Home Recording Resources
* = sf.net recommends especially

Sometimes they are hard to find, and Google doesn't show a lot of them when you search.

Mix Magazine  
TapeOp Look under the "bonus articles" link for good stuff.
Sound on Sound British
Electronic Musician  
Computer Music British
Performing Songwriter  
American Songwriter  


Places online from which to buy music gear.

* BPM music They don't list a lot of their prices, but email them if you need something specific. They're usually a *lot* cheaper than everybody else. They'll price-match too if you find a better deal.
Musician's Friend Not the cheapest, but they pretty much have everything you'd want.
Zzounds Also with a large inventory, and they'll also price-match.
8th Street Music  


For songwriting, recording, playing, whatever.

Songfight.net The Song Fight Forums are the place to go to talk about many things, including home recording, songwriting, live performance, etc. Friendly-ish group, always willing to show off their knowledge.
Harmony Central Gear reviews from "normal" people. Take with a grain of salt.
Home Recording Extensive archives, pretty decent signal/noise ratio.
Singer-songwriter.com Sparsely populated.
K - v - R's forums The big ol' software site's got some good forums on it. All about using software to make and record music.
musicianforums.com All things to all people. *shrug*


People who draw and paint real well and might help you out with album covers/t-shirt designs.

Lauren Hale  


Musician Collectives
Groups of musicians that have banded together to form some kind of community.

Dirt Cheap Music  


Online Distributors
Places where you can sign up to sell MP3s and CDs.

* CDBaby They'll sell your cd's for a reasonable price, and get you on itunes and other digital distribution places too!
Magnatune Kind of an online record-label sort of deal. The owner has to like your stuff.
Dollar CD Send them an album of MP3s or WAV files and they'll burn CDs and sell them online for you, for $1 plus shipping. You can buy your own CDs as sort of an easy super-short-run CD replication service. I hear they're not terribly responsive though.


Promotional Sites
Web sites where you can set up a page for a band, with a bio and some mp3s. Mostly horrible slut sites.

Garage Band


CD Duplication/Packaging
Companies that will make your CDs, jewel cases and booklets and such.

Sleeve City Jewel cases and sleeves. Decent prices, and they have stuff like slimline 3-CD cases for a decent price.
Disk Faktory Offer short runs, like 50 CDs, fairly cheap.


Businesses that can print up t-shirts, stickers, and other stuff with your logo.

* Contagious Graphics Check out the "garage sale" t-shirt special



Taxi Pay them to listen to your songs and send them on to A&R people, if they think the songs are good enough.
RIAA Pretty much the Devil right now to most of the public.


Industry Watch
Sites that keep tabs on the music industry.

Sellout Central A blog about industry issues
Coolfer Music industry in NYC
Future of Music Coalition Education about industry issues


Specific information that has proven useful to somebody in the past.

Microphone FAQs A compendium of information taken from the homerecording.com forums, 'cause people got sick of answering the same questions over and over-- the true purpose of a FAQ list after all.


Links that kind of look useful but which we haven't examined thoroughly yet, or which were highly recommended to us by somebody of moderate trustworthiness.

Chord House Find out how to play any chord, on piano or guitar. Pretty nifty. You do need to know what chord you're looking for.
K - v - R An index of music-related software. Only lists stuff that either is a plugin or is capable of using plugins. But that's a lot. Stand-alone software, plugins, banks, patches you name it.
Rhymezone For finding words that end with the same letters.
lyricist.com Lots of links to articles and faqs and such. Looks good, but I haven't checked it out really yet. Could be full of crap.