It's Okay To Beg (Proud Reviews)

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It's Okay To Beg (Proud Reviews)

Post by Niveous »

At least that's what the Temptations told me.
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Post by Stubby Phillips »

Rumor is that Spud sold to Howard Schultz, and Wally Walker is the new Administrator. And JB was traded to SomeSongs for an undisclosed amount of tequila. True?
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Post by Dave - so dark... »

Chin Music - while it wasn't a showtune like i hoped, this is rad. Bassline is cool, production is very good. The crowd and everything is cool. nice work!

Finding Nemoy - this is nice. average production.. for what it is. nice harmonizing. Otherwise somehow not boring even though I don't tend to like acoustic guitar + vocals songs. Nice and short. ... heh. i used the word nice 3 times in almost as many sentences, let me summarize. Nice :P

The Brush Pickers - yeah! dub rthymns. good production. goes on a bit longer than it needs to, not that I can talk in regards to that. the soloy guitar seems a little out of place, though that could just be me. i think would have been finished off nicer with some piano to accompany the organ. that's just me though. Otherwise good, though I am bored on the second listen.

Deux Freres - nice production. i don't really have much to say about this. Not my thing.

Mc Minh Tasty - I was wondering if someone would make the proud - gay pride connection. heh. I like the style. it reminds me of really old school white rap. no complaints from me. *makes some sort of vague thumbs up guesture*

Jim Tyrrell - All the entries i've listened to so far have been mixed nicely, so the clipping on your acousticy guitar is noticable. You have a kindof Opeth/Pink Floyd thing going on here, cool. I wish your voice was a little higher in the mix, and the rest was a little down. Second listen in, and i'm liking this alot more. Potential vote. I'd like to do a cover of this, with heavier guitars, though chances are I wouldn't be able to play it. heh.

King Arthur - as usual flawless production and delivery. Just not really my thing. I enjoyed your lyrics though.

Mr. Lostman - nice song. Very uplifting. Mix sounds muddy and the levels of your vocals drop out occasionally, but this is great. You might want to edit your ID3 tag so it doesn't say "the author - the title", unless you are of course called the author, writing a song called the title. I enjoyed this more than most of the songs in this fight. Keep writing!

Phunt; Don't Tell - I feel my brain leaking out. I've been waiting the entire fight for someone to pay out on.. but you disappoint me. I find this strangely hypnotising, and a little scary. You wont get my vote, but I don't dislike this. I still like those last four lines.

The Darkest Daves - ow. after listening to everyone else. our guitars hurt my ears. Giant Metal Mosquitos!! I still like this though. so there. :P Even though you can hear the microphone being put down in a couple of places. oops! ... and the mixing could be *quite a bit* tighter.

I don't know who I'm going to vote for at this point, but it's out of the following:
Chin Music
Jim Tyrrell
The Darkest Daves

Also awesome:
Mr. Lostman
MC Mihn Tasty

Nice fight everyone, the quality of this one is alot higher than what I expect from songfight.

edit: added boldings.
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Chin Music Sez:

Post by JAK »

The Brush Pickers – Simple but good reggae, I like it, if I don’t understand it, but perhaps understanding isn’t the point. Did not fall into the “if you see Kayâ€
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Proud to Review

Post by Francois »

The Darkest Daves – Shit … is it high school again? Nicely produced for the genre. There’s something just slightly wobbly or understated about your verse vocals, can’t put my finger on it. Thanks for preserving the “!â€
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Post by mr_lostman »

Howdy everybody, thanks for all the reviews so far. I'm really happy you guys think its good. Wish i could do more reviews but at the moment I'm kind of pressed for time. I'm heading out of town tomorrow so i won't be in next week's fight... and damn.. .look at all those titles. Anyways reviews as good as i could get 'em:

Brush Pickers: Very cool reggae stuff. I'm really diggin this. Would probably be really fun live. Nice bass line. Guitar is real simple but it works.

Chin Music: Okay the crowd is cool. I just don't get why its there. I wouldnt expect this song to go over that well live that the people are just that into it. Unless this is some kind of post-apocalyptic world and we're celebrating defeating some alien race and we are really, really proud to be humans.

Darkest Dave: Wow... indeed a very dark dave. Those guitars soudn weird. Dang.... you guys are loud yellers. I'm afraid to be proud now, you guys sound evil... or i guess "dark". :)

Deux Freres: Very party-ish. I'm diggin this. I'm actually dancing wow. Very nicely done. Very patriotic. Love the guitar in the verses. Great song. Vote contender.

Finding Nemoy: Indie-ish accoustic balladry. I love the double vocals. The vocals are really what make this song. Surprisingly good for being so simplistic and short. Nicely done.

Jim Tyrell: Are those drums live? They sound pretty good. Your voice doesnt quite cut through. There's something about this mix which doesnt sound right... .but sadly as a newb I really can't put my finger on it.

King Arthur: Nice production. Just enough reverb on the vocals and guitar. Your vocals are earnest but that earnesty leads to some missed notes here and there, but oddly that adds to your style. "Who we used to be turns into who we are", i really like that line. Wait, my stream playlist tells me this is supposed to be 14 minutes! I dont think i can handle that much unless this takes a serious turn somewhere...... oh wait it lied. Sorry, nicely done.

MC Minh Tasty: you are indeed proud to be gay. Okay the rainbow lines are hilarious. The bass on this is very fun. Its an old school rap beat almost but total nerdcore flow. Good for what it is, but I'm not much of a fan of rap.

Me: My first use of my keyboard in a fight. Yes its recorded live too. the original mix maxed out a lot so i added a compressor and limiter to the whole mix and that kinda ruined some of the dynamics. Wish I could learn how to use this stuff better. The story was inspired by watching No Direction Home about Bob Dylan and hearing about Syd Barret's death. This was a lot of fun to make thanks to everyone who liked it. Oh and thanks to my friend for providing bass for me.

Phunt;dont tell: Still being new here and all.... I am yet to get you. It just sounds like a radio from the far side of the twilight zone. It makes me think of a freaky isolation cell.

All in all really good fight guys. Kudos to Deux Freres, Finding Nemoy, and King Arthurt especially.
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Post by Lunkhead »

I really liked Jim and Art's songs. Great work guys! Most of the rest of the songs were good, too. I vote this fight as "best fight of the week".
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Post by Thanks For The Frisbee »

i agree, awesome fight!!. i'll try to write reviews...if i can find time :?
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Post by furrypedro »

I was surprised at how good most of these were. I'm usually mainly a music (as opposed to lyrics) person, but it was definitely the lyrics that grabbed me in most cases here, particularly KA and Deux Freres. My fave was Finding Nemoy despite the relative lack of craft- 3 good keepers :)
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Post by Yousable »

DeuxFreres.... loved it except for the guitar in intro. The

lyrics are great! Zappa-esque vocals right on target for style,
and I just like this one a lot.

Darkest Daves... more like the darkest waves... industrial,new wave techno with everything done right, but it reminded me of Depeche Mode or someone like that.

King Arthur... more my style. I thought the vocals were good,
really liked the bass and the flutey synth.

Jim Tyrell... Oh crap. I didn't want anybody to be this good at this.... I would love a rundown of how you did this track, like a tutorial or something... very good example... probably got my vote...though it may be too late.

Findingnemoy.... pretty good for what it is. Needs to be developed a little more, to me. Still, I will be playing it just the same...

McMinh Tasty.... tasty... very tongue(well, I hope) in cheek,
a good laugh, and well done, I thought

Mr. Lostman... kind of sloppy, needs to be tightened up.

Phunt, don't tell... like the little voice and the piano, but just too weird for me... where's the ending? left hanging there...

the Brush Pickers... not very authentic reggae feel, lyrics are trippy, good mix, and I like the reverb

Jim gets my vote, with DuexFreres a close second, HMs to findingnemoy and McMinh Tasty.
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