted to Songfight. I tried to create a reggaeton beat for it, but was not able to, so that kind of ruined it.

Northside Hindus - I don't like the chanting intro, but the rest of the song is good.

Observati - I don't like the start/stop jerky rhythm the song has. Kind of like audio foreplay, without ever getting to the good part. If it could be made into a more regular structured song, it could be very good though.

The Wilson Heights Gang - Great song. I like everything about it.

WreckdoM - I like this song a lot.
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Post by Lunkhead »

I voted for The Wilson Heights Gang. I really enjoyed that song.
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Post by drë »

Lunkhead wrote:I voted for The Wilson Heights Gang. I really enjoyed that song.
So did i. jonbook pro ?... very spinto band like. enjoyable.
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Post by adamadamant »

there was quite a lot of trash this week, but after listening a bit more a few diamonds have emerged from the so-called rough. also please mind my criticisms, i think i am quite a tough critic but equally so on everyone, including myself.

mc eric b - i think you're right, this isn't your best. being honest i don't really go for nerdcore. though as it goes i think it could have been a good example if the music was together.

jerry jurowicz ... - well executed blues, i'm not really feeling any connection to the title, but it's a really fun song.

wreckdom - better than a lot of the entries. it seems quite repetitive, doesn't do much for me. i'm not a fan of the backing vocals, it feels like its there for the sake of it and the no-tone quality brings down the other vocals. i like the bass line, nice harmony in parts. the distortion effect on the drums(?) is too strong and i don't feel it goes with the rest of the song which feels a bit bluesy, it seems like it should be in an electro-dance song. sorry for all the negative crit, this is a good song and as i said, much more listenable than most of the others.

blues manufacturing facility - the guitar riff is nice, and i like the shredding near the end. i feel like this sing needs another instrument, an organ, or stronger vocals to counterpoint the guitar though. it comes across as bland with just the repetitive guitar carrying it.

dj ralphus - i'm afraid it's very hard to carry a song with just drums, even if they are fx'ed to the max. the lyrics are too quiet to be able to hear properly. it might make a good intro to a song but not a song on it's own.

northside hindus - wow, a full song from you guys, it had to come one day i suppose. obviously quite spartan, but it does create a good sense of atmosphere and is strangely hypnotic, probably the never-ending bass-line. not a contender but it's nice to see you trying (a bit). oh and nice guitar at the end (yes i am reviewing as i listen)

carpetburn - i like this song for its energy and the sour guitar feeling. i feel your voice is not really strong or shouty enough though. on closer listen it sounds like there are two guitars but its hard to pick them out, would be nice if they were a bit more prominent.
good though and very competent as usual.

klownhole - "we decided to try going acoustic, unplugged if you will". i was intrigued by this, as it is its very klownholey, or at least as much as i'm familiar with. it sounds pretty competent but i really can't stand this type of stuff. thinking about iron maiden, because i like some of their stuff and it's a similar genre perhaps, the vocals and the main guitar are very similar in range (to each other, not to iron maiden), quite low and bassy, it's like wading through an audio swamp.

americanbox - i was quite excited by the electro groove, but the vocals are tragically messy in comparison. sounds like a thieved loop or something out of one of those expensive boxes with all the flashing lights that pro dance music types probably use, meaning that i'm not sure if i should give you credit for it, if i should then well done because i like that part.

observati - ugh, i feel like a bad person to say it, but i'm really put off by your accent/voice, it's quite high pitched and you sound whiny. racism aside, the song is quite dull, more instruments please, and make them loud enough to hear, it's almost all drums and vocals to my ear.

jonbook pro [edit]aka wilson heights gang it seems[/edit] - a nice mournful number. brilliant use of the xylophone, makes the song 100% nicer than just g&g. you have a good singing voice and it goes very well in this song. some weird crackling in places is a bit annoying but not a deal breaker. really enjoyable.

top marks go to jonbook, carpetburn, wreckdom and jerry. not sure who i will vote for but its between jerry and jon.
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Post by TheWilsonHeightsGang »

Yikes...I edited this song on different software than I'm used to and it id3 tagged my song incorrectly. I guess I'm going to have to look out for that in the future. Sorry for the confusion!
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Post by Meatwad »

adamadamant wrote: klownhole - "we decided to try going acoustic, unplugged if you will". i was intrigued by this, as it is its very klownholey, or at least as much as i'm familiar with. it sounds pretty competent but i really can't stand this type of stuff. thinking about iron maiden, because i like some of their stuff and it's a similar genre perhaps, the vocals and the main guitar are very similar in range (to each other, not to iron maiden), quite low and bassy, it's like wading through an audio swamp.
Any idea how hard it is to make an acoustic guitar and piano sound like that? Real hard. Almost impossible.
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Post by TheWilsonHeightsGang »

no more reviews for this? slacking songfighters!
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Post by furrypedro »

TheWilsonHeightsGang wrote:no more reviews for this? slacking songfighters!
Mine are pending, you can have yours now if ya like. it goes like this so far...

Wilson Heights Gang: This is nice, I can tell it's gonna be a keeper from the opening few lines. It has the melancholy tunefulness of Neutral Milk Hotel and your voice sounds a bit like that dude form the Violent Femmes, so all in all a good sound.
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Post by johnsonic »

Haven't been around these parts in some time, and man... Totally noticed in reviewing. Everything sounded different with a few more years and a good dose of humility behind me...

Love this place, keep it up!

Wow. I like this! Shit man, really. Would like to hear the ball of the thumb on the thunderbroom but it's probably a tendency to primus and old RHCP on my part. This was really tits. Loved it.

I loved the "ya see!." More meat. Awesome arrangements.

Like a breath of fresh air. Love your shit.

DJ Ralphus
Cool phasing stuff.

Northside Hindus
Yeah! So funny. Don't like the arrangement.

Jerry Jurkowiscz
This is one Chief Takahah wrote. I was psyched to be there and get it to bits. We banged it out on a saturday evening, me with copious amounts of whiskey and trying to play bass, him rokking everything else. The lyrics have been in my head all week.

Wilson Heights Gang
The MOOD, man! Like the voice so much. Not so much the clichés. But the MOOD. Shit.

American Box
You got a vibe there! For a minute I'm droppin' crazy rolls. Then someone started rapping. Would love to hear a smooth voice there. And a change. Sounds f-u-n!!!

Adam Adamant
Farfisa! Love it. You have a good voice there... let it out!

Blues Manufacturing Facility
Reminds me of Jon Spencer with digi drums. Go overboard - SCREAM THAT SHIT!

I loves me some Klownhole death metal. A sucker for this shit.

MC Eric B
I can't hear anything. Everywhere you go, there you are! There's some neat subtle shit going on here.

Vote goes to Carpetburn. Holyshit that was so nice.
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Post by Paco Del Stinko »

I made it in time to vote for WreckdoM. Maybe not the best song in the fight, but I dug where it went. Good fight all around though.
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Post by Lord of Oats »

This started out over on the GOM thread, but I decided it was more relevant to this thread, since this deals with the meaning of our entry in this fight.
jeff robertson wrote: This is the sound that I assume "Blues Manufacturing Facility" is shooting for every week. Way to show them how it's done!
When BMF started out, the goal was to sound worse than Blues Train Blues Industry. This proved to be completely impossible. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get that lo-fi, that dissonant, that incoherent, that offensive, or come anywhere near that level of incompetence. The only thing that consistently came through was my somewhat unhealthy obsession with the whole tone scale. After this epiphany, I said, "Let's just try to sound like we're drunk." That was pretty much the M.O. for most of our short career. I can see myself writing an essay on BMF history, but this obviously isn't the place.

But if I may, I'd like to speculate about the future a bit. This Lunkhead track is really great. This is probably a much better thing to shoot for. When the Facility returns to SF, I think I'd like to try pursuing a modern blues-rock sound, instead of avant-garde prog-rock electronic blues from Hell. In the mean time, that's kind of our thing. If you didn't exactly get the point of the With a Bang entry, the lyrics are basically trying to convey that the good people of Song Fight! don't deserve any more of this, at least for now, and the great Blues Train will carry us away to other places, to terrorize unsuspecting crowds of people across the globe.

Though I find it a bit curious that we've actually been getting trickles of votes. Facility members were explicitly prohibited from self-directed voting, so it's actually people from the site. I guess I almost feel bad for whoever likes our work. No one's ever openly admitted to having voted for BMF, but I wouldn't expect anyone to. Come to think of it, same goes for my solo entries. I don't think there's going to be much of an outcry in the coming weeks when we go missing. I don't even see people asking about what happened to the band a year from now. I hear sighs of relief all across the rolling plains of Songfightistan.
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