Lookit the tiny murder weapon (Terror In Tiny Town reviews)

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Lookit the tiny murder weapon (Terror In Tiny Town reviews)

Post by Bjam »

And the tiny bloodstains and the tiny footprints and the tiny gunshot wound... So cute!
Songfighter since back in the day.
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Post by Æpplês&vØdkã »

Abominominous- I kind of like this one. It's very energetic, kind of gets your energy worked up. I'm not really a huge fan of the vocal style, but eh, oh well. I really like how you work in the fancy guitar stuff at one point. It's a bit short for my taste though. Short but sweet.

Andrewashereatmidnight- The opening of it with the buildup was pretty cool. I particularly love the moment when the strings come in and the bass after it. Just a very solid sounding part. The keyboard tone bugs me to an extent...kind of doesn't fit in. The vocals are a little bit sloppy, but the overall vibe is cool.

Fishsausage- This song doesn't really sound coherent at all. The vocals are way too loud, I can hardly hear the drums, and it's...just not that great...I think. Or maybe it's just not my style at all. Even though I kind of like the drums during that part where you quote the doors.

Hostessmostess- I really dig that guitar riff. The lyrics are awesome. The structure works very well. The vocals are just great. You're good. I like that. This one's probably one of the most memorable ones on the site. Actually, I can't really say anything. I just like this one.

Jollyroger- Actually, I really like this too. Only for a completely different reason. It's just delightfully silly. I like the laughing and tiny voices. It successfully pulls off the 'silly children's record' sound.

(more to come later)
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Post by drë »

<b>Abominominous</b>: sounds like( ohh hell yeah, the Abom i remember)<BR>Killer songs, the drumming is the best part. great ending. the only thing, vocals could have been an octave lower, as their a bit pitchy(high) to really
blend in well with the guitar, but then again what the hell do i know about singing. <b>possible vote</b>. Props for doing all 11 titles. quality stuff too.

<b>UDAHL</b>: sounds like( a metal band with the singer in my trunk)<BR>am pretty sure, you put the vocal really low due to not feeling too confident about them. in my opinion if your going to try to pull off a hard metal song the vocals and drums, needs to be up top(listen to Abom), driving the song, so no matter how bad u think the vocals might be, they need to be on top of everything else, cuz if not it just sounds like a half ass job.

<b>Less Than Three</b>: sounds like(poor men's Rilo kiley )<BR>am a sucker for chic’s with this soft vocals. very Rilo kiley like. good vocal melody/and lyrics. just need better recording of the guitar..
and some tapping, or using drum sticks on the floor, could have added a hint of beat. <b>possible vote</b>.

<b>PiGPEN</b>: sounds like( a soft cursive on keyboards )<BR>good song, it just might have a bit too much keyboard for my taste. i like the vocals, reminds me of the guy from cursive, with less aggression and passion though. try again.

<b>Jolly Roger</b>: sounds like(the Muppet babies on weed)<BR>a bit too much reverb on the vocals. needed more instruments to really produces the sense of terror/chaos in your storytelling.

<b>Zipline</b>: sounds like( the flaming lips at age 17 )<BR>vocals sound decent, and could come up in the mix.

<b>WreckdoM</b>: sounds like( Wreckdom covers NiN )<BR>like the dark music.. could do without the vocals.

<b>Paco del Stinko</b>: sounds like( MBG plays surf music)<BR>man the intro and bass line are really good. then the 2 guitars come in, and really cover up what’s essentially the melody of the song.
more bass, less guitar. just my opinion.

<b>?</b>: sounds like( ....?)<BR> 4:30+ long ???, @ 0:20 i felt like, if i listen to it 1 more sec, my ears were going to fall off.

<b>Fish Sausage</b>: sounds like( something out of Tom Goes to the Mayor )<BR> just fucking odd.

<b>Hostess Mostess</b>: sounds like( Hostess Mostess gets the blues )<BR> Dammit! you make this look too easy.
SRV would be proud. wished you had done a bit more with the bass, but then again am scratching my head on how you manage to write/record
11 great songs with in a week.. Unemployed/vacation is my only guess. <b>possible vote</b>.

vote: the magnificent Hostess Mostess, with < 3 a close second.
sausage boy
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Post by sausage boy »

I think an important thing to consider in Fish Sausages entry this week is that the vocals were written and performed my yours truly.

And the song is about a particular, very popular, tiny town. See if you can pick it.
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Post by king_arthur »

My submission for this fight seems to have gone astray somewhere along the line. Until it shows up in the official archives,


...will get you to a copy. As if anybody actually needs any more KA songs this week...

Charles (KA)
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Terror In Tiny Town - Reviews

Post by Paco Del Stinko »

Good, good fight.

Abominominous- Great monster riff and changes - good lyrics and delivery. It's right to the point and leaves you wanting more. Less than perfect, but close enough!

Andre Was Here At Midnight - I like the fractured intro into the demented build into a nice groove - by the end there's a nice mood established. It could afford to be reigned in a bit and still be nice and gonzo.

Fish Sausage - Love the tripped out intro (thanks, lyric page) Although it almost hurts at times, I like the main part much - the vocal, esp. the first section where it sounds punched in line at a time, is great. Good tastes of music. I thought that this was better after a couple of listens. A fave.

Jolly Roger - Well done, corn and all. The lack of special effects, a traditional approach I guess, is part of its charm. I drifted in the middle, but didn't leave the fire. Of course, chainsaws and gore could've been a laugh!

King Arthur - (From the discussion page link) I'm glad I didn't miss this one. The intro theme is classic and the lyrics excellent. The main melody isn't clobbering, but the chorus is nice, as is bridge. Nothing's overdone. Good one.

Less Than Three - Nice little ditty, delicate voice doing nice variations. I'm aching for a change besides a pause, but this is pleasant.

Paco - Lots of low tones - awful sounding tom.

PiGPEN - Sloppy - way sloppy, but I like this one very much. The arrangement and layers are good. A rocking version of this would not be inappropriate.

? - I saw the name, but it's as this, so...This was a lot scarier than it maybe should have been. I like this a lot - way over the top things that I both love and hate, working together. One of my favorites of all the fights. I don't know how many times I'd want to hear it, but man...I like it.

UDAHL - Gets goin up...and down. Pretty good though I like some of the others much more.

WreckdoM - Good perspective. I love thunder and Theremin. I am probably scared of Texas, though.

Zipline - I like the Steve Miller vibe but I'm confused by the synthy sound. I like the changes, and feel, but am distracted. Good ideas.

Thanks for the music, I think this is one of the better fights. I'll vote for one of you prior to the deadline.
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Post by glennny »

Abominominous-Another rocking tune from Abominominous! This is a little more metal than the others I've heard. Very cool!

Andre Was Here at Midnight- This sounds really drunk.Guitars are nice, keys are too loud and annoying. Vocals are pretty mumbly. Drums are nice and solid. I like the flat5 in the mellotronish keys. Strange entry.

Fish Sausage- I like the beginning part a lot, wish the vox were not so loud. I don't like the rap thing at all. The Kid A keys are pretty great. The song would be better served with the rap softer in the mix too. The music is very inventive and cool, love to hear it with smaller vox and a good melody.

Hostess Mostess- Nice riff! Is this going to rock? Beautiful bridge! I don't think drums are going to kick in and rock. Nice vocals! very cool bass! Why the claps? Good song!

Jolly Roger- Entertaining for one listen. Was this improvised? Pretty impressive for improv, the tale could be more interesting for repeated listens. The organ is great.

Less than Three- Cute song. Nice vocals, guitar passes. Strum and chord pattern reminds me of Red House Painters have you Forgotten?, but melody is totally different. good song.

Paco Del Stinko- Nice surf tune! I can't believe how solid and good all eleven of your entries are. Like the bass tone alot on this one. Good tune.

Pigpen- This is cute and funny. I like this. Not sure about the backing "ooooh", but a pretty solid quirky tune.

Question Mark- You need more snarl and a thick British accent to truly be Prodigy. This is great. The music is far more interesting than the vocals, but they do convey a sense of terror as needed.

UDAHL- Think I said this about another fight, but huge playing, weak recording. This rocks though very quiet and hissy.

Wreckdom-This is huge and huge. Great production, great performance, too damn short! very cool!

Zipline- Another exerpt from our jam night. I apologize for my shaky vocals, I'm just a guitarist who loves to sing, but should probably just stick to guitar. I tried hard not to go into "City of Tiny Lights" and stay original.

My favorites are Wreckdom, Abominominous, Paco Del Stinko, and Fish Sausage, with my vote going to Paco Del Stinko
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Post by Treachjuris »

ALMIGHTY DISCLAIMER I told FightMaster that this was Fish Saus. Feat Sausage Boy, but not reflected in the submission. :( See also Ye Old Lyric Archive. Anyhoo, yeh, lyrical content and vox are ALL the Boy from Down Under that Makes Us All Wonder…

Abominominous – B+
Nice, rough. Jes’ like I like it. Should have used this for the chorus for Late for Babies last week w/Niv. Follows the story line perfectly. Consent to formulate a mash-up?

Andre Was Here at Midnight –B+
Quiet, nice, groovin’. Nice strings, but the guitars go off for a second. THERE’S the vocals. Nice lil’ Clint Eastwood harmonica there.

Fish Sausage feat. Sausage Boy – B
Heh – awesome trip-tastic 60’s beginning. Wha-wha-what??? Oh yeah. Crank this mother fucker up. One of the more fun collabs. Sausage Boy has certain skills that are difficult to work around – definitely a black vs white collab in re: stylings between him and I, but damn, his ideas are tuff. Heh. ‘lil smurf-hater. I definitely like the aggression demonstrated in his vocals this round. Wish Idda had more time to re-work and re-sample some of the heavy breathing. Alas. Time constraints. Huh!

Mostess – B+
So when’s your next gig? Imma take a trip to A2. Well worth the 20 minutes in the car. :P

Jolly Roger - B
Very interesting! Thanks for the option, but I ain’t ringin’ no damned bell.

Less Than Three - B
Gwg – yay! Watch the vox a bit, but damn, girl. Hot liveness. Less than Three, but Better than Me, ‘cause I require myriad takes to get that shit right. That, and OCD forbids imperfection. Seen you at the WalMart, btw. :p

Paco del Taco – A+
Here we go. Beachy, groovy, goodness. Boppin’ right along. Nice descending key-change…beautiful guitarwork. Again, with good structure. You really can write a good song, man. Good on ya.

Echoey-reverb = good for me! Piano = EXCELLENT. Dig the woos. Truly, I do.

Question Mark - B
Oooh, baby. Little on the loud side, but fun stuff.

Could you guys suck, just one time, please? I am so sick of chalking up so many “good gradesâ€
"Electro-Mindscaping Nightmare music, gets me up and leaves me begging for more" ---sp00n
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Post by UDAHL »

WreckdoM - 4x faster and i'd buy it
PiGPEN - the palisades park farfisa is kinda neat
Abominominous - yeeeyaaayuuuh
Less Than Three - great personality turn it up
? - lotsa songfighters seem to be mining this vein,
some better, some worse
Zipline - a not altogether unpleasant swirly gurgle
Fish Sausage - i don't hear it
Andre Was Here at Midnight - not bad music but the vocal is tired
Jolly Roger - the muppet show just called, they want their song back
Paco del Stinko - this tune really fits the title
UDAHL - i went with bugs and pesticide theme wise, yawn
Hostess Mostess - kudos for playing bluesy rock
and NOT sounding like
stevie ray
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Post by Nigel (spOOn) Clements »

Andre Was Here At Midnight: Was he? damn! I missed him. Okay I'm liking the Busy Little Market Town feel coupled with the Ghost Town atmospherics, you've done your homework on the town stuff i can tell, really such a cool build on this, excellent long instrumental intro, really quite difficult to pull off, I guess I'm the last person on God's earth to say this but... it's kinda spoils the effect when the singing starts, but hey don't listen to me of all people, I suck.

WreckdoM: You had fun this week didn't you?!? another MADDEATHCOREMENTALMETAL entrythis like most of your other entries this week would make a great album opener.

Less Than Three: But more than most girl, completely sucked in by the out of breath vocals, dreamy feel and a nice litle stroy about the death of a town kinda thing, tends to wash over after a while with it's slightly samey feel throughout, but nice work.

Paco del Stinko: You can tell by the intro just who the heck this is! good driving beat, though maybe not as strong vocally as other entries from your good selves/self (who knows, there are so many talented people here) and I won't mention anything about the Aquabats during this review...Doh!

Abominominous: Doesn't it hurt singing like that??? the correct title of this track should be... Abominominous - Terror in Tiny Town (PLAY LOUD!) otherwise you don't get the benefit, good work again guys!

?: Vocals are too loud and the backing beat is a little too effected, try to keep things a little cleaner, generally this is quite annoying it actually makes my 'Teeth Gritty'????

Jolly Roger: Damn I was expecting this to really thrash sometime soon after that intro, but this just turned into 'Jackanory' set to a bing bong backing track, weird! what's even more weird is it was you that done it???

UDAHL: Just far to similar to your other works this week, I'm reckoning you made like a twenty something minute long track with all the vocals to all your songs in place then chopped the whole thing up into eleven parts, maybe I'm wrong, just saying! you are good at what you do, but too much of the same thing doesn't do much for me that's all, sorry!

Fish Sausage (ft. the almighty Sausage Boy): 'Saves the Day' BEATARIFFICFREAKIN'GOODNESS! this goes everywhere yet still sounds tight, I never know what you're gonna give us and you never fail to impress, Great Track!

PiGPEN: Sounds a touch Bobby Gillespie before he killed his indie roots, competently obscure, nice!

Zipline: Just sems to me that the Vocals don't really fit the backing track, this sounds a bit Hurled together and disjointed, I know like it's only one week etc... but this just leaves me feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Hostess Mostess: Nice bluesy feel, but no where near your best this week, excellent vocals as always, just not finding it's way out of blues street and into tiny town for real. (I mean this has great potential but just doesn't quite get there).
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Post by HeuristicsInc »

another quickie!
favorites: hostess, paco, wreckdom, king arthur
hostess mostess is definitely my favorite of these. (ka is my runnerup but i can't vote for him anyway)
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