Wings Were Everywhere (Butterfly Massacre Reviews)

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Wings Were Everywhere (Butterfly Massacre Reviews)

Post by ken »

You can get anything you want...
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Post by GlennCase »

I didn't write a song for Butterfly Massacre, but I had toyed around with the idea of writing a song about <a href=" ... 8880">Rick the Butterfly</a>.

He has hearts on his wings, and that doesn't make him very happy.


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Post by tonetripper »

dear leaf,

HOLY F#$%?!!!!! :shock:
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Post by posyden »

(sorry it's not in alphabetical order)

Luke Henley's Heartland Choir = I like the idea behind the song, it's almost like inspirational, and it's different then what I expect from Luke Henley....3.5/5

Ephedream = I like the music and the lyrics are dark which is a definate favorite with me however the vocals are quiet and hard to understand.....3.8/5

Destruction Enterprise = what the fuck possessed me to record this?

Tomdg = apparently New Orleans was destroyed by butterflies? wtf?....2.5/5

The Hip Cola = I can't really find much to say about this, so.....2.5/5

Dankasaurus Rex = nice work, although I'm sure some people are gonna trash it for being an instrumental...I still like it though, so.....4/5

Damien Verrett = (plays the "genre bias card")....2.5/5

Penguin Map Mijinko = I like the music and the vocals are decent, but I'm not feeling the lyric.....3/5

Leaf 62 = another dark, heavy song (woot) nice work on the lyrics, and the music is awesome..... 4/5

Flvxxvm Florvm = (plays the "genre bias card" again).....3/5

WreckdoM = awesome music, I think the lyrics need a lot of work though, I didn't like them......3/5

PiGPEN = I like the dark sounding noises and music...but thats all I like.....2.5/5

Johnny Cashpoint = I love what you did with the lyrics, and the music is nice but not my style(so I'll just judge on the lyrics/vocals).....3/5

Middlemarch = For some reason? I'm reminded of country songs similar to what my parents listen to......3/5

Caldor = pretty good death growl....the lyrics are good...but the lyrics drift between too many different tones......3.5/5

Chekhov's Pistol = nice works on the lyrics, and the vocals are done well....but I don't care for the music.....3/5

Pr0n 4 Uma = all around good song but it's a little rough and could use a tiny bit of work all around as well....4/5

Demon Kiss = the music and lyrics are good, but the vocals sound forced and fake....3.2/5 (also I hope you prnounced massacre wrong on purpose)

Stubby Phillips = the lyrics are "interesting" and most of the lines (especially the "evolution is fake, but they don't know that" line) made me laugh...the music is well done too......4/5 for the comedy

Phil's First Tambourine = (it's a "Genre Bias Card" Hat trick)....2.5/5

(NOTE: I play the "Genre Bias card" when I can't find anything positive or negative to say about the song but I just don't like the style of music)
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Post by philtr »

I haven't done reviews in a while, sorry about that.

Decent fight this week, I was impressed

*good intro
*vocals are great, but could be a bit clearer
*screaming a nice touch
*rather boring/didn't keep me interested

chekhov's pistol - vote?
*once again, a good intro
*I like the vocal style (both of them)
*I listened to it twice!

damien verrett
*almost put me to sleep--I don't know if that's good or bad
*didn't hold my interest--I was hoping it would build a little more

dankasaurus rex
*it sounds good, but if you're going to do an instrumental (I have hard feelings towards instrumentals), you're gonna have to work a little harder to make it keep people captivated. It was a little repetetive.

demon kiss
*are you trying to be cookie monster or something?
*I hope you're doing a spoof style.
*It's pronounced "mass-uh-kurr"

destruction enterprise
*umm... ok...
*made me laugh

*would have been a great Rammstein-esque song if you would have added a little more force to you vocals
*ended up sounding pretty lame

flxxvm florvm
*vocals are a little lost in the music--would be nice if they were a little more up front
*I like it
*kinda lost me a little bit before the guitar solo, but that brought me back in

the hip cola - vote?
*great production/programming
*definitely different :)

johnny cashpoint - vote?
*good. wish the drums built a little more.
*reminds me of the vultures on Disney's Jungle Book. (But that might just be because you're British and you're singing). Not a bad thing, though.
*can I remix this?

leaf 62
*Not a fan of the vocal style/Singing would be nice!
*Everything else sounds fantastic
*Good mixing/production

luke henley's heartland choir - vote?
*Is that a Ukelele? Or is it a mandolin?
*I like the Gospel feel. (Sounds like Amazing Grace)
*Fun and lively

*vocal style doesn't exactly fit the style of music--I like the airy quality to it, though
*reminds me of Peter Gabriel

penguin map mijinko
*oooh... portasynth
*bongos or whatever they are seem a little loud and dry (reverbify!)
*I was hoping it would come in with a little higher energy part. oh well, you can't have everything you wish for.

phil's first tambourine (me)
*My guitar was out of tune (about -35 cents)
*I used a real tambourine(!), real maracas (made from gourds), a harmonica, and a thumb piano.
*Bass drum = beatbox, hence inconsistent volume
*Not my best production, but I was fairly pleased with the result

*I can't understand a word you're saying
*but I like it, it's a nice change from other songfight stuff
*but I don't like it enough for it to be in the running for a vote

pr0n 4 uma - vote?
*nice guitar playing
*lots of energy
*don't appreciate the crude language that seemed completely out of place
*otherwise a solid song, that for some reason, I liked

stubby philips
*retrosynth? or vintage synth?
*I wish I could play guitar like that
*not sure what you did to make this song so catchy, but whatever it is, I want to know what it is!
*I find it interesting that you made it into a political song.

*accent: real or fake?
*looks like we had similar ideas this week (revenge on the butterflies, happy sounding song)
*the song drags on and onfor too long
*second guitar part not on with the rhythm of your other guitar

*nice energy
*vocals don't fit style of music (some distortion and reverb would have been great)
*once again, I don't care for music that's filled with filthy language (so you get a 0 for lyrics ;)

So, for the vote? It's between:
*chekhov's pistol
*the hip cola
*johnny cashpoint, and
*pr0n 4 uma
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Post by Kill Me Sarah »

Destruction Enterprise (great band name btw)... I just had to say I loved the song. It was some twisted mix of like, my next door neighbor and "She Blinded Me With Science".
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Post by jeff robertson »

posyden wrote: Flvxxvm Florvm = (plays the "genre bias card" again).....3/5
My song has a genre? Cool.
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Post by jeff robertson »

These are the ones I'm thinking about voting for:

Luke Henley: You pissed off your neighbors for a good cause. This is the musical equivalent of visionary folk art. I wish my entry for "Adonai" could've sounded like this. Sometimes I wonder what people hear in your songs, but this one reached out and grabbed me.

Stubby Phillips: luuv that synth. it almost sounds like a guitar played through an envelope follower filte.. nah it's gotta be a synth.
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Post by PiGPEN »

Unimportant Note about my song: I asked my friend ButterflySmasher what his theme song should be like and he replied "awkward". I was having trouble thinking of ways to make the song sound awkward but then i remembered listening to DJ Screw mixes when i was young, growing up in Houston, and i thought "thats awkward". So....yeah.
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Post by rone rivendale »

kill_me_sarah wrote:Destruction Enterprise (great band name btw)... I just had to say I loved the song. It was some twisted mix of like, my next door neighbor and "She Blinded Me With Science".
Thanks. For those of you who don't already know, Destruction Enterprise is made up of Posyden and myself.

For Butterfly Massacre, I provided the music and Posyden did the vocals. I had NO IDEA that he was going to take it in this direction but when I heard it last night I thought it was great. :D It's funny as hell I think.
From spoken word to actual singing, I can screw up any style with style. :D
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leafy goodness...

Post by Eidolon »

I am enjoying that leaf song.. SO much..!

wow.. the music reminds me of some favorite moments of faith no more back in the day.. maybe like a cross between 'the real thing' album and even 'the angel dust' album.. but its not like leafs voice sounds like mike patton.. but the music style that reminds me of that. The lyrics are so awesome!!

super impressed.. I'm not sure if "leaf62" is a band or a person.. I know the avatar is a baby.. but not what that represents.. heh.

But.. if you did all that yourself.. WOW... either way.. band or solo.. WOW. ;)
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Post by jack »

leaf is one single crazy ass dude. the definition of multi-instrumentalist.

man, that's some serious Hetfield you got going on there dude....
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Post by a bebop a rebop »

You guys are going up against the JURY (me and Tricia, that's all).

Caldor - Nice groovy opening. I like all the motion in the bass line. Ultimately this is radio rock, but that doesn't change the fact that it's really, really good, I enjoy your voice a lot.

Tricia says "It sounds terrifying. It sounds good, but I hate this kind of music. It doesn't do anything
for me. I can't understand the vocals."

Chekhov's Pistol - I still love your voice. The connection to the title is a little specious, but I don't care, because I really like the lyrics, you have a lot of stuff going on. Um, I don't know, it's pretty cool.

Tricia says "I think it's annoying. I don't like this. Let me read the lyrics. Yeah. I just don't like it."

Damien Verrett - It opens really pretty, I like the sounds you're using. I'm reading your lyrics, I don't like them at all, they're hippie-silly. You always have this "I'M SCARED MY MOM MIGHT HEAR ME" voice, sing out man.

Tricia says "The guitar's good. I think these lyrics could be really good if you would sing out, except about dragonflies and lust and the virgin purity of butterflies.

Dankasaurus Rex - Has pretty cool sounds and nice beatsness, but I don't really care, it's not doing anything for me. I guess killing butterflies sounds pretty cool? This isn't going anywhere. The piano's kinda cool, but has the same problem as the rest of the song.

Tricia says "I don't like this genre. This piano part sucks."

Demo(umlaut)n Kiss - You have rock noises, and a rock voice. I don't know why you're mispronouncing "massacre" but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. However, you song is taking advantage of my niceness. It's kind of intense but just kinda skinny.

Tricia says "I don't like his accent either. I don't know."

Destruction Enterprise - WOW RONE. THIS MUSIC IS FANTASMAGORIC. YOU ARE A SAMPLE MASTER. This song is absolutely fucking ridiculous but I really am impressed by the music, Rone, I'm not being sarcastic. Sounds badass. RIDICULOUS.

Tricia is laughing. "That's wonderful." More laughter.

ephedream - I like those noises you have going on but I don't like the fact that I can't hear your vocals at all. I like the machine gun guitar a whole lot, and that goddamn beat sounds nice. You didn't really do a whole lot with those lyrics, did you?

Tricia says "This fight is so dark. Everybody's like "RAR". I like the guitar. This is ridiculous, I don't like the lyrics."

Flvxxvm Florvm - I don't really like your voice at all. This song is well-done and all (except I feel like your voice is too far back) but I just don't like it, sorry that's not very constructive, except it's just boring, I guess that's constructive, because now you can go home and make it less boring. The solo isn't awful but it's not making me like the song at all. You have intensity, at least, I guess.

Tricia says "I like the bass line. The solo's not bad. Work on the vocals, stop sounding so goofy." (Hands over ears) urghhh.

thehipcola - HEY IT'S LATE AT NIGHT MY DORMMATES ARE TRYING TO SLEEP. Good bass noise though seriously. I really like how this sounds. Ok those samples are kind of ridiculous. I hope this goes somewhere. Are those samples? God I hope that's not actually you. I mean this is cool-sounding and all, nice soundtrack music for a poorish indie film, I think, but it's not very interesting or anything.

Tricia says "Was that Barry White?"

Johnny Cashpoint - I like that guitar work at the beginning. Unfortunately I don't really like your voice this week when it comes in at the beginning of the song. You sound like a baby. I'm not really interested in this, I'm sorry.

Tricia says "What is that accent? You need to work on your pronunciation and enunciation."

Leaf 62 - This is thrashy as fuck, man. I like it a lot. That bass/guitar bar breakdown is pretty awesome. This is really fucking impressive, sir. The only thing I can really say about it is that your voice isn't really laying in there perfectly, but then sometimes it does. Agressive, man. I'm running out of things to say, except I don't really like your non-growly voice.

But awesome.

Tricia says "This isn't sloppy. The vocals aren't overpowering, that's a good thing. This reminds me of Rone Rivendale." (Um, I think that last bit is in reference to your non-growly voice, not the whole song.)"

Luke Henley's Heartland Choir - MUHFUCKIN UKE. It takes me back to ye aulde days of medieval England.

Tricia says "This song sounds familiar. I like how the harmonica comes in."

Middlemarch - Those drums sound pretty ridiculously MIDI, that can be fixed. You sound a little bit like the lead singer of Semisonic. I like the sound of the song but it's not really reaching out to my heartstrings. The guitar solo is nice and hazy. Sounds like contemporary Christian just minus those belting-out-the-Gospel voices. That makes it sound like I don't like it, it's honestly pretty cool.

Tricia says "I don't know, it's not bad, it's not catchy, but it's not bad. I like the guitar solo, it's not like you're trying to show off and it sounds nice. The vocals aren't doing anything for me. It doesn't kinda sound like church camp stuff."

Penguin Map Mijinko - I like those sounds at the beginning, this could go multiple ways, and then it goes nice and pretty. I like the singing, but I wish I could tell what you're saying, or had access to the lyrics or something. This doesn't change at all.

Tricia says ""

Phil's First Tambourine - This is really frightening, actually. I like it a lot. Um, but you know, the lyrics aren't really strong enough to carry the song, but the tambourine is nice. RIDICULOUS.

Tricia says ""

PiGPEN - I like how the opening sounds. But like, whatever. That was pretty cool.

Tricia says "Very industrial. You sound like a zombie. It's too slow, I feel like, it's making me sleepy. OHMYGOD, YOU FIXED IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG."

Pr0n 4 Uma - NICE GUITAR WORK MANG. I don't really care for the vocal work though (I don't like 80sish metal at all, I guess you do, but it's cool). It's still pretty impressive though, this shit is tight.

Tricia says "Oh God, this is definitely hair metal. THEY'RE GONNA HATE ME, I'M SORRY I'M SO MEAN!" (I'm kind of paraphrasing in general, she's not really this mean, that goes for all of the songs).

Stubby Philips - That bass is nice, but your lyrics are a little bit ridiculous. I like the guitar solo work, but that synth is really annoying.

Tricia says ""

Tom di Giovanni - WOW, your p's are popping really bad, that's annoying. Your lyrics are interesting though, I like them. This song sounds really nice. The doubled guitar stuff gets pretty messy.

Tricia says "This guy's smart, at least, or pretty smart. I like the change between the chorus and the verse. You kind of remind me of Luke."

Wreckdom - Sounds like you're about to kill people, uh-oh. That chorus is fucking amazing, I love the goofy New Order bass. Jesus, you guys are ridiculous, you must have fun.

Tricia says "I do like the bass."

I have no idea who I'm voting for, this fight was awesome.
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Post by Damien Verrett (Jonas) »

Uh... what do you mean you like the sounds I'm using?

That's a guitar.
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Post by Middlemarch »

a bebop a rebop says,
Sounds like contemporary Christian
Man, that's a dig if I've ever heard one. I totally need to lose my job or get a divorce or something. I'm sounding too happy. :x
<i>"you kind of sound like Oscar the Grouch" -- Feldspar

"sounds like church camp stuff" -- Tricia </i>

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Post by a bebop a rebop »

Damien Verrett (Jonas) wrote:Uh... what do you mean you like the sounds I'm using?

That's a guitar.
I meant exactly what I said, sir. Guitar sound is rather a variable thing. I was also referring to the way you layered the different parts.
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Post by Damien Verrett (Jonas) »

Oh ok, I thought that you thought it wasn't a real recording.
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Post by tomdg »

Posyden - chaos theory - branch of mathematics about small things having large effects. The famous example is a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane on the other side of the world. It's obscure, but I noticed one other song mentioned it too. Yes, it's stupid to blame the butterfly, but that's the point. Sorry if it was too obscure.

Starcrossed voyager - real accent, I think - I'm from the UK. Depends what kind of accent you think I might be faking ;)
The second guitar is supposed to be in a 2 rhythm against the 3 rhythm of the main song. With hindsight it would have worked better if (a) I'd simplified the 3 part to just the 3 beats, (b) I could play a bit more accurately, and (c) the 2nd guitar were a deathmetal / grunge electric rather than just the acoustic. It does sound a right mess :(

a bebop a rebop - thanks, I'll add this to my reviews-to-look-at-when-I'm-feeling-depressed list. And I must make myself a pop screen.

After a first listen it's between about 10 which I vote for. I'll probably end up going for the one which sounds the most different.
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Post by Stubby Phillips »

Jeff Robertson wrote:
Stubby Phillips: luuv that synth. it almost sounds like a guitar played through an envelope follower filte.. nah it's gotta be a synth.
Starcrossed Voyager wrote:
stubby philips
*retrosynth? or vintage synth?

It's a Native Instruments FM7 soft synth -- a software emulation of the Yamaha DX7. The 'envelope follower' effect is key velocity controlling the LP filter cutoff frequency. Straight out of 1985.
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Post by The Anchors »

Time for my first reviews.

Caldor It sounds good so far. Your vocals are cool. Woah, screaming. I'm into yelling and energy and all, but the whole dinosaur roaring thing isn't for me. Other than that the song's cool.

Damien Verrett This has some interesting guitar work but the vocals don't do anything for me.

Dankasaurus Rex Best. Name. Ever. I like the part that starts at 1:00. This has potential but I don't feel like there was enough here to keep me interested for 3:40 + seconds.

Demon Kiss The fake rawk approach doesn't do anything for me. Heh, eternal cocoon. I like that line.

Destruction Enterprise I don't have a problem with the music but your lyrics don't make me laugh. Let me find the right emoticon... :x

There we go.

Ephedream Meh.

Flvxxmflorm A fun song; fun lyrics, fun guitar, fun piano. I've enjoyed this song the most so far.

Hip Cola Pretty cool, but once again, not enough to keep me interested.

Johnny Cashpoint Not a bad song but I don't like your vocals as much as I have in your previous songs.

Leaf 62 Really good quality and some rad guitar. I dislike the whole growling thing, but your vocals at around 43 secs are cool. Definitely looks like this is going to be one of the better songs this week, even though this isn't my favorite style.

Luke Henley's Heartland Choir Luke Henley has my heart. Without a doubt my favorite song so far. I LOVE HANDCLAPS.

Middlemarch Not enough content and too long. Boring.

Penguin Map Mijinko Vocals could use some work and keeping your song a little under 2 min would help to keep my attention.

Phil's First Tambourine This is a nice acoustic song. This isn't outstanding but definitely good. Tambourine rules.

PiGPEN I don't find any amusement in using crazy slowed downed vocals.

Pron 4 Uma Nice quality. Sounds like you had more fun making it than I had listening.

Stubby Philips Those drums at the beginning remind me of that smalltown mike song, can't remember the name. Some cool guitar. Your vocals remind me of Smashmouth. I don't think I need to say more.

Tomdg There are a few cool lines in your lyrics. Not my thing though.

Wreckdom Nothing can ever be as good as your S_Rock song, although this is close.

Looks like my vote is going to Luke Henley's Heartland Choir.
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Post by jeff robertson »

The Anchors wrote:Flvxxmflorm fun piano
That's guitar.

My efforts at guitar orchestration actually worked to the point that people have to guess what instruments were in the song? That's quite an accomplishment for me.
The Anchors
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Post by The Anchors »

jeff robertson wrote: That's guitar.
Really? I couldn't tell. But that may have to do with me having to listen to it quietly because of two kids with ADHD sleeping in the next room.

Thank God they're finally fucking asleep.
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