ONE DOLLAR BOB!!!! (Brand New Car Reviews)

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ONE DOLLAR BOB!!!! (Brand New Car Reviews)

Post by erik »

Have your reviews spayed or neutered
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Post by jack »

it's nice to see that brick pig is alive. :)
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Post by ken »

Exlpino! would like to welcome Puce and Rachel Layne to this week's entry.

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i would just like to remind everyone that Ken eats kittens - blue lang
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Post by Noise Brigade »

there is a ton of artists in this fight. review to come...
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Post by Heather. Redmon. »

Wow! I have listened to everything, so many different styles. Reviews to come sometime this week :!:
jack wrote:heather is the hardest working mom on songfight (in addition to being arguably the rockinist chick....).
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Post by MintyHandy »

Wow. After listening to just a few of these, I hereby vow to stop submitting stuff when I've only got a few hours to work on it. Really, some great stuff in here.

I think it's time to find a singer and recording engineer...hmm.
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Post by HansGruber »

Mee too, Minty. Holy Huge Fight. Had a feeling this was coming with the pre-fight discussion. I'm out this coming week to travel (and I don't feel like working today), so I thought I'd give some early reviews. I'll start with Brand New Car and see how far I get. It looks like a monumental task...

Ross Durand - Nice work. This is a pretty good song. I'm not crazy about the style, or genre, or whatever you call it, but that's just my personal taste and not a criticism. I like the simple rhythm guitar breaks (during the verse) - they keep things moving forward.

Steve Durand (you guys related?) - Interesting. I love the brass. Overall, the recording sounds a bit compressed, I think this would just explode with some good mastering. I'm really enjoying this...oh the horns just keep giving. Nice Buena-Vista-like Cubano ending there.

Mostess - Jeez, there you go again. Just awesome, though the Bobs want some credit! I really like that chromatic harmony - you get an insane traffic-jam effect. Similar depressing approach to the lyrics that I tried, but there's really no comparison. The production is great too...impressive work on the effects.

King Arthur - You make me want a cheap american beer in a plastic cup. Big points for the ZZ Top reference. Your guitars sound great. I don't like the programmed drums, though...they don't swing with the guitars. (I know, I live in NYC, drums are out of the question) This would be
a great live song. Nice work.

Motor Monkeys - Oh, this kicks ass. Big punk rock points. Good vox, guitars, everything - the song's pretty catchy, too. Simple, silly, and ROCK. Great thick sound on the overdriven guitar in the bridge. This is
right down my alley, and what I'd expect from this song title.

Minty - Hello silly man. A little less silly this time, reminds me a little of Tiny Tim with the Uke. Just pitch your voice two octaves up. You know, I like this song, man...Nice simple little ditty. Short. Good.

Noise Brigade - Guitar is fine, I can't handle the vox - another taste thing - don't take it personally. It's off key, but that doesn't always bother me. The song is also a little too complex. That said, I do like the guitar line. I think you have a great start here.

Brick Pig - Cool name, cool song. Nice straightforward blues, done tastefully, love the backup vox. Love that "You don't know how lucky you are, BOY!" Uh. Yeah man, I'm feeling this. Wish I had been there snapping my fingers along with you :)

LMNOP - What's this? Another a cappella? Wow. Ok, a little more perverted barber-shop. This is fun, I like it. It's not as inventive as the Mostess's submission...but still damn good. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

Luke Henley - Heh. Pretty twisted. Love the cough and all that ambience. What's the percussion? It sounds like paper. Not much of a song, but it has some serious mood. I love Rhodes piano. I think it could actually be an amazing song if you glued all the broken little pieces back together again. Although somethng tells me you probably don't want to do that...

Posi Traction - Yeeeaaahhhh. Juicy intro. Reminds me of the Black Keys. That's some smokin guitar. I'm not really crazy about the vox, you sound a little uncertain at points. You have a great quality to you voice, though; very bluesy - A little like Daltrey. I applaud the old-school feel here, but it didn't quite live up it's promise.

Explino! - Very good; well played. I think the song's a little predictable, but I'm enjoying nonetheless. The chorus progression is really pleasing and saves you from the verse. Also like those little feedback resolution hits on the guitar. Nice work.

Lonlobby - Oooo. Got me on the intro...Ok, lost me on the vocoder. Another taste thing, I think this would be better without it. It actually distracts in this instance. Also, ever since Cher used it on that "Believe in Love after Whatever" song, I can't stomach it. Why bother? You have a good voice...or do you like being Mr. Roboto? That said, you've got a good song here. I'd listen to it a million times if you killed the vocoder.

Hell Yeahs - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Fuckin Rockin. You sure have the catchiest song so far. 'Trunk Full o' Bodies'...MMmmm. I like. This is very good, and very much to mytastes. My only criticism is that it sounds compressed. All those wond'rously loud guitars (and the drums) need
more volume - but you're a big contender. In fact, I think I'm saving this one. Thanks!

Desolation Radio - Cool. I love the instrumental, great drum loop. Reminds me of Kraut Rock. I'm listening on my crappy work speakers, so I can't hear any of your satanic lyrics. Wow this is crazy - I like it! Fun use of those samples, and I like the guitar 'playing' as well. Maybe a song, maybe not, I don't care.

Hans Gruber - Oh Jesus. What a mess. I had a bad week. This is the result of too little time and a rough go at 'Scissor Kick'. Well, it's a disappointment, but may be a starting point for something more. Whatever. Maybe not. I like the whistled outro and the ooo-la-la-las. But so what. Next...

Deshead - This sounds great. Mmm. Someone knows how to record - and sing - and play their instruments - and write a good song. Ha. "with every drink she's more like me" great lyrics. You're another contender, maybe the winner...Yeah, very good song. Oh, man...these harmonies at the end are sublime. Beautiful jingle-jangle. This is quite original and just so competant. Yeah. I think you got the prize. I'm keeping it...Thank you.

Andy Balham - Hm. Interesting. Unusual - I like the chords up to the chorus, but then it becomes rather predictable again. The vox aren't quite up to speed with the rest of the band. Not bad, but I'm still buzzing from the Deshead song. Tough act to follow. But you beat the knickers off me!

Baron Von Smith - Rather Saccrine for my tastes, but a decent song. The bad production really hurts it, though. Those bright synth sounds are fuzzy. It sounds like you're singing through a condenser mic too? You have a pretty good song here, just not my favorite flavor.

Tuba Toothpaste - Silly alert! Oh, this is really quite good., you had such a good start on that Chuck Berry solo, but it doesn't hold together. I'm enjoying this...Love the sax at the end. Good job.

Titans of Eklecto-Clash - Nice cool jazz intro, the vocal delivery is really campy. OH! Big points for the Car-Crash set reference (Warm-bweeee-leatherette-bweee) Now I understand your band name - yes, eclectic. yes, clashing styles. Feels like the song is too short.

God, I'm tired. Is that a record? I can't remember the earlier songs, so I need to review before I vote, but I think it's Deshead this week. Everyone else - good work. I enjoyed listening to all of them (yes, even the vocoder).
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Post by blue »

HansGruber wrote: God, I'm tired. Is that a record?
not even close.
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Post by MintyHandy »

Okay, just got through all of them while quashing code bugs, so can't do full reviews yet -- but I jotted down a few notes, and have to say that even the worst song in this group is really damn good. A bunch of keepers for my mp3 player this week.

Here are my notes:

Deshead, Explivo and The Hell Yeahs: these sound like you worked on them for WEEKS. Seriously outstanding stuff, all going into the collection for sure. Just unbelievable. All three could be hits.

Motormonkeys: What a great sound. I would have killed to have my song sound like this.

Tuba Toothpaste: A groovy song that I really love, great lyrics.

LMNOP: This is what I jotted down: "Funny as hell"

Lonbobby and Luke Henley: Unique, relaxing, great concepts.

These are not by any means the only songs I liked; I found something I liked in ALL of them. Even my own sounded better by the light of day; I think it's improved by association with this group. Heh.
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Post by baronvonsmith »

Wow! what a great bunch of songs! i wish i had submitted some other time for my first attempt (which I personally rate last place). Deshead gets my vote. I wish they played this on the radio. I'd listen to the radio if they did. Awesome.

motor monkeys, hell yeahs, and posi traction are all rockin' hard and i love it!

lonbobby and hans gruber get the ambience votes (you are too hard on yourself gruber--if this is a few hours of work, i am humbled).

brickpig will be playing at my next barbecue. lovin' the snaps and the backing vocals. it's like j.j. cale if he was a good singer.

LMNOP--love the vocals and the lyrics. barbershop for people who hate barbershop. nice work.

Mostess--seriously, you are an incredible talent. is there anything you can't do?

great job everyone. i would quit if i didn't love trying to write music so much, but it's better to suck and be heard than to not be heard, i guess.

--bvs out.
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Post by Brick Pig »

So far I've only had time for a cursory listen, but it sounds like a pretty good crop of songs this week. I'm especially liking Hell Yeahs, and I also like Minty and Hans. First impressions, I'm thinking Deshead is probably going to take the prize.

Thanks to everyone for kind words thrown my way. I sortof had the idea that mine would be kinofa ZZ Top kindofa thing. If I was cooler and a better guitar player. And if I had an electric guitar. And an amp. And a drummer.

Baron: I love barbecue....
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Post by reve »

MintyHandy wrote:After listening to just a few of these, I hereby vow to stop submitting stuff when I've only got a few hours to work on it.
Nah, just submit under a different name like everyone else. No point in recording it and not posting.
-- reve mosquito.
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Post by boltoph »

howdy! I'm a big fan of American cars, but tried to work some other models in there too...

Andy Balham
Standing out the most to me are the key changes in the chord progression, thats a sweet thing to work into a tune. And the Doors vibe. I feel like i'm chilin' in a 57 chevy in the late sixties (not that i'd know what it would've been like but from what the movies say). We pulled into a church along the ride. Get some peace, to ensure a good acid vibe, chill ride. Back in the ride. Cruisin, spinnin'.

Baron von Smith
I really dig the vocal melody, it's hooky and chillin. the synth instrumentation and the bouncy vibe are bringing on the feeling of cruising the town and the suburbs in a VW beetle or maybe a jetta. Maybe it's the synthy 80s-ish vibe thats making me think of volks. Really catchy, the ending is good. It's a really light catchy tune, love to hear it with acoustic guitars, upright bass, a brush kit and maybe some pedal steel. You could probably get up some samples of those types of instruments to use in place of the ones you had, but I'm not sure what yer setup is. good tune though.

Brick Pig
I'm chilin with this, findin myself snapping along when i'm listening to it. I can't ask you to make it more complicated because i wouldn't want it to be. The classic vibe sounds like it's from the turn of the century. We're rollin in a MODEL T baby! Hell yeah. This moves me, would get me up any time i'm feelin down. I don't know what else to say. This is simple and perfect as it is. Rok

Another soothing beginning sets the ground and i'm still feeling great listening to it. The chorus part at :40 is great. I like that you came out of it quick the first time. I like that you kept it low in what started out like a solo, one chord change caught me by surprise, but where you went with it brought the flow right back in a great way. Great line to end it with. I think I'm glad you opted not to build it way up. Would like add some lap steel to it at the end ;) Great catch line and smooth vibe, prolly not a convertible because you were hanging out the windows, I can't decide if this is just comfortable like an old old pickup kept in absolutely mint condition, or if it's a brand new high end Mercedes with all the works.

Desolation Radio
The clips are killer. Theres some dissonant melodies going on, want em to come out more, could move in more directions melodicly...but this is good madness! I like the single guitar notes along with all the police. The wreck rocks! The dialogue at the end kicks ass. We're in a pimped out Mistubishi with four inch exhaust, some blue and pink lights, six gears and fkin tearin up the city. This would rock in a racing video game.

Catchy hooks trailing off the bass, left and right from the start. I like the prechorus, I could hear a screaming vocal in this. I like the heaviness of the guitars and how well that works with their catchiness. Really dig the Lets Go's. This is just a great song, the only comments I could make would be just that it's in a really straight format, except for a couple breaks, which are great because I could get the different sections being more diverse. But it's rockin man, we've got one of those new Mustangs or a beemer, crusin the autobahn. 8)

Hans Gruber
I like the vibe of these chords. The mellowness of the tones in your recording are great with the vibe. It's like a spacious jazz thing that I really dig. Harmonica break is a sweet surprise there. in the middle. It's not changing much chordwise, but I like the vibe. You could go so many places with what you have here, or maybe come back and have a different instrument solo, instead of the harm twice? I like the vibe of it though. This is definitely a low rider, maybe even with fringe, dice, and it's raining out...Maybe even an El Camino on a quiet highway in the country...

The Hell Yeahs
Steemin' right up. This is a screamin drag racin' funny car ripping up pavement on a pro drag strip spittin flames and shit. Nitrous and the whole nine. I like the addition of the guys voice. I was kinda hoping to hear peel out posi drop soundclips in all the songs in this fight, esp. this one. The lyrics are great though and the work in general is really tight. aye aye!

Hostess Mostess
I almost thought it was going to kick into a weeemo-eh a weeemo-eh. It sounds a little like you were beating yer chest with those background vocs, thats sooo sweet if you were. How bout micing the sound of yourself beating your chest as the bass drum...I think I'm definitely going to try that in one of my next tunes. The lyrics are intelligent, really good. I like the break for "where can I park". Thats what really hits me the most, it's the off rhythm vocals all together so different but still fitting into it all. I wanna say we're just chilling in a frame out on the front yard for this one! Only because we got no lugs, no parts, and such. :)

King Arthur
Diggity, dang this is movin'! Right on. This makes me wanna get up and move....but wait! damn that ZZTop for saying "everybody crazy bout a..." It's all in the vocals, gives great imagery. I want to say this reminds me of a 50's convertible, a big ass brand new shiny Buick like the one that Karate Kid had. Groovin, cruisin.

I like how songfight is so diverse that we can hear even great barbershop! It's done well! Bravo for the a cappella. Cinco Bravo if this is an actual group, I think it sounds like it is, but you guys are so tight that it almost sounds like all the same voice. Hard for me to give much feedback except it's a great tune and definitely another older car, (I know it's supposed to be brand new, I'm thinking older like we just went back in time) it's mid 1900's GM model of some kind.

There are really cool melodies in the chorus. I like how you blend the major part and minor part. I really like your lyrics, the ambient effects are good, but there's not a whole lot going and with electronica like this I'd like to hear more going on instrumentally. Brand new Honda Element.

Luke Henley
You've got a good little melody goin on in the chorus. I like the travel far rhyme it makes for a good catch, comes naturally, feels right. Goes in strange directions and is a little rought at times, I'm thinking your going to change and go somewhere else, it didn't quite happen though. The beginning is great and the cough is classic, you just dropped out for a little long after it. I dig where you almost went at about :47. The sound effects after that could've gone on until the end. I wanted to hear the chorus again. Definitely a Cooper mini to me.

I like how you laughed a tiny bit in the beginning. You have hooks going on. Wondering if that was a ukelele by choice or because that was the only option. I like the "drive off for the weekend" rhythm. I have respect for the one take, hell, thats what i did this week too. The speed of your diction is killer, and the rhythm of your vocals is like a hook of its own. Great hook on that last line. This will be a Municipal Bus, stopping here and there, poking around on a sunny day, full of people and life.

Psyched to hear some rockin'. The peelout rocks. The side vocals on the chorus (the airwaves, the stereo) those rock. I just dig the guitar melody, your voice is almost reminding me of Bon Scott and I'd like to hear more of that. Theres almost a little James Hetfield that I'd like to hear less of, like the end "aaay" 's. Overhead Cams!! Yeah! nice imagery during that bridge. Kick ass bridge. Rock the solo more, it's a little stiff I think. Great chorus, this tune is movin'. Haulin ass down the California cost in an '82 Vette, pace car edition

Noise Brigade
I was expecting more noise from the name, but there's reachin for a good melody there in the verse somewhere, I like the bit about the headlights, and getting hit by the's sad, it should be. Maybe it could be a bit slower? A good little catch in the vocal melody, just cruisin the outskirts of a city, a Peugot or maybe even a Toyota Prius, running some errands and such.

Ross Durand
I like the country feel, but it's more like a Mellencamp rock which I can dig. I could hear a little more Seeger type vocal, seasoned with years of smokin butts, just chillin on the dock checkin out the F-150 sittin on the grass in the front. Gettin psyched about gettin ready to haul power tools, hit the hardware store every other day. Crackin' budweisers and just chillin in the sun, campin' out under the moon in the night. Good story in the vocals too but maybe could've ended right on the "Brand New Car". all American.

Steve Durand
I like the Beach Boys vibe to start, surprised (pleasantly) by the latin grooves, like them though. Especially with cinco de mayo coming up. XM radio! nice. GPS...ok so we're talking about a luxury ride here, no doubt. Damn this is like a Lexus all pimped out to the max, on it's way through a villa in a South American country. Nice ending.

Titans of Eklektoclash
Sweet dark vibe. Good chorus....awesome change at "death". Could sub the reverb for distortion on the vocals during the chorus. The change between that smooth melting verse and the slamming chorus part is my favorite thing. An all-black, all-windows tinted Audio S8 or BMW M3. On a crash course through the hills of Transylvania.

Tuba Toothpaste
Really catchy on the 50's vibe. The whole thing would be perfect in a 50's diner like the one in that movie Back to the Future (sorry, most of my knowledge about times I didn't live in comes from movies or books). Definitely a classic Buick or Olds, or a big old school station wagon.

I'm in Posi Traction this week on the rough guitar and vocals, was our drummer's first time ever playing a real beat on a kit with a bass and guitar player. We're a trio with a guy on the kaoss pad, formed solely for this songfight. Just a live jam with beers on Saturday night and didn't have any time to get real vocals done, I made 'em up as we jammed a rough structure. Probably going to record this again and play it in the band, develop it a bit more. Wish we had had more time. Miss that Friday deadline...I'd like to think we're Mel Gibson's V8 Interceptor like it looked in the Road Warrior (before the crash). Banged Up but still kickin ass. I'd like to think. Or maybe a '68 Camaro running a packie on a Friday night. Ridin a little rough, couple loose parts, but havin a kickass time doin it! You might say "used" just may still feel "brand new" sometimes. Other times, it'll just have to do. :P
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Post by LMNOP »

Overall, I just have to say, “hell, yeah.” And I’m directing that at nearly all of you, not just the Redmons. Nice job, folks. Here’s my $0.02:

Andy Balham – Adventurous chord choices. Melody needs more variety to up the interest level – grab some new notes once in a while and give me a little more rhythmic variety. Effects are overwhelming – every single element seems to be hiding in the background.

Baron Von Smith – Bring the vox forward. I want you to sing with more oomph but then again it sounds like it’s breaking up here and there so maybe you have equipment limitations. Personal taste here but I can’t stand the instrumentation – wish there was something more “organic” in there. The arrangement is nicely done however – you bring things in, you take things out, there’s texture there. I thought the ending was gonna be a bridge but, hey, there’s the end.

Brick Pig – I like your voice but I wish it had as much presence as the guitars. Attack the mic a little more or lay off the ‘verb a bit please. The groove has got me. I’m not big on “this sounds like” but I gotta go dig out my old Larry McMurtry stuff now. Nice job.

Deshead – Production to die for (again). Man, for Song Fight, I always just aim for “good enough” and then settle for “well, almost”. You make me sick. *grin* Geez, guitars, vox, drums – it all sounds great. I love that falsetto bit right at the end. I can’t think of another damn thing to say.

Desolation Radio – Not evenly remotely my thing or, well, a song, but for what it is, I can appreciate the production, panning and all that.

Explino -- <i>Hang on a sec, I need to put on my Bermuda shorts and black knee socks.</i> So this is what the kids are listening to these days. Way too many eighth notes for me – it sounds like all that stuff I don’t like very much but a lot of other people do. I do like the lyrics in the verse about needing new friends who don’t remember and that farty schmear in my left ear at the end of the intro.

Hans Gruber – I was going to say I like the very first chord change but that’s pretty much it, eh? For something that just rocks back and forth like that, you’re doing something right because it holds my attention. Partly I’m wondering if I want the bass to get off that pedal tone on the second chord but I still don’t know. Hey, that second harp’s a chromatica! I’ve got one of those somewhere but I bet the slide’s frozen from lack of use.

Hell Yeahs
– The guitar work on this just knocks me out. All kinds of little details in there, and the tone and precision are fabulous. But you know what makes this really work for me? It’s those unintelligible male vocals.

Hostess Mostess – Wow. Good. Shit.

King Arthur – This is great. Just scoots right along and makes me wish I was playing along. My only complaint is that I get a little tired of that same guitar fill but that’s petty, pay me no mind.

Ten down. I’m loving this fight and hoping you end-of-the-alphabet people can keep it up.

LMNOP – Me. Geez, I kinda liked this and it just pales in comparison to most of what I’ve heard so far. Just in case it’s on the final: it ain’t barbershop.

Lonbobby – Hmm. What to say? You know, there’s nothing sloppy or out of balance about this, but I think I like the song itself quite a bit and yet completely disapprove of the arrangement. The vox effect, computery drummy thing, hypnotic single note piano, everpresent strings – they bug me. Not sure I know what I want instead but I know I want it.

Luke Henley – I guess I’m missing the point on this one.

Minty Handy – Oh, I really like this. I can’t decide if I want the full band to drop in at some point or not. On its own, probably, but within a fight like this, it works very nicely to cleanse the palette. I hadn’t heard any of your stuff yet and I really like your voice. You seem to just effortlessly hit every note dead center. Thanks for the tune.

Motor Monkeys – Good solid entry. I like all the instrumental lines running around in the background. The squealing tires fit in nice and aren’t overdone. When “Honey” talked back, I cracked up.

Noise Brigade – Sorry, not reaching me. The melody sounds a bit beyond your range and the guitar sounds like (mine does when) the strings haven’t been changed in forever so some, but not all, of the chords are out of tune.

Posi-Traction – Got my head bobbing right out of the box but then I got tired of the changes, or lack thereof, and here I’m not too thrilled with the tires samples. The double-time break in the middle is nicely done and a good change of pace. Had enough by the end, I’m afraid.

Ross Durand – For the genre, I’m not sure that GnG gets much better than this. It’s a good tune to start with and you play with rhythmic variety and interplay between the accompaniment and the vocal. Wish the guitar was recorded in stereo. I just tried that for the first time and couldn’t believe the fullness it created.

Steve Durand – Nice trumpet work. I like the feel of that whole section but everything else just seems to exist to take up space before, after and between the two trumpet bits. Hate the auto-accompaniment so I assume you have no options there.

Titans of Electoclash – You know, nothing really sucks about this except for the occasional harmony vocal, but it’s just too dark for me to get interested in. Damn, ended another sentence with a preposition, should have said: but dark me to too interested get just it. Or something.

Tuba Toothpaste – When I first started thinking about “Brand New Car”, it seemed like every possible rhyme was ridiculously trite. So naturally I embraced the triteness and took it right on over the top. I mean no offense when I say I think you’ve done the same.
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Post by Dan-O from Five-O »

LMNOP wrote:LMNOP Just in case it’s on the final: it ain’t barbershop.
Is it doo-wop?
jb wrote:Dan-O has a point.
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Post by nyjm »

oh. my. god. who overbooked this fight?

andy balham
- i like the chorus
- oooh, a solo just when i wanted it, but i don't like the vocals over top of it; this song is kind of slow and needs a good rock-out solo
- reminds me of pearl jam's "a man we'll soon forget"

baron von smith
- ... ah, i miss the 80's sometimes...
- bring up the vocals a bit: they get swallowed by the music too often; but keep the vox effect, it really works
- ... but, it gets a little old, how about a nice, clear, catchy chorus
- i really like the lyrics

brick pig
- love the snaps
- but your singing from the back of the room; it's like i'm sitting on the wrong side of the stage by the guitar amp
- pretty damn good blues; LOVE the solo

- the basic guitar line reminds me of r.e.m.
- i like the chorus; as a matter of fact, i really like the nostalgic feel of the whole thing
- not a single, but i can see this being part of a really good album (you know, one of those tracks that doesn't get radio-play, but that makes you love it more.)

desolation radio
- the backing music is really good
- but the opening takes too long and samples dominate the rest of the song too much
- don't really like vocals and this song doesn't really go anywhere
- creepy ending

- i really like this kind of music; kind of like good green day.
- the vocal delivery is too calm for the chorus; scream! or at least give us some vocal harmonies; there, at the end, the "let's go!" i want more of that.

hans gruber
- the vocal timbers seem mismatched and sometimes out of time
- ooh, really like the lead guitar; that's smokin'! nice harmonica, too.
- about 45 seconds to a minute too long

hell yeahs
- oh yeah! love the chorus!
- classic hell yeahs; you have the greatest vocal delivery for this genre.
- are you guys going to release like a concept album of the killer grrl on the run?

hostess mostess
- very cool; medulla is one of my favorite albums
- wow, this must have a taken you forever to build all these parts; this is fabulous
- the "where can i park?" section goes a little overboard: some off-key harmonies and weird rhythms

king arthur
- ladies and gentlemen, elvis is back!
- these lyrics are great: they constantly make me smile; i love the "marlboro man" line

- hey, who would've known there'd be two acappela tunes in this fight?
- good barber-shop stuff, or whatever you want to call it
- nice breakdown at 1:25!
- currently the front-runner for my vote: fulfills its genre expectations perfectly, is entertaining and wonderfully arranged (not too much, not too little)

- i really like the vox effect
- the bass vamp is really good; it provides just the right tension to this otherwise somewhat slow song
- nice lyrics and they way they group new things

luke henley
- i always feel like there's something i don't get about luke henley songs; are they deliberately out of tune and out of time? if so, it's just not my cup of tea. at least this one is short.

minty handy
- vintage minty: a little love, a little humor and some neat music
- could use something more than the uke

motor monkeys
- this grooves pretty well; nice hook
- good rock-out chorus
- the little conversation made me laugh; it bordered on cheese, but the solo makes up for it

noise brigade
- stop singing through your nose
- weird little tune

- kind of reminds me of early soundgarden; that is to say, solid throb-rock, but in need of improvement:
- vocals are rather muddy, as are the drums
- the guitar, which really drives this song, needs to be tightened up and the solo(s) need(s) to have an effect or something to differentiate the tone
- too much solo, not enough chorus; but you do have the chops

ross durand
- i like the opening hook
- interesting lyrics; very ambiguous, but in a good way: both a simple narrative and a good metaphor; and an ambiguity you highlight at the end; nice, though it might not have been necessary
- could use something more than the guitar

steve durand
- a nice kind of salsa beat to this; i really like the harmonies
- the trumpet is good, but might be a bit too much
- lists of features on a car don't make for very interesting lyrics, tho.

titans of eklekto-clash
- wow, this took a left turn at albequeque...
- your voice slides too much from note to note; some vocal precision would probably make this even creepier

tuba toothpaste
- great guitar work and thanks for writing something not in 4/4 time; i like to swing
- actually, really good lyrics for the genre: feel-good 50's bop-rock.
- the saxophone and vocals together are superfluous; either ditch the vocals are lower the sax
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Post by boltoph »

Dan-O from Five-O wrote:
LMNOP wrote:LMNOP Just in case it’s on the final: it ain’t barbershop.
Is it doo-wop?
Isn't doo-wop a form of barbershop? Isn't a group of a cappela guys always considered barbershop because in older times they used to sing outside of barbershops or somethin? If not, then posi traction isn't rock, it's rawk. :lol:
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Post by Ross »

According to the May, 2005 SPIN Magazine (p61) "RAWK: This is how people who startbands to meet porn stars spell rock. It is also applied to long-haired guitar players who can't play solos."

No offense intended.
"I don't like this song, but at least it's good." - veGetar Ianra Ge
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Post by WeaselSlayer »

nyjm wrote:luke henley
- i always feel like there's something i don't get about luke henley songs; are they deliberately out of tune and out of time? if so, it's just not my cup of tea. at least this one is short.
I don't get it, is it your cup of tea if it's on accident? Anyway: time is an illusion I choose not to believe in, and my songs aren't out of tune - every note is right where I want it to be. And "at least this one is short" is just sort of an unnecessary thing to say.
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Post by LMNOP »

boltoph wrote:Isn't doo-wop a form of barbershop? Isn't a group of a cappela guys always considered barbershop...?
FWIW (not much), barbershop is a relatively narrow genre that adheres to a very specific arrangement. Like barbershop, my tune has a "traditional" chord progression and makes frequent use of 6, 7, 9 and dim7 chords. But a barbershop would have only four parts, the voices would largely be singing the same words at the same time without the nonsense syllables and the bass would always be on the root or the fifth rather than walking all over the place.

I know: picky, picky, picky. But it might be on the final.
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Post by Adam! »

WeaselSlayer wrote:"at least this one is short" is just sort of an unnecessary thing to say.
"At least this one is short" is a great thing to say. It means "Although this is not a genre I enjoy, the song is just the right length" or "I did not like the song, but I appreciate its brevity."

If, however, he had said "I enjoyed this song the way a single teabag" then yes, that would be an unnecessary (and perplexing) thing to say.
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Singing in tune this week...

Post by shadowdog »

Ok its been a couple of months enjoying the AWESOME music and I've never reviewed
before (Jack's statements have prompted me to provide a review from someone who is not part of any fights) so here goes...

Hans Gruber

+ excellent lyrics and voice in tune
+ music well composed
- a little to lethargic
++ harmonica and whistle (two thumbs up)


+ great energy
+ finally a week with some in tune voices


+ cool up tempo kinda barber shop-ish
+ well produced, however wouldn't rip it

Posi Traction

+ Great riffs kinda blues and rock blended
+ Voice and singing actually goes well
- needs a better finish to help complete the feel of the song


+ Style is very unique and you manage to make each song different somehow
++ Great music for getting inspiring thoughts
+ really enjoy this weeks submission (i didn't vote for you last week, but maybee this week)

The Hell Yeahs

+ Gotta love the girls
- Kinda 80's Gogo's style
++ Awesome voices

Ross Durand

++ Fantastic lyrics
++ Awesome acoustic guitar
- wish this song had a change-up with another instrument

Titans of Eklekto-clash

+ different than the other submissions
+ sung well
-- Needs more

Andy Balham

+ Music well produced
-- Don't care too much for cussing in songs (got kids and play many songs to them, but that's just me)

Baron Von Smith

++ Great synths
++ Good singing and voice and change up
+ will go the the Troopers cd player for sure (good contender)

Steve Durand

+++ Awesome submission, like the trumpets
+ As always a very interesting tune with lyrics that you listen to
+ Great voice and sounds like the song is a

Luke Henley

+ Nice beat
- Not as interesting as it could be

King Arthur

+ Upbeat
+ Sounds like a Stray Cat's meets Elvis Costello

Motor Monkeys

+ Cool rockin beat
++ Guitars and drums clean and keep energy throughout the song
+ ripper for sure

Noise Brigade

+ Guitar excellent
-- Singing out of tune needs less emotion

Brick Pig

+ Wow more acoustic guitars
++ Intrumental great to hear (this is well composed)
+ Great song but not sure if it stand out as the best this week

Desolation Radio

++ Awesome start and cool to listen to
++ Kids would love this one (hope no cussing for rest of song)
+ Ripping it for the Trooper now
++ Cool i'm still racing ... aw dammm we crashed :(

Hostess Mostess

+ Cool start (gripping)
++ Singing and background rythm best ever
+++ Sound is clean and produced well
-- One part in song has too many bg voices and drags on too long
- Ok park it (Almost had a vote)


+ More guitars but w/bg
++ Like the singing and love the lyrics and instrumental
++ Definitly a ripper
+++ Wow some great bg singing definitly compliments song
+ possible vote

Minty Handy

+ Another fun song
++++ Simple lyrics and little guitar (AWESOME)
(--- shit I almost burned it but got an erection???)
+ Burning this in full :) (at 2:01 somehow i hear "erection" and not "direction") my appologies to Minty

Tuba Toothpaste

++ Cool song
- Sounds like too close to mike

will give them another listen before the vote...
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